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By: Dan Kennedy on: October 4th, 2010 5 Comments

Do you remember when Kerry/Edwards announced that there are a lot of factors that go into picking a veep. I’ve been privy to a few discussions with real insiders about how the process works.

Rarely does the Prez candidate get his choice – and he certainly did not in this case. Neither the men or their wives could stand each other, and I can assure you that Theresa was peeved at having a more dynamic, charismatic, articulate star on the ticket who’ll outshine her hubby (or whatever he is now). I’ve met Theresa.

Anyway, if you were in charge, you might try buying a state or states, although that couldn’t have been top criteria here; the southern good ol’ boys actually did better up north than in the south where everybody sees through their shtick. Gore couldn’t carry his home state of Tennessee; there was no evidence in primaries of Edwards’ ability to deliver a state.

You might go for compensating strength; as Bush Jr. did with Cheney’s experience and gravitas. That’s not it here, either.

You might go for resume, but none here to speak of. Or you might go for who can raise a ton of money and is in favor with the big money providers. In this case, that’s the bingo.

No, it was NOT about who is best qualified to serve in the position or if necessary as President.

It was about money.

While it is very bad for America, politics has become nothing but a business, and the people in the business understand the business they are in; the money business. You at least have to give them credit for ‘accurate thinking.’

A lot of businesspeople in other businesses never rise to such a level of clear-headed, laser-focused accuracy in their thinking about their businesses!

It has been said of me: all you think about is the money. When I have my business hat on, that’s what I’m supposed to think about.

A lot of people insist on counting other things: hits to a web site, readership of media, even grosses or total customers or ‘billions served.’ B.S. And a lot of people have very mixed agendas for being in business. A lot of those people go broke sooner or later.


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5 Responses

  1. danielle helena marie says:

    I’ve been going through this ‘argument’ with my current supervisor. They want to change how I’m producing sales by sending me back to vanilla prospecting. Along with telling them where they can go stick it, I show them why its a waste of my time and THEIR revenue if I listened. I have to educate them about the business we are in constantly. Thankfully I now have the numbers to prove it.

    d. helena marie

  2. Keith says:

    Why don’t you take the pay cut and run for president in 2012.
    You’ve done it all so it would be nice to see a real businessman look out for the entrepreneur for a change.
    It could be a historic legacy.

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    …like marketers, politicians study the demographics- the market they are targeting, the know the numbers, and they hone in with laser accuracy how to solicit the vote.

  4. Danielle – sounds like YOU should be the supervisor! :)

    And I agree – it’s all about who has the bigger budget and the better message to market match in politics. Also the person with the most charisma in most cases (although that’s not as important as the other 2).

    Sounds pretty darn similar to what happens in business!

    Jeremy Reeves

  5. You hit the nail on the head, Dan: What business are all business owners (and politicians) really in? The MATH business.

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