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Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway

By: Kristen Moeller on: April 9th, 2010 11 Comments

How many times have we heard that courage isn’t the absence of fear? Courage is instead the ability to feel the fear and take action anyway. We say we know this but once the fear takes hold, our first response is a strong desire to have it go away.  So many people wait to take action until the fear goes away, or they use the sensation of fear as a reason not to do something.[…]


Owning Page 1 of Google for Your Name

By: Brian Horn on: November 18th, 2009 11 Comments

Do you Google yourself? How many of the listings on page 1 are about you? How many are about some other tool that just happens to be blessed with the exact same name as you? If a potential client or customers is researching you, the first place they will go to (in most cases) is Google. Of course, your website should be there, but what are some other easy ways to own the 1st page[…]