Elite Glazer-Kennedy Member Carries Olympic Torch

By: Mara Glazer on: February 8th, 2010 19 Comments

Elite Glazer-Kennedy Direct Marketer Wins Contest To Carry Olympic Torch In Vancouver Today (February 8th at [4:49] PM Pacific Standard Time [7:49] PM EASTERN).

Info MASTERMIND Member Rory Fatt has been selected, and today is carrying the Olympic Torch.

I had a chance to interview Rory, and he said “Once I found that out It required writing an essay I knew I would get selected because I could use my direct marketing skills to win over the judges for the few spots that weren’t taken by sponsors and celebrities.”

Congratulations Rory!

You can watch the Torch Relay LIVE on the internet by clicking here.


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  1. Walter Terry says:

    > “…writing an essay I knew I would get selected because I could use my direct marketing skills to win… ”

    Lol… yep, that’s always my first reaction when I realize that winning the prize involves writing. It’s the home court advantage where I can leverage my copywriting skills to my advantage using the same time-proven principles that make my clients money.


    Thanks for repping the DM gang, Rory!

  2. Charles Ra says:

    Awesome Rory,
    good job

  3. Great Job Rory!
    (and Dan and Bill and Brian and…!)

    it’s especially good that this can be worked into more publicity… like this blog post!


  4. …And Rory’s never competed in the Olympics! (but he has watched them on TV)

    Seriously, this is yet another example of how Glazer-Kennedy style marketing can help anyone achieve any goal — make a sale, get a job, boost charitable donations, hire the ideal employee, win an election, etc. etc. etc.

    Way to go, Rory!

  5. I wonder if he could “light a flame” of an oven for one of his member restaurants using “fire from the Olympic torch.”


  6. Rob Anspach says:

    …sounds like a best seller book title…

    Rory & The Olympic Torch!
    The secrets behind how a non-athlete got to carry the Olympic Torch.

  7. Rory & The Magic of the Olympic Torch;
    How To Light The Olympic Fire in Your Restaurant Business

  8. Rob Anspach says:

    How a Fatt guy got to run with the Olympic Torch!

  9. “Run For The Glory With Rory!”

  10. “Get Gold Medal Marketing Help”

  11. Don’t let the flame of your small business go out!

  12. “I’ll Treat Your Business With As Much Care As I Did The Olympic Torch”

  13. all that’s obvious :)

    how about “The Rory Fatt Marketing torch?”

  14. Rob Anspach says:

    How a non Olympian got to run with the torch!
    Rory’s Glory!

  15. lol, Rabbi. “All that’s obvious.”

    Maybe it is to those of us on “Planet Dan,” but in the real world I can’t imagine anyone’s ever heard of a restaurant marketing consultant (or pretty much any business consultant) carrying The Olympic Torch.

    So, pretty much anything Rory will use in connection with his photo and/or story about his torch-carrying experience will be extremely OUTRAGEOUS and attention-getting to his target market, in my opinion.

    Message for all of us: As would so many of our own experiences in our own lives. In other words, we all need to constantly be thinking of ways to add more of our own personalities and experiences into our marketing.

  16. Jim Rowe says:

    As one of Rory’s Platinum members I love that he leads us by example. So many people give you information that they don’t and never will use. He for sure takes action. He also sets the bar very high and it has pushed me to do the same.

  17. Steve,

    You are right. When something is so blatantly obvious to me, I still, even with all my expertise, assume that others know it as well.. Its a trap many of us fall into, “Planet Dan” people much less so then the rest of the world.

  18. Just remember that always, Rabbi: What seems “obvious” or “old news” to you is often totally foreign to your target market.

    That’s the essence of the power of S&D.

    So, will we be seeing Rabbi Ginzberg carrying The Olympic Torch in London?

  19. Doubt it… but you never know…

    Now, if I could convince Bill Glazer to have the superconference or infosummit mid-week instead of on the sabbath…..


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