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“Finally – A LIVE Event Unlike Any Other… Where You Can Get Hands-On Assistance Focused On Turning Your Business Into a 24/7/365 Finely Tuned MACHINE Attracting a Flood of New Customers, Clients, and Patients to Your Doorstep – Reliably, Predictably, Without Fail – GUARANTEED.”
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From the Desk of Dan Kennedy
Dear Friend,
I hope this letter finds you well. I hope that for you, business is good and life’s fat, fun, and happy.  

If that’s the case, great.
Having said that… even though I am not typically in the habit of going all “Debbie downer” – nevertheless, offering a word or two regarding imminent harsh realities may well be in order.

Sure – global economy-wise, right now on the surface, things look hunky-dory:
  •  Corporate earnings are up.
  • ​Job numbers are at historic levels nearing full employment.
  • ​GDP here in the US is soaring.
After an extended period of economic malaise, yes, I’ll acknowledge right now it’s as close to “happy days are here again” as you might imagine possible. But dark clouds exist for many if not all small business owners.

And these same clouds affect every industry – from brick and mortar storefront to professional services like a financial planner… whether you wield a monkey wrench or a spreadsheet… for any one of a number of different specialties or providers of sundry goods and services.

These gathering clouds are formed from the same underlying economic trend that enabled Bezos to build his dominant Amazonian empire, affecting every business in every market and almost certainly it does now (or will soon enough) affect yours as well…
If you are viewed as a commodity – and you can’t clearly distinguish your business from any and all competitors – your prospects have only one way to decide which option to choose: price. And the “conventional wisdom” that mandates you do indeed compete on price offers a fast, sure downward path to oblivion.

But there’s a different path – a path based on the timeless proven principles of “Magnetic Marketing”- where you finally stop the endless pursuit of customers, clients, and patients and instead irresistibly attract them to you in droves like moths to a flame.

The path of Magnetic Marketing leads to steady growth, reliable revenues, and ever-growing profits regardless of whether the economy was rising or falling. And your fastest, most effective way to discover, embrace, and integrate these foundational principles into your business is by attending:
The NEW No B.S. Inner Circle
"Magnetic Marketing
Fast Implementation Boot Camp!"
The MAGNETIC MARKETING FAST IMPLEMENTATION BOOT CAMP is your opportunity to experience and get direct access to the leadership team at NO B.S. Inner Circle - hear right from the “horse’s mouth” as it were – and see how to take and use our proven direct response tools and strategies in your business.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover at this amazing, 2-day event:
  •  How to create A Unique Selling Proposition for my Business guaranteed to make MINE the clear choice for your customers or prospects.
  • The “8- Direct Response TRIGGERS” proven to DOUBLE or TRIPLE response in all of your marketing.
  •  A Step-by-Step process to creating IRRESISTIBLE OFFERs time-after-time that will have prospects whipping out their wallets to buy from YOU.
  • ​Super simple strategies to driving MASSIVE Amounts of qualified Traffic to your Web Site(s) – making it easy to directly sell your products/services OR promote any kind of business you may ever choose to do.
  • Secrets to BUILDING SQUEEZE PAGES & WEBSITES that Capture Traffic without fail and TRIPLE online sales/conversions.
  •  Surefire methods for Productive, PROFITABLE E-mail Marketing… You’ll discover exactly what’s working NOW to get emails opened, read, and acted upon to deliver high value results for your business.
  •  How to find the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in your own Customer List (there’s a fortune to be made with just this bit of information alone)
  •  The Top 10 No BS Money-Making Rule$ to live by, profit from, and L-O-V-E!
  • Plus examples, tools, templates, case studies, networking, and much more beside…
When you finish, you’ll walk away with a reliable, proven MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM of integrated marketing tools, ideas, and actions guaranteed to give you a massive edge over any and all competitors. Just listen to what other attendees had to say about their experience:
"I came to the workshop to get 2-3 good ideas that would help me accelerate my business growth. Was I surprised. My 'to do' list is loaded with good ideas. The interactions with Dave, Darcy and the other attendees was outstanding. This is a 'not to be missed' event. Loaded with content. Not a pitchfest. And Fun! Broadens your thinking!" 
Tom DeMaio
“I have 20 years of sales and marketing. Sales is still Sales. Marketing will NEVER be the same again! If you choose not to attend, are you also choosing not to take your business to the next financial level?”
- Bev Thoman,

