Attention Business Owner: Do You Want To Know How To Build Your Customer List The Fastest…Most Profitable Ways Possible!


“Discover THE Most Valuable Asset Of Any Business…And How You Can Grow And Nurture It So It’ll Allow You To Create Money Out Of ‘Thin Air’…Even If You’re Brand New” 

These are the secrets to building a massive, highly-responsive list FAST without resorting to spammy, scammy tactics (this is the #1 you can really accelerate your income!)

Dear Renegade Millionaire,

Listen, if you want to have any hopes of developing a sustainable business—where customers, client, or patients give you money hand over first at will, then you have to read every single word of this message.

Because there’s one simple truth you have to tattoo on your forehead:

 Your List…Or “Herd”…Is Losing Value
As You Sit Here Reading This!

Now when I’m talking about a “herd” I’m not trying to be offensive.

Your herd is simply your list of customers and prospects. And every single member of your herd is losing value if you’re not doing something to increase its value right at this moment.

You may have heard all those “list-building” experts that constantly preach about how to build a big list and the money will follow.


It’s all about the relationship you have with your list. It has nothing to do with the size of the list. It’s either improving in value or it’s diluting it as time goes on.

You see, when you have a great relationship with your list here’s what happens:

  • All you have to do is send out a simple email or postcard and your “herd” will automatically give you money. Years ago I went through a divorce and I told myself I’m not going to pay for it—the herd is going to pay! So all I had to do is send out a promotion and within days I had money in my bank account to pay for my divorce. 
  • Your life gets a lot easier. Instead of having a bunch of deadbeats on your list, you’ll have raving fans that’ll respond to your Facebook or tweets, go to your seminars, buy your products, and even send you fan mail (I get fan mail…even marriage proposals…all the time!)  
  • You don’t have to worry about “list size” anymore. I don’t know what it is with everybody’s preoccupation with “list size” these days. I’ve seen marketers who have lists of only 250 to 500 people really rake it in.  Nope, you don’t have to have a list of 10,000 people anymore.

Just imagine having an extra $1,000, $5,000, even $10,000 or MORE coming into your business each month than you already have now? And think about how much easier it will make your life—and the worries it will get rid of that’s on your mind right now.

Perhaps you can pay off your mortgage. Take a nice vacation for a change. Pay off some debt that’s been haunting you for a while.

Or you can “live big” like some of our other GKIC members who rake in 7-figures a year. It’s all up to you…

Listen: in case you’re asleep today, here’ the bottom-line truth: THE most important asset is your “herd.” If you tend to your herd they will form a relationship with you that will be impossible to break.

That’s Why We Have GKIC Members Who Have
Been With Us For 10, 12, 15…Even 20 Years!

While everyone else struggles to keep customers and prospects for 3-4 years, GKIC members stay for decades.

And there’s a certain formula we use to control the relationship with our prospects so they’ll keep buying from us again and again.

In other words, this doesn’t happen by accident. And putting up with a diseased herd will scuttle your business faster than a New York minute. 

You’ll constantly be struggling to get extract profits out of your business. And all that money and time you’re spending on marketing will be equivalent to flushing money down the toilet if you don’t have a good-solid relationship with your list.

Think about sports teams. People have such strong attachment to their team that if they’re a Steelers football fan and they move to Phoenix, AZ, their houses will be decked out in Steelers gear…even though they’re 3,000 miles away.

Now that’s what I call a relationship. And ask any GKIC member who has been with me for a long time and they’ll more than likely show me their “shrine”…which is usually a bookcase of all my books and courses—and the occasional bobblehead.

That’s the kind of relationship you want to have with your list!

So I decided to invite 6 of the top list-building/herd-building experts to come and spill their secrets so you can effortlessly “copy and paste” their formula so you can start strengthening your herd too.

This event took place several years ago at one of our $2,000 per head SuperConferences—as part of our special “Herd-Building Day”. 

No stone was left unturned and no tactic was off-limits. And thankfully for you we recorded every single minute of the 6 hours worth of presentations.  

This is where you’re REALLY going to be able to build value in your business when you take action right now and invest in:

Dan Kennedy’s

“Herd-Building Formulas”

Herd-Building Formulas is a course you’ll be able to listen to and instantly apply 1 or 2 “a-ha” moments that could lead you to boosting the amount of money you’re able to extract from your list.

Sure it’s 6 hours long and consists of 6 DVDs, 6 audio CDs and a transcript. But you can easily go through this course and pick out one or two “action-items” you can implement right away.

And the best part is this:

There Are 169 Pages Of Examples You
Can Swipe And Deploy For Your Own Business!

