A Great Company Starts With You
To Grow a Company Fast, The Entrepreneur Must Grow Faster
“Entrepreneur Growth” is a topic that receives little attention. Yet as blatantly simple as this sounds, the success of an enterprise is largely based upon the leader.

Strong leaders = strong companies. Weak leaders = weak companies.

 It is true: a great company starts with you.

Peak Performers will assist you to live an Aligned Life with your personal and business goals to get in sync and allow you to create the greatest version of yourself.

Peak Performers is a premier coaching group offered to top Members of the No B.S. Inner Circle. Led by Peak Performance coach Lee Milteer and entrepreneur and CEO Adam Witty, Peak is focused on growing the capability and capacity of each Member, the entrepreneur.

Over the course of Lee and Adam’s careers they have identified 12 core areas in which an entrepreneur must develop competent ability to perform at a high level and grow a company of significance. 
  •  How to Put Your Ideas Into Action and How to Communicate & Sell Your Vision
  •  Time Management & Productivity for Peak Output and Performance
  •  Stress and Change Management and Succesfully Dealing with Difficult People
  •  How to Develop a Peak Performance Mental State & Mindset
  •  Productive Goal Setting, Goal Planning, and Goal Implementation
  •  How to Create Discipline and Accountability to Reach Your Biggest Goals
  •   Authority Brand Positioning and How to Properly Present Yourself to the World
  •  Work/Life Purpose and How to Design and Implement a Business Life that Serves You
  •  How to Build an Abundance & Prosperity Beliefe System and Transfer to Key People
  •  How to Manage Your Entrepreneurial Compulsions and LImit Non-Productive Habits
  •  How to Develop Creative, Intuitive, and Visionary Thinking Habits that Drive Business
  •  Creating a Life Plan and Building a Master Blueprint for Your ONE Life
Peak Performers delivers this 12 module curriculum delivered in 6 meetings over 2 years. Peak meeting are 3 times per year, 2 days per meeting, covering 2 modules per meeting. Modules aren’t in a specific order where you must learn module #1 before #2. They are independent. After you complete the 2-year curriculum, you will graduate and become a Peak Performers alumnus.

Candidates may apply to become a Member of Peak Performers at any time throughout the year. If accepted, you will be invited to begin your Membership at the next meeting (meetings are held in January, May, and September of each year).

Peak Performers combines live meetings, individual hot seats, networking, Guest Speakers, masterminding, and training between meetings. 

Peak Performers is wholly focused on growing the capacity and capability of the individual entrepreneur so she or he may become a force multiplier within their business. There will be SUPPORT between meetings. Webinars, Live Q&A Calls with Dan Kennedy, Virtual Mastermind “Hot Seats Meetings on Zoom with Lee Milteer, Interviews, with support materials to assist you. 

You'll also join a private Facebook group to ask questions and chat with other members! Plus much more!! Each month support will be different and valuable content to stay motivated and excited.
Meet The Peak Performers Leaders
Lee Milteer & Adam Witty

Lee Milteer

Lee Milteer is an Internationally known and celebrated Entrepreneur, Visionary, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Professional Speaker, TV Personality, and Life & Business Strategist. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program which supplies Content for other coaches and businesses. 
 Lee worked with Dan Kennedy to create the Renegade Millionaire Program and she ran the Peak Performers Coaching program at Glazer- Kennedy and GKIC for Nine Years. She has authored and co-authored 13 books and three hit the Amazon BEST SELLER LIST.   

Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. She has been an expert guest on more than 700 TV and Radio shows on National and International TV and Radio around the world. Lee has been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including U.S.A. TODAY, Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, plus hundreds more. www.milteer.com

Adam Witty

Adam Witty is the Founder and CEO of Advantage|ForbesBooks, The Business Growth Company. What began in the spare bedroom of his home is now a global media, marketing, and executive education company with over 5000 Members in 50 US states and 70 countries. Advantage|ForbesBooks helps busy professionals become The Authority in their field.
The Advantage Family includes Advantage|ForbesBooks, one of the largest independent business book publishers in the world; Authority Institute, a thought leadership marketing agency for business leaders; News & Experts, a PR + media company providing guaranteed national media to top business leaders; No B.S. Inner Circle, a marketing and business growth education company founded by marketing legend Dan Kennedy; and The Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs, helping $3-5M companies grow to $25-50M.
 Adam was named to the prestigious Inc. 30 Under 30 list of America’s Coolest Entrepreneurs in 2011. Advantage|ForbesBooks has been named to the Inc. 500/5000 list   and the South Carolina Best Places to Work list for the past 8 years. Adam is the author of 7 books, his most recent being “Authority Marketing.” Adam has appeared in   the USA Today, Investors Business Daily, Wall Street Journal, and on ABC and FOX.

 In 2016, Forbes, the biggest name in business media with 94 million monthly readers asked Advantage to partner and launch a book business, ForbesBooks. Adam is   the Publisher of ForbesBooks Review magazine and Authority magazine. Adam is also the host of the annual Authority Summit, the largest conference held each year   on  Authority Marketing®.

 Adam is an Eagle Scout, pilot, member of EO, YPO, Tiger 21, and Board Chair of Clemson University’s Spiro Entrepreneurship Institute and immediate past Chairman of   non-profit Youth Entrepreneurship South Carolina.

What Current and Former Peak Performers have to say...
"Peak Performers with Lee Milteer has been one of the most influential programs I have ever done. It has enabled me to grow my new business faster and easier than I expected. I found that most of the things limiting how far and fast I was moving was in my head. After I figured this out, Peak Performers helped me move the limitations farther away. I am accomplishing more at a faster pace than I ever have. My business has more than doubled in the past year, and it is accelerating every month. The quality of the information shared is extraordinary. We also have fun in the group and the people are amazing."
Brian Hahn, Go Social Experts

"Besides learning marketing and validating that it works for everyone who implements these tried and true No B.S. principles, I’ve benefited from Lee’s mindset makeover which has gotten me to overcome the fears that have been holding me back from the immense success that I now know is my destiny. I am now in the throes of implementation. I am amazed at how things are opening up for me. And I am so appreciative of the people in Peak. I’ve been in Peak a few years and I’m addicted."

Ginger Hollowell
"No B.S. overall is awesome at marketing strategies and tactics….
but without the right mindset not much gets done…..I highly recommend Peak Performers if you are ready to make positive changes in your
business and life.

Wally Conway
"Peak Performers exceeded my most optimistic expectations. The networking and discussions with other business owners and entrepreneurs was a refreshing and stimulating experience. I picked up several ideas in this one meeting that will pay for my membership several times over."

Steve Clark, NewSchool Selling
"I love Peak Performers. I was blown away by the new strategies I learned for my business and my personal life. I picked up so many new ideas that if I never attended another meeting it would have been worth the cost of admission. I met so many smart and talented entrepreneurs. Lee Milteer creates an atmosphere of "anything's possible." I urge every serious entrepreneur to get involved."

Michael Gravette, Safety Technology
"In the meeting we got more than enough good ideas to pay for the entire year of membership. It was as if every single word that was said was exactly what we needed to hear - Peak Performers is the right place and the right time. Thanks so much for facilitating this group for us. I've never been a part of a group of people that genuinely cares about the success of the others in the group like this group does. It's like family - only better."

Diane Conklin, Complete Marketing Systems
"The energy and expertise and chemistry at this Peak Performers meeting was especially impressive! The unassuming brilliance in that room - wow! Peak Performers group meeting hands down, are the best. We went with specific goals which we successfully accomplished, and then some! The willingness of others to share their expertise and insights is much appreciated and valued. Thanks to Lee, and the group, we are crystal-clear on completing and launching our insomnia project and related products."

Kerry & Dom Cassone, Zacaw Enterprises
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