NOVEMBER 8-10, 2018
Choose your Own Adventure
Day 1 - Thursday, 11/8
Choice #1
"A-to-Z" BLUEPRINTS, Up-Dated
The combined experience of Dave and Darcy, working with New Info-Marketers and Start-Up Info-Marketing Businesses is unmatched. In “A to Z” you will be provided the exact, detailed, step by step, most reliable and frequently used Business Models and Fast Growth Marketing used by new-to-info-marketing entrepreneurs including those ideal for 2nd or 3rd “side” business starts, while continuing to operate an original, “normal” business or practice. DARCY will show you how to craft your online funnel and system, LGM (Lead Generation Magnet), and automated marketing to “make money while you sleep!”. DAVE will show you what Markets, Messages and Media work, so you can zoom in on your most likely buyers from the outset. You will move from their “A-Z” to the INFO-Marketing Summit with no vestiges of “stranger in strange land” feelings. You will know how the info-marketing businesses you see from the front, really function behind their curtains. This is the “crash course” you must have, to fully benefit from the Summit; to make informed and intelligent decisions; and to get a fast and sure-footed start as an info-marketer. (If you are already “up ‘n running” but still relatively new to the field OR stuck at a level you can’t push past OR a small “kitchen table” operator ready to step up to big league play, this A-Z is for you, too.) Special Take-Home Resource Manual & Sample Book Included.
Choice #2
with the Advantage &
Authority Institute teams
FOR ANY BUSINESS: discover how to create, build, achieve and leverage AUTHORITY, fast, to strengthen attraction of ideal customers, clients or patients…increase price or fee elasticity….sell with zero resistance….and gain a competitive advantage – with local or national media, with your own media tools, and with Info-FIRST Marketing. Adam Witty’s team has helped thousands of businesses, practices and professionals set themselves above and apart from competition and clutter with these exact strategies. Their prominence as “masters” of this art and science even convinced FORBES to partner with them in publishing ventures. To be clear, this is NOT a session about books (although every attendee will receive a copy of Adam’s and Dan’s book, BOOK THE BUSINESS: How To Make BIG MONEY With Your Book Without Even Selling A Single Copy), and authorship certainly factors into the bigger, broader, “global” opportunity of AUTHORITY MARKETING. This will set the stage for your 2 days at the Info-FIRST Marketing Summit designed by Adam Witty and Dan Kennedy. 
Special Take-Home Resource Manual & Sample Book Included.
Choice #3
Built To Grow: How To Scale Your Business from 7-Figures to 8-Figures
with Cliff Oxford, Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs
ATTEND IF: your present company (of ANY kind) is generating one to multiple millions of dollars of yearly revenue, and you are ready to “scale it” to a bigger, more systems-fueled, self-operating enterprise, possibly with growth by acquisition and/or diversification driven expansion and/or replicating locations….or are seeing sale and exit on your horizon, and want to insure the best equity position. An internationally successful Atlanta entrepreneur, W. CLIFF OXFORD marked his initial entrepreneurial success as the founder and CEO of STI Knowledge, a pioneering first market mover in developing knowledge-based systems and services for the Fortune 1000. STI Knowledge was considered a cultural phenomenon with worldwide organic growth. In 2000, the company was recognized as the 13th fastest growing company in America and was listed on the prestigious Inc. 500 for 3 consecutive years. Combining his passion for education and commerce, Oxford founded and is currently the president of Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs whose mission is to provide a better business life for Entrepreneurs.

THE OXFORD CENTER is one of the most prestigious entrepreneur/CEO peer group and coaching organizations in the country, brought into the Advantage family in 2018.

This ADVANCED Session is your opportunity to “step up” to a high level discussion about scaling your business for expansion or exit, led by a trusted coach and advisor to business owners taking their companies to the next level.
Special Take-Home Resource Manual & Sample Book Included.
Day 2&3 - Friday-Saturday, 11/9 - 11/10 
No B.S. Inner Circle Author Series
Author, The Everything Store
It's Amazon's World:
How Can You Best Live & Prosper In It?
Jeff Bezos has done a mostly hostile takeover of consumers. Period. The less you know about him and his machine, the more peril you are in and get deeper in by the day, the less opportunity you can identify and exploit.