That’s right: you get all the examples and presentation materials you can go through and get ideas for your own business.  This includes high-converting landing pages, emails, and examples of lead-generation magnets.

It would otherwise take you YEARS to get these “what’s working now” examples for your own business.

Imagine doubling or tripling the response to your emails, postcards, direct mail, websites, social media. It’s all done by strengthening the value of the herd in your list—by strengthening the relationship.

And the “Lords of Listbuilding” that spilled their secrets have impenetrable relationships with their list that customers will email them wondering why they haven’t heard from them in awhile!

Here Are The Lords Of List building Who’ll Reveal
Their Strategies To You When You Take Action
Today—Right Now!

Dan Kennedy: I have spent over 40 years mastering “customer nurturing” and I offered a unique perspective on holding the interests of readers/ subscribers, fans, and customers over decades. I shared what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a herd—and how you can get started building the relationship with your list today.

Frank Kern: Most regard him as the Internet’s Bad Boy. He is a master of attracting and creating raving fans. He’ll show you the keys to developing a hyper-responsive list that’ll fly in the face of conventional wisdom. These “rogue” tactics have continued to feed a list worth millions in revenue… whenever called upon!  And he’ll show you his “under the table” secrets in Herd-Building Formulas!

Ryan Deiss: Don’t be fooled by his high-school aged looks. He has been in the trenches for over 15 years building multiple 8-figure empires. He’s a self-made Internet success and is one of the leading…if not THE leader…in the world when it comes to online list-building strategies.  And he’ll share the secrets to creating a lead-generation magnet that’ll siphon qualified prospects to your business effortlessly!

Tim Seward: He is a master of using banners to retarget prospects so you can exponentially build your list. If you’re not using re-targeting strategies right now…you’re probably giving at least 50% of the sales you could be making. He’ll show you the importance of list segmentation when it comes to building your list—and how you can extract more ROI using strategies you’re probably not using now!

Bill Glazer: He is a master of outrageous advertising and does anything possible to build his list short of flying a blimp over stadiums. He will share some of his integrated offline to online, and online to offline list-building strategies.

Mike Capuzzi: This copywriting master will share an untold technique that could boost your optins 2-3 fold if you know what you’re doing. I guarantee most people in your niche don’t know anything about this—and that means you could easily get an “unfair advantage” over your competitors!

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll Discover
In This “Inside Baseball” List-Building Session…

  • The 9 impenetrable relationship factors that govern whether or not your list will stick with you long term—or will bolt at a moments notice. I implement these 9 factors in every campaign I build for a client!
  • The number of “touches” GKIC members get when they join—and how many you should have in your business (99% of businesses have this wrong, and it could be costing you a LOT of money!)
  • 10 ideas you can use when you are not sure what to talk to your herd about. If you’re just talking about your products and your business, then you’re making a BIG mistake!
  • The 3 BIG things that hold a herd together—get this wrong and they’ll immediately jump the fence to the next herd—leaving you sitting there wondering what happened!
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your herd-building skills—this will allow you to determine what’s going wrong and where to correct (and where you’re really kicking ass and taking names!)
  • The secret to building a massive, highly-responsive list FAST without blowing your budget or resorting to spammy, scammy tactics. This is how you really accelerate your business!
  • The super-secret 91% opt-in method that’ll boost the number of leads online that come to your business (most business would be happy with just a 20% opt-in, but not here!)
  • The key to increasing the clickthrough rates of your emails by 120%.  Best part: it has nothing to do with the copy…so relax!
  • What’s more impactful when it comes to lead magnets for your business: reports or videos? Discover what you should be using today that’ll boost the number of qualified leads that come to your business.
  • …and a whole LOT more!

How Much Is It Worth To You To
Have “Raving Fans” On Your List Who Will
Gladly Fork Over Their Money At Will?

That’s the beauty of knowing these untold list-building secrets. You’ll be able to build a herd of prospects and customers who will stick with you through thick and thin…and whom you can sell to over and over again.

You see, it’s 10-times easier to sell to an existing customer than a new customer. Anybody who has been in business for awhile realizes this. And what Herd-Building Formulas will do is help you extend the lifespan of your list so they’ll happily buy your products for years to come.

So that said, the value of this course is immense…possibly worth more than any course GKIC has ever produced. Why? Because maintaining a herd is the #1 asset in our business—and dumb people think it’s other stuff—like the number of employees, buildings we have, etc.

That’s definitely not the case. So for that reason, Herd-Building Formulas  should go for at least $2,000, like some of our other courses.

And considering people paid $2,000 to come to the SuperConference and that bonus day, that price should be a no-brainer and reasonable.

