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Everything You Need To Market Your Business Online


Get the strongest return on your digital dollars

When it comes to growing your business online, you need more than an attractive website and engaging posts on social media platforms. You need a digital plan that draws visitors and converts visitors to leads and leads to customers. 

Let’s see how you’re doing. With an Online Marketing Assessment, the GKIC Digital Solutions team can provide a review of your website and social media presence. For only $97 our team we’ll conduct a full website analysis and a SEO check-up that will tell you what is preventing you from optimizing your digital marketing dollars.

Website Analysis


  • Identify website strengths and weaknesses with respect to website profitability
  • Site structure audit; identify website usability issues
  • Website link analysis
  • Email marketing and tracking systems
  • Visitor experience, navigation and conversion analysis
  • Review/Testimonial/Online reputation assessment

SEO Health Check


  • Identify SEO strengths and weaknesses
  • Search engine performance analysis on the page ranking of your keywords
  • Identify coding and technical errors for keywords
  • Search volumes of your keywords
  • Local search performance analysis
  • Google traffic analysis
The resulting report and phone consultation will provide you with a roadmap that clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses in your online marketing so you can properly plan your marketing efforts. With GKIC Digital Solutions, you get more than a great website. We design successful digital marketing strategies that attract traffic and generate quality leads to improve your bottom line.

You’ve Asked For It! We’re Delivering it:

Facebook Marketing Solutions

Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users with the average user spending over 50 minutes a day on this social media channel. Facebook has become THE PLACE for connecting with people based on demographics such as location, age, gender and psychographics like interests, likes and behaviors.

Facebook marketing lets you TARGET people who want and

need your products and services!


No One Knows Marketing Like GKIC! At GKIC, we’ve worked with thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to build successful marketing plans that have resulted in tremendous growth. And GKIC Digital Solutions has turned “brochure-style” websites into direct response workhorses that generate leads and then converts them into paying customers and clients. We’ve also built countless email and SEO campaigns that have engaged prospects and transformed them into consumers.

Now, the advertising arena is social media, and we have marketing solutions that will help you not only ENTER the new frontier of Facebook marketing …

… but ELEVATE your Facebook presence, showcasing your business and growing your market without spending a fortune.

Now available for only $297, the Facebook Kickstart connects you with our team of Facebook marketing experts who will review your Facebook page and ad account then provide you a detailed review with recommendations for improvements. The Facebook Kickstart is MORE than a review, we also provide you with your Facebook pixel and work to insure it is properly installed.

And there’s more …

You will also receive up to five (5) Facebook ads along with specially designed customer lists for your account. The Facebook Kickstart is a turn-key launch into Facebook advertising … done using the GKIC model … just for you!


Facebook Kickstart

  • Complete evaluation of your Facebook page and ad account
  • Checks for proper installation of your Facebook pixel
  • Reports status of your Facebook page with recommendations for improvements
  • Review of your Facebook advertising performance and recommends places for improvement





Speak with one GKIC’s business consultants to see how GKIC Digital Solutions can help design successful digital marketing strategies that attract traffic and generate quality leads to improve your bottom line.

Get the leads that become customers …

GKIC Digital Solutions was established to level the playing field and provide a resource to ensure that the digital marketing efforts of the entrepreneurial small business owner are engaging and designed to attract traffic. But more importantly, are structured to CONVERT visitors into LEADS and Leads into CUSTOMERS.

With Direct Response Websites

The GKIC Digital Solutions team specializes in helping entrepreneurial business owners design DIRECT RESPONSE websites and optimize those sites using the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques for the business owners who does not even know where to start, GKIC Digital Solutions, can conduct a full online marketing analysis to provide you with a recommended digital roadmap.

GKIC Digital Solutions Website Services:

  • Website Design – Built using the GKIC model of direct marketing
  • Website Hosting – Including email, call tracking and site visitor statistics

We create more than great websites! In addition, the GKIC Digital Solutions team has served as the outside digital marketing specialists helping hundreds of companies by providing DONE FOR YOU and DONE WITH YOU digital services such as E-mail Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns and Social Media Campaigns.

  • SEO Campaigns – Including monthly ranking reports, social bookmarking
  • Done-for-You Email Marketing Campaigns – Including copywriting and design of email templates
  • Done-for-You Social Media Campaigns with Cross Posting to Blogs – Including copywriting and selection graphics for posts
  • On-Line Marketing Plans – Creating a complete on-line marketing strategy

With Facebook Advertising

You’ve asked for it! Facebook advertising is now a MUST in all business marketing plans. The GKIC Digital Solutions team offers a variety of solutions – for those who are just getting started to those who are quite savvy with the social media platform.


With the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Machine, you have the tools to transform your Facebook advertising using a system that brings you new customers, clients and patients on autopilot, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!

A complete online training course and monthly membership for updates provides you up-to-date instruction and strategies that will help you move Facebook fans to customers, clients, patients.


So, you’ve built a Facebook following and now you want to grow your fan base and turn these fans into customers. You’ve been running Facebook ads but they’re just not producing the results you’d hoped to gain.

GKIC Digital Solutions can partner with you in a DWY service. We offer 2-day intensive workshops where you will learn how to run a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Our experience Facebook marketing team will personally guide you through building a 3-step direct response funnel, creating a unique Facebook strategy for your business, and getting you started with design and implementation of Facebook ads.

Discover how to avoid the most common mistakes, learn how professionals create engaging content and find out how to target the people who will want to buy your product or service. After two days, you will be well equipped with simple and effective strategies for using Facebook profitably to generate new and repeat customers.


We understand that no everyone is ready, willing or able to drive the Facebook advertising program. That’s why GKIC Digital Solutions offers a DFY Facebook marketing service. We will do it for you: from setting up your Facebook ad manager and creating a direct response funnel and Facebook campaign to designing, buying and reviewing your Facebook activity. We do all the Facebook work and you get to set back and watch your audience grow, your leads multiply, your profits soar. 

With Strategic SEO and PPC

You’re willing to invest time and money into creating a direct response website. Now, you’ve got to get people there. GKIC Digital Solutions offers Search Engine Optimization for your website. Our specialists build campaigns that generate more organic leads and optimize your site for better keyword rankings with content marketing.

Pay per click (PPC), if handled properly, is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your site. Our team of expert’s uses today’s most advanced techniques to drive increased revenue, lower advertising costs, and more efficient campaigns.




Speak with one GKIC’s business consultants to see how GKIC Digital Solutions can help design successful digital marketing strategies that attract traffic and generate quality leads to improve your bottom line.