Woe is Us. Not.

By: Dan Kennedy on: March 11th, 2011 3 Comments

I was watching ‘Meet The Press’ a few Sundays ago, and they played a clip, in black and white, from 30 years ago, when oil company execs were grilled over their profit-taking, and politicians and media figures agreed they complete destruction of the American economy was only minutes away thanks to skyrocketing oil prices.

The broadcaster didn’t catch the irony of the same handwringing going on this Sunday. The same hysterical, dire predictions being made. Presumably, 30 years from now, the host of ‘Meet The Press’, former President Hillary, will be showing these clips – and again, some hysterical wailing will be underway.

Yes, we DO have real problems.

Mostly, fortunately, the marketplace itself will sort them all out and re-arrange them and fix some, forestall others.

I don’t mean to downplay the realities. But I also want to FIRMLY make the point that hysterical predictions of doom have been a media mainstay and coffee shop and unhappy hour fodder, day in, day out, for far longer than you or I have been alive.

Most re-occur again and again. Some admittedly do gradually grow in severity over time. Regardless, the important thing for us is not to participate in the panic.

Privately, the responsible businessperson always carefully considers worst case possibilities and, when possible, insures against the worst. But the entrepreneur must focus on the best, on opportunities, on progress.

We know that, factually, the glass is simultaneously half empty and half full. It’s not an either/or choice, as the foolish optimists or cynical pessimists would each insist. It is a situation, a circumstance, a “what is”, nothing more, nothing less.

Publicly, the leader of a business must keep others focused forward. You have a mandated role, a responsibility, to counter woe-is-us voices with your own voice of progress, hope, expectation and success.

Ultimately, general circumstances need never determine your circumstances.

Unless and until you embrace that idea, you operate at the whim of others.


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3 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Good morning, Dan.

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    I like your resources. They give me new ideas and emotions. I read your texts and examples in English, but write my own texts in Russian. I like my work and your texts help me to learn a lot of new ways of copywriting.

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  2. Ray Higdon says:

    “Ultimately, general circumstances need never determine your circumstances.” – Love it

  3. Marc says:

    First of all, President Hillary? Are you entertaining the idea that one day there may be a woman president? Interesting.

    To be boring, second: all this speculation about “doom and gloom” hogwash. Is that why you wrote a chapter called why you are quitting business altogether, about 2 years ago? You know, when you retired and all. Were you influenced?

    Do you still believe that stuff? I’d assume so. Perhaps you were only guessing. Woe is you, not.

    By the way, when are you ever going to finish your novel? I’d like to read it. Hurry up.

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