The “Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy finally takes off the gloves and reveals how YOU can experience the Phenomenon! 

“Discover 6 ‘Easy-To-Implement’ Triggers
That’ll Allow You To Create MORE
For Yourself In The Next
12 Months…Than In
The Previous 12 Years!”

This Is The “Missing Link” Of Many Renegade Millionaires Who Where Able To Leapfrog “The Norm” And Build Awesome Momentum In Their Businesses Most People Could Only DREAM About… 

Best Part: You Could Be Implementing These Triggers In As Little As 2 Minutes!

Warning:  This message goes against the “happy-thinking” crowd who thinks they can become a successful entrepreneur by simply “visualizing” success.  

You know, the ones who think all you have to do is think happy thoughts and achievement will magically appear at your door… 

…without ANY action at all.

If you subscribe to this philosophy, then I suggest you find something better to do

Because I want to show you the specific actions you MUST take if you want to achieve more success in the next 12 months…than you have in the past 12 years.

Seriously, This Message Could Be A Massive
Turning Point In Your Career—And Life!

You see, I’m at the point in my career where my reputation as a “millionaire-maker” is well documented. 

And I’ve reached the point in my life where I can say whatever I want–without care of offending anyone.  

Some of you will read this message and “get it”.  But 99% of you will be turned off and perhaps repulsed by what I have to tell you.  

But that’s OK.  Being a renegade and “going against the norm” is what I’m known for.  My “No B.S.” straightforward marketing strategies have made millions for my clients and our top GKIC members.  

So it’s not a question whether or not what I have to share with you in this message actually works.   The only question is if you’re willing to take action and make them work for you.  

These 6 “Triggers” Could Ignite
A Tsunami Of Profits For Your Business!

I know…this sounds like a big promise.  But I’ve personally worked with over 200 entrepreneurs in MANY industries and professions.

And the ones who experience enviable leaps in their business have implemented—sometimes accidentally—ALL 6 triggers I will share with you in a second.

But here’s the catch:  all 6 triggers must be implemented at the same time.  If you use just 3-4 of them, you’ll get “normal” results…which just isn’t going to cut it.  More on that later.   

It’s like turning on the lights in your residence.  You can flick on 1 or 2 light switches and have enough light to open your door and head into your living room.

But if you don’t turn on the rest of the lights, you’ll be stumbling around…stubbing your toe on furniture and running into walls. 

Whereas if you flick on ALL the lights in your home, you can walk unimpeded—without danger of falling or getting lost.  

It’s Like Michael Jordan Entering The “Zone”
And Sinking Foul Shots With His Eyes Closed

You see, basketball player Michael Jordan regularly talked about entering a state called the  “Zone” during his playing days. 

It was a mysterious state he would enter during a big game where he was able to sink shots without any effort.

Like during the 1992 Finals where he swished 6 consecutive 3-pointers during Game 6.  Or when he scored 38 points while sick with the flu during Game 5 of the 1997 Finals.

There were also times when he would shoot foul shots with his eyes closed…without fear he was going to miss the shot.

No doubt that Jordan was perhaps greatest NBA player ever.  However, it was his guess as to what triggered the “Zone”. Because even  Jordan had bad games where he couldn’t make a shot to save his life.

Same goes for any professional golfer who wins the U.S. Open or Masters one week…and can barely hit a fairway the next week.   

And how about the “no-name” golfer who is able to sinks every putt, nail every approach shot, and annihilates every drive on Major week to beat the biggest golfers in the PGA. 

Professional athletes can NEVER trigger this level of exceptional performance at will.  If they could, they would never lose. And of course, this never happens—as even the best have bad games.  

But what I’ve discovered over my 30-year career of helping clients is: Many Of My Renegade Millionaires Have Enjoyed  “Jordan-esque” Results In 12 Months Or Less!

