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Be Your Own Santa Claus

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 30th, 2009 3 Comments

I am writing most of this on what is now – to me, inexplicably – called ‘Black Friday’, the day after Thanksgiving. This year, some $400-Billion to $450-Billion will be spent on holiday shopping and holiday related purchases; travel, in spite of the recession, unemployment, etc. – booming; hard for me to see what’s “black” about it, in general. Of course there are (always) people bringing up the rear economically, some chronically; others temporarily experiencing[…]


VOTING OPEN! – Glazer-Kennedy Infomarketer of the Year 2009

By: Mara Glazer on: November 5th, 2009 5 Comments

The annual Information Marketer of the Year competition is now LIVE ONLINE!  You can vote for your favorite contestant right on Facebook at the Official Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle fan page (  This year’s contestants are Jonathan Jay, Robin Robins, and Carl Smith. Log onto our fanpage on Facebook (if you are not a fan already, this is the time to sign up). Click the “Video” Tab at the top of this page where you can[…]