What You Can Learn From The Artist Wyland About How To Create Your Business Masterpiece

By: Dave Dee on: August 16th, 2012 3 Comments

The other day an article about the artist Wyland got me thinking about how one becomes a master of something…

If you’re not familiar with Wyland, he created the “Whaling Walls.”  The Whaling Walls is a series of 100 large outdoor murals featuring images of life-size whales and other sea life.  The murals sprung from Wyland’s dream of sharing his love of marine life with 100 communities around the world.

His goal was to bring awareness to marine life conservation. It took him 27 years to complete—finishing the last one in 2008. It’s estimated that his murals are seen by more than a billion people each year.

This made me think about what it takes to be able to create something of that size and magnitude.

Obviously an artist doesn’t start out creating pieces of art to that scale.

In fact, no matter the media nor the many years of experience that most everyone receives in public and high school drawing, painting and using color to create artwork, art instructors always begin with core elements.

For example, painters work with just three primary colors…yellow, blue and red. They learn to combine those colors to make a full spectrum of hues like purples, oranges and greens.

When learning to draw figures, you don’t draw a “person” or a “horse” or whatever. You draw basic shapes like circles, ovals, squares and rectangles and learn how to put those together to make the figure you want.

It’s only after mastering the basics that artists move on to more advanced techniques and even then those original fundamentals are used in every creation.

Much like an artist strives to put those basic elements together to create a masterpiece…as a business owner, you combine core elements to create your ideal business.

There are several lessons you can learn from an artist’s process so that, like Wyland, you can reach your desired goals.

1)      No matter your experience level, you can’t create your business masterpiece without the basics. Just like an artist can’t draw a figure without understanding and using basic shapes like circles and squares, as a business owner, you need to use the basic marketing building blocks to successfully sell each and every product or service you offer.

2)      Even though you may have experience creating marketing, it’s necessary to break things down to the core elements and master those in order to create campaigns that get people’s attention. For example, most likely you have a lot of experience writing emails.

However, despite your experience, it’s important to break down each core element of an email such as the subject line, the opening line and the P.S. to get the best results. Really understanding things like what makes an email subject line effective at getting opened and or the components of a strong P.S. read can double, triple and even quadruple your chances of selling your product or service.

3)      You don’t need fancy tools to create a successful campaign. Blending three primary colors to create the full spectrum of hues is a distinctive way to create stunning and original paintings. In fact, many artists routinely only paint with three to six colors.

Like artists, some of the most successful businesses use a simple formula which can be repeated over and over again. For example, at GKIC we use the “Girgio” letter campaign described in Magnetic Marketing with continued success.

Or the “Lost Customer” Reactivation Blueprint which  is a simple to implement plan that consistently adds thousands of dollars to  GKIC members bottom lines.

Take the time to go back and inspect the core marketing elements that make businesses successful. Master these marketing basics and you will create the business masterpiece of your dreams, even if like Wyland, that includes getting your message out to a billion people.

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Dave Dee is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students. Dave saw Dan speak over 16 years ago at one of the Peter Lowe Success Events when he was a struggling magician. He bought Magnetic Marketing and as you will hear when he tells you his story, his life changed in less than 90 days. Dave became a very serious student of Dan's by attending my seminars, joining his coaching group and most of all from implementing what he learned. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to www.gkic.com

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  1. Wonderful analogy. We tend to look at the whole system and forget that it’s made up of multiple components. If you want to improve the marketing system, optimize the components one by one. Then, surprise, surprise: the whole system improves.

  2. Paula says:

    So very true! From baby steps come big things. As a watercolor artist/teacher I start my students with the basic techniques (using only 3 colors) so they can complete a painting on their first try. Fundamentals sound boring, but you need them and it will amaze you what rewards the basics can bring.
    Thanks for the confirmation!

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