Board of Advisors

Derek Emery



Member Since: 2011

Derek Emery is the principle owner and CEO of, the largest independent used car buying service in the State of California, with gross annual sales exceeding $130 million. He started selling new Toyota automobiles in 1982 at the age of 19 and at 23 became the youngest used car manager for a franchised car dealer in the country.

With more than 100,000 used vehicles purchased during his career, Emery is a foremost expert in used vehicle acquisition and sales. He became an expert at Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) marketing as well as search-engine-optimization (SEO) for more than 50 of his websites. Implementing and enforcing precise scripted language from the initial customer contact until the actual acquisition of a vehicle has been a major key to his success.

Emery founded The Four Plex marketing and sales implementation program, which creates precise scripted language for businesses and professionals to increase sales and conversions. A graduate of University of Maryland, he also trained at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and has coaches/consults members of his Los Angeles based Plus he’s the inventor of the battery-lit Tip Spin tip jar that has doubled and even tripled tip income for service providers.

Brent Ferguson



Member Since: 2004

Brent Ferguson has been the managing director and CMO of Brentwood Livery – The Limousine People since 2006. He has grown the family business, based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, from $300,000 to over $1 million by transforming transportation into unforgettable life experiences, every time. He also serves as a director on the board of the Ontario Limousine Owners Association, the second largest limo association in North America. He’s been a GKIC student since 2004.

Brent was the drummer and business manager for a pop-rock band for seven years, touring high schools from Halifax to Florida. He acquired a love for cycling after training and completing a half Ironman and has personally raised $50,000 through cycling in support of his local hospital foundation. He has cycled with cycling hall of famers Eddie Merex, Lance Armstong, George Hencapie, Kurt Harnett and Steve Bauer.

He and his wife have three children, and the family enjoys barefoot waterskiing, wakeboarding and wake surfing. Brent is a water skiing coach and also coaches both of his two sons’ hockey teams – he believes in training young athletes to be leaders through sports.

Stan Horst



Member Since: 2006

Stan Horst is president of Creekwood Rentals Inc, dba Cabin Creekwood, vacation rental cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He’s also a senior advisor for Growth Management Group LLC, helping business and commercial property owners achieve significant cash flow improvements through specialized tax incentives. Horst is self-professed avid student of GKIC-style marketing.

He started his working life as a cabinetmaker, then enrolled at Eastern Mennonite University to study math education with the goal of becoming a high school teacher; in the end he switched to computer information systems and was controller for an equipment and party rental company briefly before entering the vacation rental business, which he’s been involved in for 19 years. He serves as the financial administrator at Cornerstone Church of Augusta (where is an active member) as well as the HeartLink Network.

Married with a son and daughter who are both in college, Horst is an outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, boating, and shelling. He’s also a runner who’s training for his first marathon.

Bruce Hudson



Member Since: 2006

Bruce Hudson is the owner and president of Hudson’s Portrait Design, which he and his late wife Sue started in 1982 during the Carter-era recession. Thirty-three years later, Bruce and his son Josh operate one of the leading high-end portrait and commercial photography studios in the country. They joined GKIC in 2007 and say it helped them through the 2008 economic crash and beyond.

Author of “The Relationographer: The Art of Relationship Marketing,” as well as numerous trade magazine articles, Bruce has received the National Award & Helen Yancy Award by the Professional Photographers of America, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. An international lecturer and pro photography teacher, Hudson has created more than 50 information products for the photo industry, and co-hosts a weekly web TV show, “Photo Entrepreneur TV.”

Since 1982 Bruce has photographed over 1,200 weddings, as well as thousands of family and student portraits. He and his staff have photographed presidents (Bush 41), governors, prominent sports figures and celebrities including Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson, Omar Vizquel, music legend Marvin Hamlish, radio host Delilah, and financial guru Dave Ramsey!

Susan Jones



Member Since: 2014

Susan Jones is the vice president of Key Medical Software, Inc. in Lebanon, Ind., which she and her husband, David Jones, own together. She has been writing, selling and supporting practice management, electronic medical records and optical shop software for ophthalmologists since 1983. Susan has a history with ophthalmologists, beginning with her father – and he was her first client.

