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Hand Drawn Sketch That’s Worth Ten’s of Thousands…To You!

By: Dave Dee on: January 14th, 2016 4 Comments

While I’m certainly not artist in the traditional sense, I have created masterpieces that have brought in ten’s and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The more important thing is, the masterpiece I’m about to share, can be worth ten’s (or hundreds in the right hands) of thousands to you as well!  This little sketch is something I call “The Ultimate Marketing Machine”.  Let me ‘splain. While it may not look like much at first[…]


Do’s & Don’ts To Make Your Business Hot…And Keep It Hot All Year Round

By: Dave Dee on: January 12th, 2016 6 Comments

If you are like a lot of business owners I meet, you have some procedures in place to attract customers. You may or may not have some follow-up in place. And because often things are cyclical—you work on getting leads, then switch to trying to convert them. Then switch back to focusing on getting leads again. A lot of it is manually done. And because you are missing some of the pieces sometimes things fall[…]