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Checklist for Becoming an Innovative Small Business Marketer

By: Dan Kennedy on: January 5th, 2010 7 Comments

When clients retain me as a marketing consultant they’re actually paying for two basic things, experience and innovation. Experience can be gained in only two ways, through your own situations or by reading and hearing about other situations. Innovation though is a method of thinking. The first thinking that I do when facing most small business marketing situations is to run through the same fundamental principles of success that govern all aspects of business. One[…]


Unique Selling Proposition vs Dumb Slogans

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 6th, 2009 26 Comments

I was reading an extensive survey to measure the impact of advertising slogans. Among the slogans and advertising tag lines for 22 of the biggest U.S. advertisers, only 6 were recognized by more than 10% of the consumers surveyed. In other words, not even 1 out of 10 consumers could correctly identify 90% of the slogans. 16 of the 22 advertisers had slogans no one knew – each spending more than 100-million dollars a year[…]