For example:

  • One of my renegade entrepreneurs used to serve coffee as a secretary, until she got a hold of these 6 triggers and was able to DOUBLE her income every year.  And now she is earning more than 1 million dollars a year and now works from her patio at her 4500 square-foot Los Angeles home.  Best part: she did this in a span of only a couple years.
  • Another lady runs a pizza shop in a not-so popular city in Canada and was able to charge almost double the price for pizza using small “tweaks” in her business model. In fact, she won “Pizza of the Year” in a national competition is financially set for the rest of her life—in an industry that’s highly competitive.   
  • One savvy entrepreneur took an existing business and generated multiple streams of income by creating several “businesses within his original business”…allowing him to boost his income by 10 times in a couple years.  Best part: he even has MORE free time than ever before.
  • Another mortgage broker created a 2-million dollar per year coaching business during an economic recession.  He was able to get 148 people to pay him $1497/month within 9 months of starting this new business—and had absolutely NO credentials beforehand (needless to say, he let his license expire after this!)
  • And a former bartender with NO info-marketing experience built a multi-million dollar business in a matter of a couple years selling to dentists.  Best part: he wasn’t a dentist himself, yet he was able to get TONS of dentists pay him top dollar for his marketing information.

Now one would immediately be skeptical of these people—or automatically think they have some special “magical powers” that allowed them to achieve so much in so little time.

The truth is these people aren’t any more talented…or have any more skills you don’t already have…

They Were Able To Somehow Enter The
“Zone” Of Renegade Entrepreneurship Where Everything Just “Clicked”…

These results from other GKIC students weren’t surprising to me…as I had experienced this myself many times.  

In fact, the great Earl Nightingale once said that there will be a time in your life where things will happen that’ll allow you to make more in 6-12 months …than you have in the past 6-12 years.

This was one of the top things I remember from Earl, but…to be honest… it wasn’t particularly helpful.

So after 30 years of working with top entrepreneurs and analyzing commonalities that allows them to achieve “outside the norm” results in such a short period of time, I’ve identified 6 critical triggers you MUST implement to make more money in the next 12 months than you have in the past 12 years.

In fact, this stuff was SO powerful that I decided to devote a seminar to sharing how you can experience your own massive spurt in wealth thanks to these triggers.  

You see, people at the seminar paid $997 to attend this special 3-day event.  But I decided to take all the actionable content and bundle it up into an easy-to-follow online training course.

Since triggering this state is SO rare…and only 99% of entrepreneurs who are reading this message will “get it”, I decided to call this training:

The Phenomenon
Online Training

How To Achieve More In The Next 12
Months Then The Previous 12 years!

The Phenomenon Online Training is a “no-holds-barred” expose’ showing triggers that enables the “run-of-the-mill” entrepreneur to experience awesome growth—and make more money in 12 months, then they did in the past 12 years.

This has never been presented before…and although I’ve created many info-products teaching entrepreneurs my “no B.S.” marketing tactics—these specific steps for achieving the Phenomenon have NEVER been told.  

Heck, I’ll go a step further.  This is the stuff most of those “woo-woo” self help and business experts are missing out on when it comes to achieving REAL business growth….

…Not sitting on top of a distant mountain and thinking “happy thoughts”. 

Of course, having a positive mental attitude and mindset is extremely important.  But that stuff means NOTHING without one thing:


This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart.  I have coached and trained many Renegade Entrepreneurs, and the ones that have experienced million-dollar and multi-million dollar status have implemented every single trigger you’ll discover in the Phenomenon. 

So if real “brass-tacks” strategies for allowing you to make more money in the next 12 months then you have in the past 12 years isn’t appealing to you, then I suggest you stop reading this message and find something else to do.

So Dan, What Exactly ARE These Triggers?

Ok, I’m not going to tease these triggers throughout this message and leave you wanting more.   So I’m going to be up-front here and reveal the triggers you MUST implement if you want to boost your success as a renegade entrepreneur.


Trigger #1: Speed Of Implementation

Do you remember that old fable called the Tortoise and the Hare?  The implied lesson is that the tortoise wins because he takes his time…whereas the hare rushes, becomes tired, and misses his opportunity.

Of course, it is an extremely cute fable you can tell your kids. But it’s a sure sign of settling for a meager 5-10% business growth “everyone else” out there settles for. 