Amazon can be your friend, offering the most powerful search engine, lead generation and e-commerce platform, your own Amazon store(s), and access to millions of customers now using Amazon as a daily utility. Amazon can be your enemy, having placed itself between 75%+ of online search by buyers and their choices and purchases. And Amazon is one of the most amazing garage start-up to success business stories of our time. No one has more inside information and insight about the aptly named Amazon and its visionary, predatory, once universally underestimated founder Jeff Bezos than our Featured Guest Speaker, Brad Stone. He had unprecedented access for his book THE EVERYTHING STORE, first published in 2013, taking top spots on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists. His newest book THE UPSTARTS: How The Killer Companies of Silicon Valley are Changing The World digs deep into the disruption challenging every business. As a regular feature writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, he has revealed secrets of Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Baidu, while also writing about Costco, weaponized drones and even an international con artist’s escapades. He also hosts a weekly podcast, DECRYPTED.

Brad’s subject, Jeff Bezos, went from online bookseller, driving outbound shipments to the post office in his own car every night, to king of online commerce by implementing a corporate culture of relentless ambition, speed to dominate, and secrecy. Brad Stone is the first and only writer to be invited in, to discover and report on the secrets and to get a deeply personal look at the iconic, usually private entrepreneur who forever changed the way we shop and read and publish and distribute and merchandise. Whether you use Amazon only as a customer or as a merchant and marketer (or should) or fear and loathe its commoditizing power, you must be here to hear, firsthand, Brad’s revelatory account of “Jeff Bezos And The Age of Amazon.”

A little personal disclosure: I was an early Amazon skeptic, I have been about much of the world. I changed my mind and bought a nice amount (although not enough) of Amazon stock at $19.54 a share, and I’ve held onto all of it to its current highs above $1,600.00 as I write this. I changed my mind by understanding it as an organizing system, portal and process company, not as an e-retailer nor as a technology company. I recognized it as a search engine far superior to Google. As a spider-web of synergistic income streams, and as both a B2C and B2B marketer. Finally, because I set aside skeptical disinterest to study up on Bezos and realized he was and is my kind of entrepreneur/ CEO. He would love my book No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits. Like almost everybody else, personally, Amazon is both friend and foe to me, so understanding it, as well as investing in it as hedge against its harm to my and my clients’ interests, was not and is not optional. Just as Sam Walton transformed the physical landscape of commerce, Bezos has transformed and will continue transforming all commerce – offline and online, literally everything. Do NOT miss THIS opportunity to hear from THE person with the greatest vault of deep knowledge and insights about the man (Bezos) and his unleashed Frankenstein-ish monster (Amazon).
Special Summit Feature
  • A Mini-Concert
  •  A Q&A with Dan Kennedy
  •  Photo Ops with Diamond Members
Assembled in 1966, THE MONKEES were – as many came to know – initially a made-for- TV, semi-fake group, to capture the pre-teen and teen audience and its sudden, insatiable enthusiasm for long-haired and Beatles looking and singing quartets arriving by the boatload from across the pond…literally, a pop-culture invasion. In reality, the MONKEES MADE FOR TV were more Marx Brothers and Three Stooges than music group, and with that, concealing a business/marketing key-to-success*. But in fairly short order, The Monkees became a legitimate group of musicians, a real phenomenon, and they went on to dominate the entertainment scene at their prime, but then outlast most of their peer groups, returning from seeming ends again and again and again, to put records on the Billboard Hit Charts and fill concerts with raving fans spanning generations. The TV show won TWO Emmys, The Monkees sold OVER 75-MILLION records worldwide. Their reunion tour of 1986, 20 YEARS after their hit TV show, was one of the most successful such tours of any band, ever…. and that year, they released their first new album in 20 years and it incredibly hit Top 20.
How you become and stay a Phenomenon in a very crowded, cluttered field should be of lustful interest to you*…. and The Monkees had a secret! – with which they disrupted and upended the established rules and “organizing system” of the music industry – and that, too, should be of great interest to you!
MICKY DOLENZ was inside the epicenter of all this from start to finish. Gold, Platinum, Triple Platinum and Quintuple Platinum Records, the mayhem-rich TV hit and its re-run life on MTV, the tours, the breakups, the reunions, the business. Micky began acting at 12, and has gone on to and through The Monkees to a tremendous career as a respected and accomplished songwriter, vocalist, musician, actor – on TV, in films and on Broadway, producer. He is also a bona fide entrepreneur, a partner in Dolenz&, a fine furniture business. And an author; his memoir: I’m A Believer.

