SuperConference 2016 – Day 2 Recap

By: Wil Beyers on: April 30th, 2016 5 Comments

We’ve wrapped up Day 2 of SuperConference – and the momentum just keeps building.

I mentioned yesterday I would be back to relay a few key “Writer Downers” from Day 2.

Here they are below:

Dan Kennedy (Day 2):

* The opportunity provided by information marketing offers the potential for 6-figures or even more when it comes to lifetime customer value – there are VERY few businesses on the planet that can even come close to that.

* Revenge against someone for some kind of wrong committed (whether real or simply just perceived) is an experience AND an emotion that just about everybody wants.  Even the promise of this taking place is far more important and powerful in copy than the details of the offer itself.

* Decide what you’re willing to do to make money… draw a real “line in the sand” in your mind for your business. For Dan, he was willing to dress up in a pink suit, pink tie, pink patent leather shoes in order to sell more effectively at Mary Kay events. (His data showed a 40% bump in sales – go pink!)

* Tip: If you want to try to beat a control piece of copy, double the length of the sales piece… i.e., if you’re trying to beat an 8 page letter, make it a 16 page letter.

* NEVER underestimate the difficulty of the task to get anyone to do anything. Every prospect is Homer Simpson glued to the coach, unwilling to budge.

Derek Emery:

* When building a website for a local business, put your local contact phone number in your <TITLE> tag in the code. That way the number appears at the top of your webpage when displayed along with your title.

* When choosing a domain name for your business, go for one that’s an “exact match domain” in regards to what your customers will search for. For instance, he uses for his Used Car buying website in Riverside, CA –

Loral Langemeier:

* Ask yourself:  Who is making millions in your category of business? And then… what are they doing that you aren’t able or willing to do?

* Be willing to trade up your friends and contacts a whole lot faster. The better your network, the better your life.

* The fastest way to change your life in regards to money is to hang out with people who have more of it.

* Find greatness to model and then start replicating and duplicating FASTER.

* Don’t wait to be invited to the sit at the big table. Grab a seat and make the introduction.

* Find ways / create ways to offer MORE to people.

Jack Jostes:

* When it comes to local search for your business, engineer your business website to position YOU as a BIG fish in a small pond.

* Every single page of your website is an SEO opportunity to showcase and speak to a specific niched market.

* If you aren’t using online reviews, start.  88% trust online reviews as much as personal referrals.

* Include contact information in your website header. Don’t make them search your site. Spell it out at the top of every page.

Craig Simpson:

* Grabbers like the $1 bill letter still work and have always worked. In 1920 Robert Collier sent out a $1 bill letter and got a 90% response.

* If you don’t know your Customer Lifetime Value, figure it out – it’s critical information.  

* The higher the Customer Lifetime Value, the more you can afford to spend on attracting and landing that customer.

* Once you’ve landed a customer, the key to increasing their lifetime value is a consistent, reliable follow up campaign (what Craig calls “The Customer Retention Path.”  

* In your follow up to customers (buyers), blend a mix of email (online) and direct mail (offline) to stay top of mind with them.

* The perfect ratio is 3 to 1… for example, 6 emails and 2 letters.

* Follow up with regular, congruent offers is critical. People are going to buy. The question – will they be buying from you, or from someone else?

Dave Dee:

* To paraphrase master copywriter Gary Halbert: “If you can learn to write good copy that produces sales, you never have to worry about money again.”

* Free resource: – warning, it’s not for anyone easily offended.

* If you’re looking for headlines to swipe / inspire you, look no further than the checkout line at the grocery.  Magazine covers reveal great headlines that you can easily turn into fill in the blank templates for your own use.

* Simple bullet point templates you can use:
    A simple technique for _________
    The truth about ___________
    Why almost every expert is wrong about ______
    The dirty little secret about __________ that ______ didn’t want you to know.

* Read your copy out loud to make sure it sounds just like one person talking to another person… one on one, face to face, sitting across the kitchen table.

* Write your copy so it LOOKS approachable and easy to read. Huge, scary blocks are a no-no. Use subheads, bold, underline, graphic elements like circled text, etc. to make the text seem easy to read.


* Even MORE Dan Kennedy (you betcha)
* Lisa Sasevich on “Irresistible Offers”
* Thomas Blackwell on automation
* Sally Hogshead on your fascination advantage
* And more besides.

Should be awesome.


Wil Beyers started his entrepreneurial journey directly out of college. His first business was a small web design and computer repair shop. As he worked more and more with small businesses on their web presence, he noticed a trend of these small business owners needing marketing help. This led Wil to start his own independent marketing consulting business, GenFour Media & Marketing. After five years of success in his own business, Wil accepted a position at GKIC as their Digital Marketing Director. His passion is in helping small businesses succeed through well thought-out marketing strategies and an extensive online presence.

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  2. David Hunter says:

    Thanks for the second round of ‘writer-downers!’ Always gold.

    Oh, and love how you included The Gary Halbert Letter. That’s a goldmine in itself!

  3. Brooks says:

    The Halbert letter link is not resolving — any way we could get the resource still?

  4. Greg says:


    This is great stuff. Thank you! Do you have a recap of day three?


    Greg Corradino

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