She has a BS degree from Purdue with a major in Retailing and a concentration in Computer Science. Along with having numerous articles published in medical management journals, Susan co-wrote with her husband “What Most Software Vendors Don’t Want You to Know – Selecting and Implementing the Right EMR, Practice Management or Optical System for Your Practice, A Step by Step Guide.”

Susan is the proud mother of two daughters, both following in her footsteps as Purdue students.

Eric Lunsford



Member Since: 2006

Eric Lunsford is vice president of Pye-Barker Supply Co., Inc., a family-owned business started in 1936. He’s been with the company for 23 years and for many years served as inside salesman and the one-man IT department. The company, which recently achieved a $10-million-plus record year, sells capital goods (material pumps, air compressors, and blowers) to Georgia manufactures across a wide swath of industries.

He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with the Internet emphasis (MCSE+I), and was a founding member and driving force of the Prophet21 Southeast User Group in Atlanta. He has served as both local group president for four years and on the National Board. Lunsford has served two terms as president of the Atlanta Koi Club and headed up the local club’s hosting of the American Koi Clubs annual convention and show, which became the national organization’s most profitable event.

Lunsford founded the Georgia Southern Martial Arts Club while attending Georgia Southern University, and he continues practicing and teaching martial arts several nights a week. He’s also authoring a book on everyday self-defense. He and his wife home school their teenage daughter, who loves coming to GKIC’s annual Super Conference Teen event.

Bob Roark



Member Since: 2014

Bob Roark is president and co-owner of RS Asset Management, Colorado Springs, Colo., which offers investment portfolio design, wealth management and 401k individual portfolio management. Prior to forming his current firm in 2005, the registered investment advisor was a First Vice President financial advisor with Merrill Lynch (21 years) and Morgan Stanley (3 years) respectively.

Bob was an army intelligence officer after college and served for 4 years. The Tennessee native was stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado as a junior officer, where he met his bride of now 32 years – and Colorado became home.

Over the years, Bob has led numerous enterprises: he owns Valley Mini Storage, owns his own farm, co-owned an industrial water treatment company, and for the most recent endeavor co-owns the “Whitetail Rendezvous” podcast. He co-authored the best-selling book, “The Winning Way” with author/speaker Brian Tracey. And Bob was featured in the March 2014 issue of Forbes among a cast of leading offering top tips for health, wealth and success.

Linda Sherfey



Member Since: 2009

Linda Sherfey is the principal of Linda M. Sherfey P.C./The Estate Planning Solution. She began her law firm in 2005, which specializes in creating customized estate plans for seniors who don’t want their families to experience stress, frustration and a possible melt down. Sherfey served 20 years in the U.S. Navy, and earned her law degree at night during the last four years of naval service.

The Chesapeake, Va.-based attorney has published a print newsletter for eight years and also enjoys public speaking – she has developed a successful, engaging sales presentation to potential clients, which produces a 90 percent close rate, at high fees. Sherfey is about to become a published author; her first book will be released in the fall of 2015.

Sherfey strongly believes that she would not have been able to stay in business if she had not been introduced to Dave Dee, and through Dave to GKIC. She has been a GKIC member since 2009 and has experienced membership in the Platinum and Peak Performers groups. To her surprise, she discovered that she likes the sales and marketing side of her business, unlike most of her contemporaries.

Danny Strusser



Member Since: 2010

Danny Stusser is president of PARETO~CURVE MARKETING, INC. in Tumwater, Wash., which he established in 1996. His specialty is working with business-to-consumer merchants, building contractors, service providers and health-care providers who sell to local customers. He has developed marketing and sales plans in more than 30 different categories, and projects have included branding programs, advertising and direct mail, sales collateral, dealer training materials and promotional events and campaigns.

He is publisher of seven weekly editions of Coffee News across three counties in southwest Washington State. His Color-and-White Printing business provides graphic design, printing, direct mail and other marketing communications services. His new venture, UpRight Cards, is a niche marketer to companies that use a brand mascot – he has a new, patent pending promotional product that replaces business cards.

Stusser participates with Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle in Seattle as an elected member of their Marketing Mastermind group. He says that “most of what really matters about marketing I’ve learned from Dan Kennedy and GKIC!”