I CONFESS – I was and am a huge Monkees fan, and I had little interest in any other groups of the era. Now, it is extremely hard to persuade me to endure the inconvenience and crowds of a concert, but the first time the remaining Monkees hit my local Hard Rock Casino, I raced to buy the best seats available. The Monkees memorabilia I own is embarrassing for an adult. Even old Tiger Beat Magazines ☺. But even as I was experiencing this as a teen, I recognized a disruptive business event when I saw it, and paid attention through that perspective. In fact, the above referenced, concealed secret of The Monkees did play a role in the personal business strategy I developed, quite early in my career.
ALSO, I’ll be interviewing Micky and revealing what I’ve identified and what Micky has written about, in some cases overtly, in other cases obliquely, that can inspire business breakthroughs for you! And, hey, hey, wouldn’t you like to be a phenomenon and sensation, too? The Monkees were never just monkeying around! This will be a surprising conversation!
Combined Info-FIRST &
INFO-Marketing Summit
Alan Doan, CEO
FORBES MAGAZINE has called it “the Disneyland of quilting.” What is it?

A business – built from zero, with over 400 employees fulfilling over 1-million orders a year.  

An online, INFO-FIRST marketing operation with 135-MILLION views. New tutorials every month. 500 videos accessible. Speaking and holding “trunk shows” at events nationwide. All selling fabric and supplies.  

An INFO-MARKETING enterprise housed in its own rural town, drawing over 100,000 attendees a year, attending 4-day retreats, workshops and quilting “pajama parties”, shopping at its 12 brick-and-mortar stores and eating at its four restaurants. A “super-conference” on steroids that never ends.
How did this happen? – in just 7 years!
Once a bankrupt housewife and mother of 7 kids, Jenny Doan is, at age 60, a YouTube and social media sensation, the star of a “show” attracting over 8,000 customers a month to the Doan family’s town, classes and workshops and stores! After suffering a financial melt-down in 1995, due to medical bills, the Doan clan moved to the bucolic, low cost town of Hamilton, Missouri, population 1,900, where Jenny’s husband got a job as a machinist, while Jenny started quilting as a hobby. After seeing Jenny pay $80 and waiting a year to get some quilting finish work done, her daughter took out a 2nd-mortgage to buy Jenny a $36,000 computerized quilter, and pay $24,000 for a shuttered, empty antique store “downtown”, and set Jenny up to make a little income finishing other peoples’ quilts.

Her son, Alan, persuaded her to shoot some YouTube videos to promote a site, While orders only trickled in initially, Jenny became a YouTube star, the revamped online business topped $4-million, and visitors eager to meet Jenny began showing up in the mostly boarded-up, mostly out of business town, shopping at the Doan’s one store. Daring to pile up bank loans, the family bought up most of the storefronts for $50,000 or so each, invested $3-million in refurbishing the sites, opening different quilting shops, and restaurants. The U.S. quilting market is above $3.5-Billion a year, with only about $200-million online. The Doans – total 30 siblings, in-laws, grandchildren – are continuing to build out their physical ‘Disneyland of quilting’ AND grow the online marketing, online fan base and e-commerce. They own five vacant properties including a defunct theater perfect for “live with Jenny” shows. ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED LIGHTNING FAST, IN JUST SEVEN YEARS! As you’d imagine, growing pains, lessons learned, challenges met, team built. This is the ‘Believe It Or Not – Amazing But True!’ Story you’ll hear firsthand from Alan Doan!
Combined Info-FIRST &
INFO-Marketing Summit
Frank Merenda
Marketing Merenda, imported from Italy!
"How We Do It – BIG!"
Frank is a famous entrepreneur in Italy, with a diverse collection of very public businesses:
  •  Venator Fighting Championship, an MMA promotion company
  •  Posta Power, a private mail franchiser
  •  Assicuratore Facile, a group of insurance agencies
all fueled by Info-FIRST Marketing, Magnetic Marketing®, Dan Kennedy inspired marketing.
In addition, in INFO-Marketing, he has THE largest sales/marketing and small business training and coaching business in Italy if not all of Europe, drawing thousands to its bi-annual seminar tours, nearly a thousand to its bi-annual top-level multi-day event (at which I’ve spoken twice); working with hundreds of business owners in tiered coaching programs; providing agency services, from custom shock-and-awe packages to digital media.
This business is fed by its own Info-FIRST Marketing, with its own truly magnificent monthly magazine and the #1 business podcast in the Italian language. For his events, Frank regularly imports “Planet Dan” speakers like Dave Dee and Dr. Dustin Burleson, our industry’s top thought leaders like Jay Abraham, Al Ries and Laura Ries, and – hey ☺ - Dan Kennedy. His events are epic Hollywood-level productions. This May’s was Star Wars themed from front to back and top to bottom, with custom Star Wars videos, a dining and exhibit hall right out of the movies, elaborate staging, even official Disney/Star Wars actors and actresses in full costume, music, sound effects and souvenirs.