The truth is this: my renegade entrepreneurs are addicted to speed like a coffee addict is addicted to going to Starbucks.  And I’ll show you specific action steps that’ll allow you to implement speed in your business in this course.


  Trigger #2: Price Elasticity

Why does one cosmetic dentist barely make enough money to keep his office open…and another dentist earns $10,000 and up for every patient? 

It has to do with price elasticity.  And raising your prices so you attract a “premium” crowd to your products and serves.

But you cannot do this willy-nilly. There’s a specific strategy you need to take if you want to raise your prices.

I mean, why be the “bottom-basement” person in your niche, when you can be the premium-priced option? 

I share with you the critical concept of price elasticity, and how you can immediately implement it into your business!


 Trigger #3:  Implementing Systems 

Walk into any McDonalds in your town.  Chances are, whatever you’ll order will taste exactly the same as the other McDonalds on the other side of town.  And even on the other side of the country.

Why is this?  Because McDonalds created a system for hiring 15-year-old teenagers on the cheap, and producing the same hamburger over and over again…no matter the location.

That allowed McDonalds to become the largest food chain in the world.  And my Renegade Millionaires that have triggered the Phenomenon have all used systems in their business.

Believe me, it’s a lot easier to scale up your business (and even sell!) when you have systems in place.  And I’ll show you how to implement systems in your business.


Trigger #4:  Taking Advantage

Of Opportunities

When adversity strikes, most people stick their head in the sand and cry “Uncle”.  However, renegade millionaires see adversity as opportunity, and many times multi-million dollar businesses are born from “horrible” events.

For example, Stephen Snyder went through bankruptcy and absolutely ruined his credit.    However, he used this adversity to write a book called “Credit after Bankruptcy” and holds seminars helping people restore their credit.

So taking advantage of any opportunity is hallmark of any renegade millionaire who has experienced the Phenomenon.  And the opportunity doesn’t necessarily have to be born from a negative circumstance either!


Trigger #5: Creating Extreme

Competitive Advantage

If I were to coach a football team such as Notre Dame, I would want to play a comparatively inferior team such as the Akron Zips every single game.

And If I were the coach of the Akron Zips, there’s no way I would want to play Notre Dame every week!

That’s what happens when you create extreme competitive advantage in your marketplace.  I give you the action plan you need to carve out a piece of the pie in your marketplace, and make the competition irrelevant!

Believe me, it’s nice knowing you have an “unfair” competitive advantage in your marketplace.  Your customers will hardly EVER leave you since you’ve presented an extremely compelling reason why they should stick with you.


Trigger #6: Massive Action

Most entrepreneurs barely “get by” with normal amounts of action when they run their businesses.

They think they can just take average amounts of action…and expect above-average successes.

This cannot be further from the truth.  Massive action is probably the most important Phenomenon trigger—as many million-dollar and multi-million dollar businesses have been birthed from massive action.

That’s right, people who just decided to do it…no matter what the masses said… and become successful Renegade entrepreneurs in their own right.

I’ll show you how to implement massive action in your business when you take action right now and get the Phenomenon online course!

Listen, most entrepreneurs will go through their money-making careers operating at only a FRACTION of their potential.

Sure, they might get things done fast.  And they might be good at pursuing opportunities when they come up.

But they’ll always achieve “heartbreak” profits with their business. 1% to 5% growth every year will be the norm, which barely keeps track with inflation.

Quite simply….

Just Being A “Business Owner”
Isn’t Good Enough Anymore…

Go to your local Mall sometime this week. Switch on your TV and watch a couple hours of a ball game.  And flip though several newspapers and magazines the next time you’re in a grocery or bookstore.

You’ll see TONS of advertisements clamoring for your attention—beating you upside the head with their marketing message.

You see, we get exposed to over 5000 advertising messages in a single day according to market research firm Yankelovich, Inc.  Plus advertising costs have skyrocketed too–just ask anyone whose been using Google Adwords the past 5 years.

And don’t forget about the extremely low barrier of entry into business thanks to the Internet.  Everyone is looking for the piece of the pie…including yours!