"This Boot Camp was AWESOME! Tons of information. Every Business in the world should go. A Must Do!! — Colie Goodrich, "I came to the boot camp because it was a chance to pick up some marketing tips from the "experts". The fact that it was free was a huge bonus. So much great information!"
Jim Langford
“Before I got here I was SCARED to tell anyone what my business was. I knew it’s a service business, but I wasn’t sure how to market it or explain it. As of 2 hours into the boot camp, I not only got confirmation that my business idea was great, but I discovered 3 additional target markets I could tailor my marketing to. AAA-MAZ-ING!”
- Shay Banks, Cachet Concierge
"I walked out of here with my homework assignment finished, a usable foundation of materials I just wrote and ready to implement! I've got lots more to do and plan to do it NOW! Massive!"
Paul Finney
"My husband is a gold member, has Magnetic Marketing and was at Info-SUMMIT. I wanted to understand what he was so excited about. For me — this was the best 2 days you can spend. I now understand, I'm on board and ready to run with the new knowledge." 
Myra Daniels
If you want to experience the same success as these folks and are serious about finally making this year count, you simply can't miss this event. You can't afford not be here.
If you want to experience the same success as these folks and are serious about finally making this year count, you simply can't miss this event. You can't afford not be here.
And that’s just a taste of what you can expect to experience and it’s why so many of our members not only kick off their Magnetic Marketing adventure with Boot Camp, but stay and return for other No B.S. events over and over again.

This is unlike any other event you’ve ever attended – because this isn’t about filling your head with a bunch of pipe dreams and then sending you off on your way to muddle along on your own. No way. This 2-day Boot Camp is designed start-to-finish to put in your hands EXACTLY what you need to IMPLEMENT what you’ve learned so that your business will take off like a rocket!

I know... that’s a mighty big promise. But it’s one I’m absolutely confident we can make because we’ve done it over and again – because we’ve put the perfect team in place to make it happen for you to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to quickly and easily IMPLEMENT a complete Magnetic Marketing SYSTEM in your business, ready to roll to produce rapid-fire growth.
EVERYTHING You Need to Put Your Business On a Solid Magnetic Marketing Foundation – Giving You The Tools, Training, and Help You Need to Experience the Success You Deserve!
THIS is the one event where everything you need to put Magnetic Marketing to work in your business comes together in one place – the right training, the perfect environment, and a rock star team of experts dedicated to putting you on the fast track to massive success:
Darcy Juarez
Darcy Juarez is the Chief Business Strategist at No B.S. Inner Circle|GKIC. She has created automation and evergreen systems that have brought in multi-millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of new clients. She has been showing entrepreneurs and small business owners how to not only IMPLEMENT their marketing but how it is as easy as 1-2-3. She’s been called the Queen of Automation, the one who makes things happen.
NOTE: As important as their experience and knowledge is, what matters more to YOU is their passion for sharing this information with business owners and entrepreneurs – this is what makes each of them uniquely qualified for this job. So I’ll wager now you’re saying to yourself:
Well, if you try to tally up all the costs, our investments in time, research, giveaways, training materials, etc. you’ll easily come up with a value of $1997. But because we believe so strongly in the need for this kind of hands-on training and implementation support, we’ve slashed the investment to attend to just $497 (Retail $1997).

It’s an incredible opportunity that may not be repeated any time soon. So don’t miss this chance to create a real Magnetic Marketing System to put your business on the path to success. 

Hurry, because due to the intense, “hands-on” nature of this event... where you WILL be producing “take-to-the-bank” materials for your business... seating is limited to 150 – This is a HARD and FAST upper limit! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Don’t delay – time and space is limited and the opportunity is a rare one for sure. Sign up today.
Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income, 
Dan Kennedy, No B.S. Inner Circle Founder
PS: Don’t just take our word for it, take a gander at what others are saying about these Boot Camps:
“This Boot Camp was AWESOME! Tons of information. Every Business in the world should go. A Must Do!!
- Colie Goodrich
“I came here because I wanted FORCED Implementation because, as a busy lawyer, uninterrupted marketing time is heard to find. If you are a busy professional, you’re crazy for not coming. I can’t believe how much great information they teach for free and how much I already did that is done, implemented. No B.S.’s sales material for this does not do the deliverable justice. This was absolutely amazing.”
- Kellen Bryant
“I built my USP!! That was worth thousands of dollars. Not only that, I created business partnerships. I learned a lot and if you are to busy to come it’s just because you are doing something wrong. Save some future time and come to the Boot Camp, it’s worth it!”
- Miquel
So What’s The Agenda?
So What’s The Agenda?
Each Boot Camp is slightly different, to suit the attendees as much as possible, however, we usually follow a basic structure...
Day 1
9:00am - Noon Boot Camp Training
Noon - 1:00pm Lunch (On Your Own)
1:00pm - 5:00pm Boot Camp Training

Day 2
9:00am - 1:00pm Boot Camp Training

Day 1
7:15 am Registration
7:45am Doors Open
8:00am Noon Boot Camp Training
Noon - 1:30pm Lunch (On Your Own)
1:30pm - 6:00pm Boot Camp Training
6:00pm - 7:00pm Networking Reception hosted by No B.S.
Day 2
8:00am - Noon Boot Camp Training
Noon - 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm - 4:00pm Boot Camp Training
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