Frank has been in the Titanium Mastermind and been my private client, and I have been privy to his businesses’ every fact, statistic, number, method, and incredible growth and success. This guy GETS IT! In fact, he has more faithfully and completely replicated and implemented EVERYTHING in my entire INFO-Marketing AND Info-FIRST Marketing repertoire than ANYBODY, in any country! And on a very BIG scale. You will be impressed, inspired, challenged and shown how to Do It Big too. Don’t miss Frank.

By the way, he has a harder road in Italy. The kind of data and mailing lists available in the U.S. in abundance are rare and hard to come by. There is profound resistance to our kind of marketing, somewhat akin to what I encountered in the 1970’s. There is a ‘master craftsman culture’ and ‘shopkeeper mentality’ that says doing excellent work should be enough. The market is not full of “trained seals”, accustomed to going to seminars, joining coaching programs. Franks sells at (deserved) premium prices and fees so “sticker shock” is always present. He is a brash, bold, blunt personality in a society skeptical of aggressive selling. When he brings U.S. experts in, they must be heard through translators. But with all that said, he is creating spectacular success with the exact business and marketing models, concepts, themes, strategies and deliverables you can cash in on here – or anywhere!
INFO-Marketing Legends Series
"DIRECT To Coaching"
& INTERNAL "UP TO $25K - $100K Programs"
Two fast-paced sessions in one time slot:
DIRECT TO COACHING. In INFO-Marketing, this is the equivalent of throwing on your red cape and leaping the tallest skyscraper in a single bound: selling direct into coaching programs with no info-marketing pyramid or ascension ladder, no products, no fuss, no muss! NOBODY ON EARTH has guided, advised or developed marketing for more info-marketers running these kinds of Direct-Into-Coaching businesses than me. At this moment,I have not one, but two such “top gun” info-marketers asTitanium Members doing this… long-time Private Client doing it…. two more continuing their use of models and marketing I devised for them one to several years ago….these 5 alone generate well over $70-MILLION a year from coaching businesses IN 5 DIFFERENT NICHES. AT THIS SUMMIT: I’ll straight forwardly explain how they do it: how they select or/and attract the candidates, do the lead generation, position the program, qualify the prospect, and move them from lead to sold member; their different ‘sales situation’ models (like: consult call/tele-marketer, guest pass to meeting, Discovery Day, etc.)….at price points from about $9,600.00 to $50,000.00+ per year per participant. The process and its variables will be crystal clear.

INTERNAL, UP TO $25K TO $100K PRICED PROGRAMS.In INFO-Marketing, one of the best BIG PAYDAYS is with the invention, assembly and sale of a special, multi-faceted“program” (often including area exclusivity) sold into one’s existing customers and members….a high fee item for a few of many. I did one of these 2 years ago with Dr. Dustin Burleson, a marketing program called Excellence In Orthodontics. (We are working on EIO 2.0 right now). Dr. Burleson will join me in a“Show ‘n Tell” of this program, its components, its sales story to its buyers, the 3-phase process used to sell it, and the anatomy of its launch. I say BIG PAYDAY because something like this is built to market internally (so costs of sale are very low)and as a sprint, not a marathon, so an EXTRA $1-MILLION+ is created in a matter of weeks. (EXTRA because it does not interfere with the regular revenues of the business.)

IN BOTH OF THESE HALF-SESSIONS, YOU ARE GETTING LEGIT INSIDE INFORMATION that would be very hard to come by otherwise, nearly impossible by observation alone. Whether you adopt either of these business models as-is or not, there are tactics within that can be used separately to enhance your current business.
It is impossible to fairly present Dan Kennedy’s range and depth and full rosterof accomplishments in this field he modernized and popularized: information marketing. His influence is so pervasive it is rare to attend any mainstream or niche info-marketers’ events, mastermind groups, or informal discussions among peers without hearing some ‘WWDD’ – What Would Dan Do – references. “Names” you know, in online as well as offline, elders and relatively young leaders; the Who’s Who of every aspect of info-marketing…….. naming any automatically leaves out many, but these certainly include Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Ron LeGrand, Greg Renker(Guthy-Renker, maker of Tony Robbins), Joe Polish, Craig Proctor, Jay Geier (SchedulingInstitute), and hundreds of niche-specific operators….top copywriters including those with Agora….direct-marketing super-pros like Brian Kurtz…all have business genealogy tracing to Dan and his methods, and all acknowledge it. The number of people shownHis Way to opportunities they never knew existed in info-marketing by Dan Kennedy islegion, including our own ‘tribal leaders’ Bill Glazer, Dave Dee, Lee Milteer.

