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My Fellow Renegade Entrepreneurs

From the Desk of A.J. Mirabedini

It’s probably safe to say that, no matter what niche or industry you’re in … you’ve busted your butt building your business.

In fact, that probably sounds like a ridiculous understatement, doesn’t it?

You’ve sacrificed time with your friends, spouse, partner, and even your kids to keep all the pieces operating smoothly.

You’ve gone without sleep (and maybe even barricaded yourself in your office a few times) just so you could take care of what needed to be done to keep your customers and clients happy.

You’ve said “no” to vacations (or spent the entire trip working) to keep the momentum going … and to put out fires before they could ruin your progress.

In short, you’ve dedicated months or even years of your life to your business … because you truly believe in your heart that it has the potential to be something extraordinary.

Well, at GKIC, we believe it too.

I believe it.

We’re all about the “Renegade Entrepreneurs” – the men and women who aren’t satisfied with limiting themselves to what the “experts” say is possible. The ones who are hyper-committed to their goals, and who will do whatever it takes to create greatness for themselves and for the clients and customers they serve … even if it means abandoning their comfort zones.

We believe that you deserve respect. And that means giving you access to the real-world strategies, tools, and resources it takes to achieve real breakthroughs… instead of just serving up tepid, outdated ideas that are just going to keep you busy moving in the wrong direction.

So why do we care so much?

Because we’re renegade entrepreneurs too!

We’ve put in our time following the “experts” who don’t follow their own advice (even thought they’d never admit it in public, because if they did, who would buy their training programs?). And we’ve spent weeks and months on pointless “detours” that did nothing but waste our time and money.

After getting “burned” enough times, each of us decided there had to be a better way.

That’s how our mission came to be. Once we stopped chasing the “success plan du jour,” and started focusing on what’s actually working for entrepreneurs right now, we knew that we had the power to revolutionize small business. And we couldn’t wait to share what we learned with hard-working, success-driven entrepreneurs like you!

And as we’ve evolved, we’ve grown to understand the needs of entrepreneurs even more clearly.

That’s what has allowed us to create events as potent as Growth Zone Live!

Wouldn’t it be a relief to get real-deal strategies you can start using to grow your business?

Imagine that, by investing only 3 days of your time, you could connect with some of the brightest, most experienced business superstars anywhere … people who know what it takes to achieve rapid, consistent growth in today’s turbulent business world, and who are stoked to share their insights with you.

No B.S.

No fluff.

Just relevant, battle-tested strategies you can use to make your business’s foundation rock-solid… and set the stage for double or triple-digit growth this year (and every year).

Imagine that you didn’t just get to hear about these insights and techniques… but you’d actually “get your hands dirty” learning how to implement them into your business before you ever leave the event.

Imagine being able to brainstorm with hundreds of other Renegade Entrepreneurs from dozens of industries and niche markets – business owners who share your journey and actually want to help lead you to breakthroughs that will transform your business.

Now, stop imagining … because you’re about to discover ONE event where you can accomplish all that (and a heck of a lot more)!

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

A.J. Mirabedini
Growth Zone Live is a hub for breakthroughs, no matter how long you’ve been in business..
and no matter what challenges and opportunities are in your way.

It’s about setting aside the status quo and deciding that you deserve to be extraordinary.

It’s about getting the knowledge and tools to get out of your comfort zone… and into the fast lane to success.

It’s about growing a community of supportive entrepreneurs who are as excited about your success as they are about their own.

And most of all, it’s about equipping you to create real transformation in your business … and to never look back!
Now, we’re not going to just cover one aspect of business.
Whatever you need to get into your personal Growth Zone, you’ll find it here:
  • If you’re struggling to close sales, you’ll learn how to create a solid, repeatable sales structure that will turn more of your prospects into paying clients and customers!
  • If you’re tired of losing buckets of money on Facebook ads (or you’ve heard too many horror stories to even give it a try), you’ll find out the simple way to create ads that actually work… without investing a fortune!
  • If you feel like there’s just too much to do and not enough hours to do it all, you’ll get a virtual tool chest full of time-saving tools, templates, and done-for-you solutions to give you back hours of your day!
  • If you’re gun-shy about hiring employees because they might suck, we’ll teach you the techniques the most successful Renegade Entrepreneurs use to ensure that they ONLY hire rockstar employees!
  • If you get migraines trying to figure out how to stand out from the crowd, you’ll get the most relevant, in-the-moment insights to help you differentiate your brand, YOUR unique selling proposition … and become the obvious solution for your clients and customers.
  • If you’re hungry for fresh ideas that will revolutionize your business, just show up, grab a helmet, and hang on … because this is going to be one ride you won’t forget!
David will divide the teens into small groups, and each group will tackle all of the same steps any entrepreneur would take on when starting a new business:
  • Coming up with a viable business idea that is relevant in today’s marketplace
  •  Conducting market research to validate the business idea
  •  Creating a business and marketing plan
  •  Choosing and employing marketing assets to attract new customers or clients
  •  Implementing growth strategies
  •  Adjusting to changes in the market
  •  And many more!
You read that correctly! You can SELL your products and services onsite at
the Growth Zone Live as a sponsor/exhibitor!
It’s the ULTIMATE Message-to-Market Match!
Got another idea? Let’s talk! 

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Email her at: cpanion@gkic.com
“GKIC events perform better than any other event we exhibit at because
they are filled with buyers and decision-makers.”
Shawn Buck
Newsletter Pro
  • 8x8 Exhibition Booth (including pipe and drape) … Booth location and pricing will be determined by acceptance date of event commitment.
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