But here’s the thing:  we designed this course so you’ll get your money back within 30 days of using it. Heck just one of the listbuilding strategies could allow you to get your money back within a day!

So with that in mind, we’re not going to charge you $2,000…not even $1,000…

When you take action right now, we will send you Herd-Building Formulas for only $497.


Special Limited-Time Bonus #1 (Worth $497)

Free Video Straight From The $2,497-Per-Head

“Russell Brunson Reveals:

List Hacks:

How To Quickly Build A List Of “Raving Fans” That’s Salivating To Buy Your Information Products.

They say that “the money is in the list.” And it’s true. Your list is our #1 asset, but most marketers don’t know how to build a list of prospects that are rarin’ to do business with them.

Russell Brunson has built a list of over 600,000 people and he’s going to show you how to build your list with qualified prospects who will buy the product you’re going to create thanks to Info-Product Recipe.

Think about it:  if you build a list of 10,000 people and you extract an average of $1 per person on your list per month, that’s $10,000 you can easily pocket thanks to the products you’ll be able to create thanks to Info-Product Recipe.

The numbers can get crazy. And that’s why you need to focus on building your list…or “herd” …as I like to call it.

Best part? This is straight from the 2014 Info-Summit, so this is fresh stuff. So if you need help building your list, you’re going to want to take action right now so you can add this “limited-time” bonus to your order.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

•    How to attract more of your dream partners and get them to promote your products and help you build your list. Russell reveals his “secret formula” that allowed him to let others build his list for him.

•    The 1 thing you need to start doing right now to attracting more joint venture partners, customers, clients and patients you’re probably NOT doing right now. This is HUGE because you’ll be able to build relationships with them.

•    The #1 traffic source you can use in as little as 24 hours to start siphoning qualified prospects onto your list.  

•    Tired of creating lead generators that “bomb” or outlaying a lot of money to print out DVDs, CDs and books? Here’s your source to get your lead generators printed on demand and shipped with no effort from you.

•    The magnetic email sequence that’ll literally have your prospects waiting with unabated breath in anticipation for your next email. (nope, it’s not a matter of getting more “information”).

•    The secret “X factor” that Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Howard Stern, Oprah, Tony Robbins, John Alanis use to get prospects to BOND with them and trust them (and of course, the more people trust you, the more people BUY from you).

  • The simple 7-step email sequence you MUST send your prospects as soon as they get on your list (this will boost your sales and prevent your prospects from chucking your email in the trash or the dreaded “SPAM”.
  • The simple offer you can place on ANY order page in order to get a sudden $37-$47 “bump” per every transaction (it’s literally 20-30 words of copy, but could boost your transaction value per customer).
  • Ever wondered what to price your upsells? Russell reveals the best types of offers AND price points for upsells so you can implement for yourself (you literally make these simple “tweaks” and you’re all set.
  • The tactic you can use to get other people to build your list for you without requiring them to promote for you (this simple “ride-along” strategy works in any market…including butchers, bakers and candestick makers…even growing crab grass!).
  • What 90% of your follow-up emails should include…and, nope, it’s not providing good content or “” (This simple step will make you stand out from your competition.
  • And a whole LOT more!

But youll have to hurry. This session is straight from the 2014 GKIC Info-SUMMIT where people paid up to $2,495 to attend…and it won’t be up for long. So don’t dink around…add Info-Product Recipe to your order today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind!

This Special Bonus Disappears Immediately on January 11th At Midnight So Take Action Right Now To Get This “Must-Have” Bonus!

Listen: $497, while not inexpensive, is a drop in the bucket compared to the power of building a list that will gladly buy from you, looks forward to hearing from you through emails, blog posts, and other media, and holds you in high reverence…

…versus filing spam complaints, moaning that you’re marketing to them too much, and having to deal with a bunch of cheapskates and looky-loos all the time.

That’s the symptom of a diseased herd…which can suck the life and opportunity out of your business—and suck the energy out of you. And that’s not something we want for you. So to make this even a more no brainer decision for you:

You’re Safely Covered By GKIC’s 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee…So You Simply Cannot Make A Mistake!


It’s quite simple. If you’re not pleased by the results you’re getting as with Herd-Building Formulas—if you think the herd-building and list-building strategies taught won’t be beneficial to you, then don’t worry.

Even if you don’t like the color of my socks or if you don’t like Frank Kern’s hair, you can easily request a refund within 365 days of purchase. 

No hassles and no hard feelings. In fact, I want you to return this if you don’t think you’ll get value out of this.