He has rich historical experience of 40 years. He was successfully doing DirectTo Coaching at prices upwards from $36,000.00 per year in two niches in 1987…31years ago. With one such program, over 2,000 members were acquired in 2 years, totaling over $72-Million. The very organization you are part of, NO B.S. INNER CIRCLE, was designed by Dan, and built by Dan, initially out of speaking – and no peer of his 20+ prime years in speaking built anything comparable or equity valuable. Most high-paid day laborers while he methodically converted audiences to customers to members, many for life. This achievement of his, one of a kind. As a speaker, Dan has appeared repeatedly, at other events and at his own, with more world leaders andU.S. Presidents, military leaders (like Gen Colin Powell), celebrity CEO’s, Hollywood celebrities, sports personalities and eclectic celebrity entrepreneurs --- including President Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Kathy Ireland, Ivanka Trump, than any other living professional speaker. He has created countless million dollar and multi-million dollar “evergreen equity” info-products for himself and for clients, notably including THE MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM®. Engineered million dollar days and weeks with online launches.

But all this historical experience is tied forward to current experience, and that’s important. THIS YEAR, he has, as of the day I am writing this, at mid-year been paid more than $1-Million for strategic advice and copywriting from info-marketer clients, from start-ups to $40-million companies, including clients with him continuously or episodically for 10, 20, even 30 years. His knowledge has deep roots, but is also producing profitable results this moment. He is, of course, integral to theAdvantage businesses, and significantly responsible for Formerly-GKIC moving toAdvantage, for it going “Back To The Future”.

Simply put, there is no “millionaire maker” to get fast track, high value, solid as rocks guidance about info-marketing from, who is on the same level as Dan. We are fortunate to have him working for all of us. Don’t miss this Summit’s NEW “reveal” he is preparing for you.
Special Combined INFO-Marketing & Info-FIRST Marketing Summits
 Legends Session
From Dan’s original Inner Circle came Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, built to THE shining city on the hill of the entire info-marketing world, the birthplace of and launching pad for hundreds of niche-directed and subculture-directed info-businesses and industry-specific thought-leaders, even the launch pad for Infusionsoft and best platform for countless other vendors. All told, it has literally made many millionaires and multi-millionaires, and fueled great businesses likeKeith and Travis Lee’s 3-D Mail Results, ShaunBuck’s NewsletterPro, even Adam Witty’s AdvantagePublishing. This, of course, continues now, in yet another managed evolutionary phase. Under Bill’s captainship, the business, its membership, and its leading of the field multiplied 10-fold.

Glazer-Kennedy had to navigate a sea-change in new customer/member acquisition, maturing from near total dependence on Dan’s speaking to a sophisticated matrix of direct offline and online marketing, full-scale use of online media, affiliate marketing, staging major promotional events, physical and tele-seminars (those attended by as many as thousands), and more.

This has not just been a business – but a Movement, changing the way business is conducted across hundreds of product, service and profession categories ,introducing Magnetic Marketing®….Info-FIRST Marketing… Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses…...and Outrageous Advertising….into place after place after place where the established, entrenched way of doing things stood in firm ,entrenched opposition. Having to change settled minds, long-standing habits, ingrained belief systems in order to get and keep customers is not the easiest path, yet it is concealed inside far more exceptionally successful enterprises than most people are aware of.

This behind-scenes, candid, UN-scripted discussion will cover many issues every info-marketer but also every entrepreneur faces or will face with their own business development, including change management without losing the essence of a business, “diversity= stability” applied to marketing, ability of a business to be personality driven without it restricting its growth or even its equity value….all the way to sale and exit situations. Although not partners by legal structure of their arrangement, Bill and Dan effectively functioned as successful partners –and that alone is not a common thing.You can count such tandems that go any significant distance on two hands with fingers left over. “HOW WE DID IT” encompasses the successful development of a great business, the management of an incredibly productive working relationship, and the practical application of the #1 Zig Ziglar principle: “Help enough other people get what they want and automatically, unavoidably get everything you want.” 