In other words, it’s simply not “good enough” to be happy with a decent 5-10% yearly growth of your business.  You’re literally setting yourself up for disaster….

Sure things might be great now, but where’s your business going to be in 3-5 years—while new competitors and rising costs erode at your bottom line—leaving you struggling for leads?

Yet that’s the “norm” for any business owner that listens to “how things are done around here” in their market—and follows what the crowd is doing.  Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

Time To Break Out The Alka-Seltzer And
Sleeping Pills–It’s Going To Be A Rough Ride!

…That is, unless you wake up and start experiencing the Phenomenon for yourself!

You see, the Renegade Millionaires I’ve trained aren’t satisfied with just a mere 5-10% growth in their business. Forget that: they’re looking for 100% to 1000% growth—and then some!  

That’s the mark of a true entrepreneur who has achieved total autonomy with their business…

…while run-of-the-mill “business owners” are still working long hours and eeking out growth the pace of an Arctic glacier, Renegade entrepreneurs have hopped on the fast-track to success not only doubling their original business….

…but even “unintentionally” creating 4-5 new business out of the same business!

Believe me, it’s not as scary as it sounds. And these renegade entrepreneurs end up working less AND making more at the same time!

That’s why Renegade Millionaires are among the top 1%—heck…even the top FRACTION of 1%—of people in society.

Plus they work on their OWN terms…not “someone else’s”.  They’ve attracted so many clients and customers thanks to my uncommon strategies that they NEVER have to laying in bed at [1:30] in the morning—wondering how they’re going to meet payroll or pay bills…

…like the typical “business owner”.

That’s why you NEED the strategies I lay out in the Phenomenon Online Course.   You’ll get an “unfair advantage” over other business owners in your market—and trigger a chain reaction of achievement no one else can match.

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover
So You’ll Experience Your OWN Phenomenon! 

  • Why the majority of businesses are drop-dead WRONG when it comes to getting extreme marketing advantage in their industries.  (In other words, If you’re following what “everyone else” does, then you’re seriously handicapping your future profit potential!)
  • Why just being 2nd or 3rd in your industry means NOTHING when it comes to creating a dominant advantage in your niche (It’s a serious case of the “blind leading the blind”–and can obliterate your chances of developing a HUGE quantum leap in your business!).
  • The #1 fundamental difference between the geniuses who rake in 7 figures on a regular basis—and the “wannabes” who will always be “bringing up the rear” in their respective niches (don’t let this happen to you!)
  • The #1 factor most business owners don’t implement that could lead to a torrent of income and growth for your business (Sadly, 90% of business owners run away from this like the plague!)
  • The simple 5-letter word that HAS to be a part of your business-building vocabulary if you hope to trigger the Phenomenon in your business—or you run the risk of NEVER getting anything done.
  • The secret to attracting more people and resources in your business that could summon a SURGE in profits—and it’s NOT what you’d think!
  • The #1 priority that should ALWAYS be in your business if you hope to trigger the Phenomenon and experience exponential growth in your business (Hint: it’s NOT “getting better” at your profession or trade!)
  • The #1 tool you can use to finally END procrastination and time-wasting in your business…and start finally getting things done so you can create the life you deserve. If you’re a serial procrastinator and cannot get anything done, then this is for YOU!
  • Why starting a business just because “you wanted to start one” is an extremely POOR reason to go into business—and what you REALLY need to consider if you hope to carve a “piece of the pie” for yourself in your industry or profession (most business owners really screw this up!) 
  • How a rental car company created a 2nd business and gained a HUGE advantage in an overly competitive market—this is something you can “copy and paste” into your OWN business.
  • Looking to bullet-proof you business from competitors?  Then you need to implement this #1 element in your business to safeguard the inevitable onslaught of competitors who want to eat you for lunch!
  • The #1 thing you should always seek to do if you want to put your competitors out of reach.  Get this right and you can advertise ANYWHERE at ANY price—and leave your competitors struggling for leads.
  • The “secret” percentage of customers who make buying purchases based solely on price. It’s much lower then you’d think—which is GREAT news for you!
  • Think businesses have to be “simple” to make money?  Think again!  There’s the REAL truth regarding how you have to set up your business to keep competitors at bay.  They won’t TOUCH you if you do this!
  • How to position your unique selling proposition so you can not only attract but REPEL clients and customers that won’t be a good fit for you.  This guarantees you will only be working with people where price is NOT an issue.
  • The often-overlooked communication tool you should be sending out to your customers to keep them doing business with you.  This will literally “build a fence” around your customers and clients and keeps them from doing business elsewhere. 
  • The 1 way to completely transform your business—and ensure you’re getting income every single month. It’s like getting paid from a single sale over and over again! 
  • Why change is GOOD to renegade millionaires—and how it can put you over the top by making more money (this is totally contrarian to what “everyone else” does by going into “fear” mode).
  • The #1 thing you can do when adversity strikes to ensure you come out ahead at the end.  Most renegade millionaires do this all the time, and it opens up a whole new world for them!  
  • The #1 thing Ford and McDonalds pioneered to dramatically increase their business without compromising on quality (This is as “cut and paste” as you can get.)
  • The secret to building up value in your business that most business owners will NEVER know.  It’s a pain to put together, but once you’re done—you’re DONE…and the new owner will LOVE it!
  • 3 renegade millionaire principles that’ll give you an unfair advantage in your marketplace.  Best part: you don’t have to have ANY credentials or social proof to make this work—nor do you have to pay a lot of money!  
  • How one guy built a successful coaching business in just 18 months with 165 members paying him $1495/month — that’s a 3 million dollar business built from scratch!
  • …and a whole LOT more!