Damian Watkins



Member Since: 2014

Damian Watkins is the founder of Watkins Shoe Care Service. He was trained by his grandfather, who owned a chain of shoeshine stands and used to take his young grandson to work with him and explain how he made his money. Watkins says he’s been nothing but an entrepreneur since.

Unfortunately, as a teenager Watkins took a detour through the dark side of entrepreneurship and got involved in crime, where, ironically, he says he developed skills in sales, marketing, customer retention, and more. After some trial and error, Watkins wound up taking over his grandfather’s shoe shine company, which is now a thriving – and soon to expand – shoe care business.

A street-smart resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, and a graduate of “the school of hard knocks,” Watkins has long been self-taught through books, seminars, audio and video trainings, and mentors. Today, he’s raising a family, is a leader in his church, runs a clothing charity to help ex-convicts, and is developing a program to teach entrepreneurship and personal development to kids and adults in low income communities.

Cary Bryan



Member Since: 2012

Cary Bryan is the president and owner of Streator Tire and Repair in Streator, Ill.; specializing in honest automotive diagnostics, repair, service, and in tire sales. He has owned the company since December 2005 under the motto “once a customer, always a friend.”

As president, his emphasis is on honest, reliable service. He believes that customers should never be charged for unnecessary work, and even offers roadside assistance for stranded travelers.

Cary has a long history in various aspects of the automotive industry, from auto body painting in his teens, to being a truck driver, to helping restore Corvettes, Chevelles and Cameros. Away from work, he enjoys time with family, including his wife, son and some feline friends, as well as riding motorcycles and working on muscle cars.

Penny Crozier



Member Since: 2007

Since 2000, Penny Crozier has been CEO of C.H.E.K Institute, an info-marketer in the health and fitness industries, providing professional development products and programs using a holistic, integrative approach developed by its founder and Penny’s husband, Paul Chek. She has expertise in publishing and self-publishing all types of media, including books, DVDs, multi-format products, and she is a skilled product developer.

Penny has been involved in all aspects of the fitness industry, from personal trainer and group exercise instructor, to competitive aerobics coach, judge and medalist, to gym manager and professional educator. She owned a fitness club in New Zealand, where she met her future spouse on a seminar tour – together they have grown the C.H.E.K Institute to 10 times its original size, transforming their small seminar business into an international organization with partners or branches in the UK and Australia.

Born in the UK, Penny grew up in Andorra, studied in the UK and Colorado, and then moved to New Zealand. She lives in the San Diego area and still teaches group exercise classes several times a week. She recently became a licensed private pilot and enjoys “hopping in a plane for a buzz around the skies or a day trip away.”

Ken Dick



Member Since: 2006

Ken Dick is founder and partner of Buckley’s Restaurants in Memphis, TN. He and his business partner have been friends since the eighth grade. They’ve been in the restaurant business together for 24 years.

After building his third restaurant, Dick discovered a major hole in his life: no time for family, friends, and other joys. As a result, he took a four-month sabbatical to learn everything possible about marketing a small business. He immersed in greats such as Dan Kennedy, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and John Earl Shoaff. This break changed his direction. He emerged, refocused, sold a restaurant, and multiplied their sales, resulting in renewed free time to finally enjoy life. Today, he specializes in restaurant and retail marketing models designed to attract business.

Passionate about serving others in his business, Dick is also an avid adventure motorcyclist. His new business direction has afforded him many adventures including a 45 day Off Road motorcycle trip from North Carolina to the Oregon. To celebrate his only child’s high school graduation, he and his daughter experienced a four-week off-road motorcycle trip covering the Rockies from Mexico to Canada – making memories neither will forget.

Joshua Dudgeon



Member Since: 2013

Joshua Dudgeon owns, or is a member of, several LLCs doing business as LaCrosse Owner Will Finance, a real estate investment business that buys or builds homes, renovates them, and sells them.

Both Josh and LaCrosse Owner Will Finance help the pre-approved buyer and those in need of owner financing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of LaCrosse, and prides himself on being a lifelong learner – always reading a book and striving to learn something new. Josh is continuing his education by being a Diamond member of GKIC and a Gold Club member of Ron LeGrand’s, and says he finds attending their conferences and delving into their content invaluable.

Friends and family are huge in Josh’s life. He enjoys physical fitness, cooking, and spending time with his wife and three children.