No B.S. Inner Circle INFO-MARKETING Series
Build TWO Leading Businesses
& Still Be Home Every Night For Dinner
A Perfect (!) Implementation of
No B.S. Marketing Business Models
Ben Glass’ “Journey To Planet Dan” began with purchase of – and first-look skepticism about – The Magnetic Marketing System®, in search for answers to: “There has to be a better way” to grow his law practice. Fast-forward, Ben owns one of the most successful P.I. law practices in the nation, and, at the age most lawyers are thinking about exit and retirement or at least down-shifting, Ben – whose motto is: LIVE LIFE BIG! – has bought and is moving his practice into a bigger, landmark building, growing staff, even acquiring specialty practices. Everything he teaches and provides to the more than 4,500 solo and small firm attorneys nationwide is invented, tested and well-proven in his own laboratory, in his own thriving, growing practice. This includes a lot of Info-FIRST Marketing: Ben has as his practice’s marketing’s center-piece more than 10 consumer guides, including The Truth About Lawyer Advertising: How To Find The Right Lawyer For YOUR Case, and a robust online consumer information platform, all visible at

But this is only one half of the Ben Glass Story. Half, from struggling lawyer to  unstoppable marketer of legal services. The other half, the packaging of that as a multi-million dollar a year Info-Marketer into his own niche. His book RENEGADE LAWYER MARKETING: How Today’s Solo & Small-Firm Lawyers Survive & Thrive in a World of Marketing Vultures, 800-Pound Gorillas and Legal Zoom is the summary of his law practice marketing and operating system and, often, entry door into his community. Today, Great Legal Marketing encompasses a complete info-marketing business with a pyramid/ascension model, published products, events and coaching. AT THIS INFO-SUMMIT, Ben will take you from its launch in 2006 to its present impressive success. Along that path, Ben has put in several years in my Titanium Mastermind, rarely missed an INFO-Summit, and mastered every part of this business – from copywriting at a high level to high membership retention and year to year growth. I have said on many occasions that nobody has so perfectly implemented every aspect, every principle and every strategy of my niche-penetration info-marketing model as has Ben, and I tell my private clients to observe him and his business as closely and constantly as they can. Ben is even a licensee of his own co-authored editions of two of my books available on that basis: The Ultimate Success Secret and Don’t Bet Your Barbie® Money, as well as two of his own success books, Playing To Win and Carry Your Own Leash. He leaves no stone unturned. You also see me showing off Ben’s Info-Marketing in The No B.S. Info-Marketing Letter and Look Over My Shoulder, as I did with his “Letter From Sandi” in July. His in-depth show ‘n tell at this year’s Summit is “Must See” for any info-marketer, whether long experienced pro or relatively new entrant.

It can’t go without saying that Ben and his wife Sandi are the parents of nine children, four of whom have been adopted from China. Ben referees soccer. Is active in the community. And still home for dinner. The ‘whole life’ and “business serves you as its master (not enslaves you)” concepts are core to his coaching of lawyers, and demonstrated by his own extraordinary life.
Info-FIRST Marketing Summit
This Is It! Finally, a Fall Event for ALL Members! – devoted to Advanced Magnetic Marketing® –  on steroids! Brilliant, successful Members using Info-FIRST to prevent commoditization and amazonization, achieve profound differentiation and magnetic attraction, and protect their prices and profits are here to Show ‘n Tell. Aardvark groomer, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, Realtor®, insurance agent, financial professional, interior decorator, lawyer, home services, B2B vendor, zebra trainer…. THIS is THE MARKETING SUMMIT FOR YOU!

Note: @ the New Info-FIRST Marketing Summit you ALSO participate in ALL the combined Summits sessions and activities, and you are free to mix ‘n match and attend sessions in Info-FIRST or/and in INFO-Marketing.
Then & Now, The Secrets of Info-FIRST Marketing
& The Breakthrough of PURE Info-FIRST Marketing
Two half-sessions in one...
SECRETS OF INFO-FIRST: Why, How, How To Decide What YOUR “Info” Should Be. There are just three things you should “put out there” to attract people to you, and none of them are about products or services or discounts or ‘sales of the century’. I’m amping up my mission to STOP YOU FROM SELLING STUFF, once and for all. You will finally grasp “pre-emptive marketing” that forecloses consideration of any provider but you.