But I don’t think that will be the case. I can almost guarantee that if you take action and employ just some of the list-building secrets in Herd-Building Formulas, then you’ll get your money back tenfold, even hundredfold and MORE.

And you have 365 days to do it. A whole YEAR. So…

  • If you’re just starting out and are looking for a fool-proof blueprint to building a herd that’ll give you money over and over again…
  • …or if you’re a grizzled marketing veteran who’s pretty adept at list-building but are looking for a couple extra tactics to implement.

…the Herd-Building Formulas is for you!

 So Don’t Put Up With A Diseased Herd…

Take Action Today Before Your Competitors Do!

Like I said earlier in this letter, the value of your herd is diminishing with every day that goes by. Everyday you’re not communicating with them and nurturing that relationship makes that all-important asset go to waste.

You simply cannot listen to all those “instant experts” out there who preach list-building strategies that merely pump up the number of customers and prospects and think you can push a button and have money magically appear in your bank account.

You need a proven, highly sophisticated method to build a herd that will not leave you, will buy from you, and will stay with you for decades. Otherwise you’ll be constantly “recycling” your herd as prospects and customers “drop off’ within a matter of months—never to buy from you again.

We’ve been able to keep members for decades at GKIC, and for a limited time we’re going to let you “look behind the curtain” at some of our most potent list-building strategies that’ll add stability, certainty, and control in your business.

So you can either blow your marketing budget or waste tons of time gathering prospects and customers—only to let them “slip through the cracks” and lose them in a matter of months…

…or you can discover the untold formula most of your competitors will NEVER know that’ll put you on the fast track toward having repeat customers, more money in your bank account, and more freedom and liberty in your business.

Best part: it doesn’t matter if you have a list of 40 or 40,000. You can get started today. So take action and order Herd-Building Formulas today, right now, while it’s still fresh on your mind.

 Yes Dan!  I Want To Discover How To Build A Hyper-Responsive List And Nurture Them So They’ll Keep Giving Me Money Over And Over Again!   

  • I also know that building a hyper-responsible list has absolutely NOTHING to do with “talent” or “IQ”…but the implementation of PROVEN concepts the 6 Lords of Listbuilding have utilized time and time again with amazing results. So as long as I don’t let this course collect dust on my bookshelf and take action, there’s NO WAY I can fail!
  • I know that every moment I’m sitting here reading this, the value of my “herd” is decreasing—unless I’m doing specific things to ensure my herd will keep buying from me, following me, and will NEVER leave me.
  • I know I’d be absolutely nuts to NOT take you up on this offer…as you’re doing me a HUGE favor by revealing the “bread and butter” of GKIC and how you’re able to keep customers for 5, 7, 10, even 20 years—while other businesses are lucky to keep customers for weeks and months!
  • I know that my investment today is a FRACTION of the $2,000 each attendee of this workshop had to pay when you first revealed these secrets…and that this course is designed to get my investment back and MORE!
  • And I know if I’m not the least bit satisfied, I can request a FULL refund within 1 year of purchase for any reason. I should be making at least 1…5…even 10x my investment in Herd-Building Formulas within a short while…and If I’m not, then I can request a full refund. So there’s no way I can make a mistake here, because I can basically try out Herd-Building Formulas for free!
  • So with that in mind, please rush me Herd-Building Formulas so I can start implementing these 7-figure strategies in my business…and start exploding my income!

Dan Kennedy’s



Russel Brunson’s

“List Hacks”

Only $497

(Only Available For A Limited Time…Until Monday,January 11th at Midnight, your Free bonus to keep no matter what!)


Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan's signature_Black.jpg

Dan S. Kennedy

P.S. As you’re sitting here reading this, the value of your list or “herd” is falling—that is, if you’re not implementing specific strategies and factors that control the relationship you have with your list. 

You can spend all the time in the world marketing your business, but if you’re not nurturing your herd, you’re eroding the only TRUE asset you have in your business.

I’ve gathered the “best of the best” when it comes to list building—whom I consider to be Lords of List building. And you can get the course that’ll allow you acquire and develop a highly-responsive list…both offline and online.   Order today!

P.P.S. The #1 response I hear from people who want to make more profits is this: “I need to increase my marketing!” That’s great but what are you going to do to nurture the relationship with your prospects and customers when you get them.

Herd-Building Formulas will give you the tools you need to ensure your customers and prospects will never leave you. That puts the pressure off of you to constantly have to rein in new customers, clients, or patients when you already have a “herd” that will gladly buy from you. When it comes to list building, it’s all about the relationship, and Herd-Building Formulas will reveal the specific, actionable steps to doing just that. So order today!

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