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“Magnetic Marketing” reveals a proven, more productive approach to growing any business by applying the secrets of attraction rather than pursuit. It lays out exactly how to create focused, targeted marketing that delivers the exact customers you want through a carefully engineered lead generation, conversion, and retention system. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this revolutionary new book by marketing legend, Dan Kennedy:
  • Why right NOW is the right time for this system and learning to “magnetically market” your business is THE most important skill a business owner / entrepreneur must master... more important than operations, product development, accounting, etc. ANYTHING. [Page 21]
  • 9 Critical Marketing Mistakes small business owners make when it comes to crafting promotional campaigns (and the simple answer that solves each and every one.) [Page 28]
  • Tricks to tapping into the “secret desires” of nearly any market – this enables you to precisely target and attract your perfect customer in ANY economy. [Page 56]
  •  The keys to creating irresistible offers and the unique components every offer must include. [Page 83]
  •  The incredible power of the Magnetic Marketing Triangle – get this right and you can put an end to ineffective, wasteful advertising once and for all! [Page 75]
  •  How to blow away the competition by providing your prospects with a “Shock and Awe” package that will destroy any and all objections to making your business the only rational choice. [Page 129]
  •  And EASY step-by-step process for defining exactly WHO makes up your target market and that IDEAL customer who lives, breathes, struggles, and dreams there. [Page 76]
  •  Why… NOW more than EVER… you MUST have a powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that fits the mood of the times – and specific considerations you must factor into its development to ensure you don’t miss your market like a failed moonshot! [Page 23]
  •  The “Champion Circle of Influence” – this one strategy is mind-numblingly SIMPLE, but can pay off big time! [Page 151]
  • The 10 Foundational Rules of Marketing that you must apply to every ad you create. (Ignore even a single one and you’ll find your business gasping for air and survival.) [Page 95]
  •  Plus a WHOLE LOT MORE Besides!
This book reveals powerful, proven strategies to attracting customers, clients, and patients in abundance, and creating a sustainable and highly profitable business. You’ll discover exactly how “Magnetic Marketing” can finally create true freedom, stability, and prosperity for your business.  

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Who is Dan Kennedy?
Dan Kennedy, The "Millionaire Maker" And "Professor of Harsh Reality!"
Dan Kennedy authored the best-selling book, Magnetic Marketing, in which he challenges entrepreneurs and business owners to dump the boring corporate marketing they are doing that commoditizes them into “sameness” and has them chasing customers and begging for business.
The Founder of Magnetic Marketing® and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world, Dan has taught his Magnetic Marketing system to over 6 million people around the world. For 9 consecutive years, Kennedy spoke on the famous SUCCESS Tour, earning on average $100,000 per speech, and sharing the stage with President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Colin Powell, Johnny Cash, Larry King, and Mary Tyler Moore. He has delivered over 3,000 paid speeches and seminars to entrepreneurs and business owners. He has authored 32 books, many being named to the ‘Top 100 Business Books of all Time” list by Inc. Magazine with translations in over a dozen languages. He has been interviewed or featured in 300 different business magazines or trade journals including Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur
So why is Dan so successful? 
Because Dan’s methods work for ANY business. And that means YOURS too – which is exactly what you’ll discover when you go through your copy of “Magnetic Marketing.”
"One of your ideas got me one of the biggest orders ever-a whopping (for me) $17,001.00 check delivered by FedEx the first week I used your strategy!”
“You’ve helped us make money since 1993, and many of your ideas have earned us a small fortune.” 
- T. J. Rohleder, M.O.R.E. Inc., Kansas
“After 8 or 9 years’ association with Dan, I’m still learning…. His ideas have created millions and millions of dollars of revenue for us.”
- Ron Legrand,
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