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Income Multiplying, Wealth Creation Strategies

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Dan’s Behind the Curtain’s Disclosure

Get an inside look at how Dan presents his “service” in a way that “de-links” it from a pay-for-service and casts his business in a completely different light so “money is no object” and Dan’s SHOCKING answer to the BEST way to defend high prices.

The Obstacles to Attracting Money and How to Remove Them

Learn the radical change you can make in how you market yourself and your business that has nothing to do whatsoever with what you do that INSTANTLY elevates income, the dangerous DELUSION that does NOT boost demand or income, and the single most “UnProductive Activity” most people engage in that prevents wealth.

Emerging NEW Business Realties

Thrive and prosper when you learn the “Principles of Strength” that will make you one of the strong businesses that not only survive but flourish during the upheaval and uncertainty of our current economic times. (While the weakest barely get by or perish.)

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This Special Bonus Disappears Immediately on Monday, March 7th At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get This “Must-Have” Bonus!

Be Prepared For Quantum Leaps In Income And
Free Time…Not Just “Baby Steps” Improvement!

Listen: I challenge anyone to present me a single resource that gives you practical action steps toward allowing you to achieve more in the next 12 months then you have in the past 12 years.

Most of what’s out there gives you only a part of the picture—or has you do a bunch of hokey things in hopes of “manifesting” your success out of nothing.

Don’t be fooled…the renegade millionaires who have achieved massive success and autonomy have done it without any of the “pop psychology” candy that’s being fed out there.

They were able to eschew the “normal” steps of rising up in their niche…and what’s considered the “norm” by their peers and other people in their industry.

It’s like starting off as a secretary serving coffee at a corporation, or starting off at kindergarten when you start school. You are expected to conform to “the norm” and rise up step-by-step—like everyone else.

Baloney. Renegade millionaires make quantum leaps in their business considered to be unbelievable and impossible by their peers.. And they don’t do it by making just “itty-bitty” changes.

Here’s what this means to you: You simply do not have to “climb the latter” of success anymore—when you can simply leap OVER the ladderand smash it to a bloody pulp…thanks to the Phenomenon!

So How Much Is It Worth To YOU To
Take The Fast Train To Entrepreneurial Success?

I’m at the point in my life where I’ve achieve more success than most people can DREAM of in my industry. 

And I know that, when you take action on what I have to share with you to trigger the Phenomenon, you can join the HUGE fraternity of renegade entrepreneurs who experience massive success and achievement—and the good life that goes with it.