And I’m going to do quick Show ‘n Tells, including a couple or a few with clients or Members doing this perfectly – and getting blockbuster results. I’m also going to reveal THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INFO-ITEM to include in your quiver of arrows, which few understand, most are squeamish or skeptical about, have to be pushed by me to do, then are amazed by the results. This single insight can instantly separate you from any and every other competing option (and it’s NOT your USP. It is psychologically deeper than that.)
PURE Info-FIRST goes even further. It flies in the face of just about everything you’ve been told about advertising and marketing, and (blessedly) NO Big, Dumb Company in your space will ever use it. I recently showed a big advertiser how to get a 400% IMPROVED ROI on its ad spend, replacing his ad all about his business and products with a PURE Info-FIRST ad. Proved it true. Still, the company ran it once then said never again, because (a) it didn’t flatter the owners’ egos or impress their investor group’s members, and (b) it generated too many leads for the salespeople to sift, sort, and manage. Such stupidity can be your gold-plated opportunity. I promise, you’ll walk out of this half-session with NEW OPPORTUNITY .… and finding NEW opportunity in your existent business is like discovering a candy bar inside a candy bar. Man, it’s gonna be a great day!
The ULTIMATE Info-FIRST Business
Tom & Nick Karadza
Tom and Nick built their business on a model from me, that I originally developed for another client, and they have executed it brilliantly.

Theirs is the ultimate Info- FIRST Business, making membership in their invest or training program and club mandatory before a client can buy real estate from their brokerage. Their ROCK STAR REAL ESTATE in Toronto, Canada, is, in actuality a real estate brokerage – but you’d never know it from its positioning and marketing! It is ALL Info-FIRST, from their books, courses, newsletter and seminars to their membership organization. And they never do “ordinary” real estate: no listing presentations, no open house sittings, no tours, no tour-guide s to buyers visiting umpteen houses – none quite right, no evenings, no weekends. They only work with investors. Where the ordinary agent has one transaction per client and then they’re done, their clients buy and sell multiple properties, continuing to do business with them year after year, pay for the privilege of doing so and pay commissions. They also don’t live ordinary lives. Six weeks of real vacation per year, minimum. For them it’s all about freedom and lifestyle, just as they teach their customers – represented by their books YOUR LIFE. YOUR TERMS. And INCOME FOR LIFE.

Since launching the concept in 2008, they have trained, coached and worked with over 1,200 real estate investors-buyers, acquiring over 1-billon dollars of single family homes and other properties just in Eastern Canada!

They also, incidentally, “eat what they cook”: Tom and Nick are rich real estate investors themselves.

Their Show ‘n Tell will open your eyes to opportunities you may have ruled out because (you believe) “your business is different” – like making customers pay for the privilege of being customers (Costco does it. Amazon Prime does it. Tom and Nick do it.)….membership concept applied to businesses where it usually isn’t…..getting paid to teach customers to be customers (most do this for free)….identifying and erasing all the “unpleasant” parts of a business, keeping what’s left and thus reinventing the business….locking out low value customers….. evading commoditization in a very crowded, cluttered and commoditized field. But even if none of these ring your bell, you will see a great illustration of the transformative power of Info-FIRST.

These guys are TERRIFIC. Dynamic speakers, great leaders, making profound differences in their customers’ lives, with a well oiled and perfectly running moneymaking machine purring away every day at their office whether they’re there or gone skiing, moose riding and whatever else folks do up North in Canada. They had a turning-point, life altering -moment when they saw the business model I’d designed for the “closed club” real estate business. Maybe you’ll have a turning-point, life-altering moment when you hear their story and see their business’ inside secrets.
Selling Transformed
Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller
If You Or Your Customers Need A Long, Hot Shower After The Sale Occurs, Maybe, Just Maybe, There's A Better Way
"Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller have reinvented sales and marketing."
– Kevin Bauman, former Director of Strategic Development, NISSAN MOTORS.
In an industry with “eat what you kill and kill what you eat” as its religion, and “leap on ‘em and sell ‘em now” ingrained impulses, these two guys have literally changed the way the car business is done – now with over 1,000 dealerships “converted” to their attraction based, often Info-FIRST marketing methods.

Auto sales is one of those retail categories stuck in a who-yells-louder about this week’s sale of the century hell. It is no wonder nobody believes, trusts or wants to engage with anybody in the business, and car salespeople have to default to the grimiest of selling tactics. Afterwards, salesman and buyer both need long, hot showers – but not together. The belief system that car advertising must yell loud about cheapest prices, and that bait ‘n switch must be the game, requiring hard sell, hard close mud-wrestling at point of sale is very hard to disrupt. But Jimmy and Travis have done just that. As founders of RICH DEALERS, they have persuaded more than 1,000 dealers and thousands of sales representatives that there is different, better ‘road less traveled’, a remarkable feat!

At this Info-FIRST Summit, they will show the most powerful, most effective, most dramatically different strategies, tactics, ads and marketing tools they equip their auto dealer clients with. They’ll also share their own use of Info-FIRST to build their business. It all moves at your will to any business. Their broad application of “ATTRACTING customers”, and importantly, customers able and willing to trust rather than resist, was first codified in their book GRAVITATIONAL MARKETING, published with questionable timing in the Year of the Crash, 2008. Since then, they have refined and improved their system, and applied it in and outside of the auto industry, generating tens of billions of dollars of sales for diverse businesses in the U.S. and abroad. Their Gravitational Marketing System harnesses and amplifies the innate (but usually under-utilized) PULLING power of a business to create an energy field (!) that PULLS the right customers into orbit, then to its doorstep. If you are stuck, a lot or a little, in PUSH marketing or HUNT-AND-KILL SELLING, their Show ‘n Tell at the Info-FIRST Marketing Summit could (finally) break you free of “this is how it has to be done around here” prison. Empower you to ignore your industry’s norms and alter the fundamental dynamics of how you get customers, and how you and they feel about it.
By the way, these guys built their business from inauspicious beginnings. It all started on the kitchen table in an 1,100 square foot apartment, with FIVE people living in it. Tony Robbins and his tale of washing his few dishes in his bathtub has nothing on these two. While working in jobs at an ad agency, they found garbage cans filled with cassette tapes and books about advertising that contradicted everything they were being told by their bosses and pushing onto the clients. Digging in, they began to identify forgotten and disdained common factors in advertising that actually worked. Gradually planting these in auto dealer clients’ ads, results proved them right – but the agency owners saw their innovative ideas and transparent measurement of results as a threat. In 2004, they exited the agency, created their own enterprise in that crowded apartment, and set about changing the way car advertising was done. Of course, the best revenge is success: they’ve reached industry stardom and national acclaim in diverse media outlets:
On top of all that, they’re a hell of a lot of fun. You’re going to have a good time. I call them “Penn & Teller”, one of ‘em big ‘n tall, one short ‘n small, both making magic. But both of them talk. For better or worse.
Let’s boil all the reasons to be here, at this Summit, to ONE very simple and straightforward precept: if you do what others (competing with you) do, even if incrementally better or cleverer than they do, you can – at best – expect the same or only incrementally better results as theirs. You get one of many same size slivers of a pie. Probably, a pie more are taking slivers from, day by day.  

So, what does everybody else do? They SELL STUFF.

The default to the default list:
  •  Products & Services
  •  Availability & Convenience
  • A Claim of Incremental Superiority*
  •  Price & Discounts
  •  Guarantees 
In other words, stuff.

*There's even acknowledged but not-to-be-accepted inferiority! SPRINT advertises that it is only 1% worse than everybody else, but 10% cheaper. Incredible. Incredibly dumb. Sad.
The more of this you do, the less power you have – to attract, to interest, to compete, to protect prices and profits, to stimulate referrals, and to keep your income secure from disruption. I have gradually become central-focused on getting my Private Clients and our Members to STOP Selling Stuff. That’s why I have advocated for this new Summit for about 5 years – finally getting heard by Adam, after others’ before him turned deaf ears.

This “approach” is not something you can hear or read about, “get”, and that’s that. It is too much in conflict with your entire experience with your business and its advertising and marketing. You’ll be in default and not even recognize your own bad or lazy or habit-forced behavior! Frankly, the longer you’ve been Selling Stuff, the more in-depth the rehab program to get you free from the habit has to be. IMMERSION in this approach is critical. Also, there is a spider-web of opportunity rich complexity surrounding the core concept. This includes what Adam has organized as Authority Marketing. And much more. So this new Info-FIRST Summit is important. And it will continue to grow in its importance year after year. And dammit, I want YOU at it, at the very start. It will become a No B.S. INNER CIRCLE tradition, it will grow and evolve, and you will look back on being at its “ground zero” as one of the great experiences of your tenure of membership. Most importantly, it’s impossible for you to leave it unchanged – in your perception of your business and the best means to improve it, grow it, strengthen it and protect it.
Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income, 
Dan Kennedy, No B.S. Inner Circle Founder
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