Like I said before, I taught these principles for the first time ever at the 3-day Phenomenon Workshop…where attendees paid $997 to attend.

And I know for a fact it took 30 years of coaching a multitude of successful renegade entrepreneurs to finally deduce how to trigger the Phenomenon and achieve more in the next 12 months then you have in the past 12 years.

So when you consider the fact that the original attendees paid thousands of dollars to get in the room—not to mention travel expenses—it makes sense that I should charge at least $997 for this information.

Especially since the triggers in the Phenomenon could enable you to earn 1x, 10x, even 100x your investment in the next 12 months—bar none.  Making the miniscule $997 investment irrelevant.

But I’m not going to make you pay $997.

I’m going to make it drop-dead simple for you to experience the Phenomenon for yourself…right now.  So when you take action today, I’ll give you instant access to the Phenomenon for only 1 payment of $497 or 2 payments of $299!

Think about it.  You may have spent that much money on expensive clothes, Starbucks Lattes, a big fat plasma TV, or some other “thing” that sounded like a great purchase at the time—but you never hardly use.

Why not spend that money on a PROVEN program other renegade entrepreneurs have used to multiply their businesses…so they can experience the “good life” having a lucrative business can give them?

But I know you’re skeptical.   And I know you’re probably wondering if the Phenomenon Online Course is for you.

You’ve probably been pitched all kinds of “get rich quick” schemes that promise push-button riches…while sitting on a Tropical island sipping on drinks with umbrellas sticking out of them.

Hey, I understand.   So that’s why I’m backing up the Phenomenon Online Course With a: 

My Drop-Dead Easy, Unconditional,
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m going to give you a full 60 Days to evaluate and put the Phenomenon Online Course to use.

If you’re not satisfied…if you’re not experiencing more success in the next 12 months then you’ve experienced in the past 12 years…then I simply don’t want your money.

Just call our Customer Support line at 1-800-871-0147 and talk to one of our friendly customer support specialists.  And request a refund right away. 

That’s right, you have a full 60 DAYS to evaluate The Phenomenon Online Course.  And you can refund your money for any reason (or no reason at all).  

In other words…

You Essentially Get To Try Out The
Phenomenon Online Course For FREE for 60 Days!

So you know what to do.  Click the “Add To Cart” button below to get instant access to the Phenomenon Online Course.

Remember: this is an online course you could be accessing in as little as 2 minutes.  Just think, you could be implementing these triggers as soon as today—which will put you on the “flywheel” of success and achievement!

Or you can totally ignore what I’m saying in the letter and be happy with “the way things are” in your business.

Now’s the time to do what my hundreds of renegade entrepreneurs have done in my illustrious career…and what I’ve done in the past 30 years….

…take charge!

They don’t call me the “Millionaire Maker” for nothing.  And nobody teaches this stuff in the most prestigious universities in the world.

This stuff only comes from “balls-to-the-wall” experience in the trenches…both personally and through my renegade millionaire and multi-millionaire clients.

So if you want to make more money in the next 12 months then you EVER have in the past 12 years…then you know what to do.

Fill out the FORM below and get started triggering the Phenomenon today….right now…while it’s still hot on your mind.

I look forward to hearing your success story!


Dan's signature_Black.jpg

Dan Kennedy

P.S. When you take the Phenomenon Online Course, try not to fill up 16 pages with notes and scribbles. Listen for the top 4-5 things you can implement right now in your business.  That’s all it takes to trigger the Phenomenon—so make sure you take action and order today!  

P.P.S. My close-knit fraternity of renegade millionaires are mostly first-generation entrepreneurs.  They aren’t members of the “Lucky Sperm Club” where they got all their money from their parents.  And they achieved most of their wealth thanks to implementing the Phenomenon.  So take action and experience the Phenomenon yourself!    

P.P.P.S.  If you’re thinking the Phenomenon is not for you because your business is different, think again. This has worked for entrepreneurs in all kinds of industries—from just 1 employee to companies with more than 500.  Age and background doesn’t matter either—so there are literally NO excuses as to why this won’t work for you.  Discover the phenomenon today!

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