What Dr. Maltz DIDN’T Promise

By: Dan Kennedy on: April 4th, 2011 6 Comments

The core promise of Psycho-Cybernetics is “once difficult, now easy.”

He meant that, for example, if hitting a golf ball straight and far was very difficult for you to do, presuming you were physically capable, you could re-train your conscious and subconscious minds so that doing so would be easy.

He didn’t mean you could skip playing the 18 holes altogether, relax in the air conditioned clubhouse, and have them drop the tournament prize money and trophy off at your table. He didn’t even mean you could skip the days, weeks or months of practice.

I have a lot of people in my world who’ve traveled the once difficult/now easy road, one way or another.

  • One who could barely write a grocery list who is now a very capable copywriter, selling millions of dollars of his own products with his written words, and being paid princely sums by a few clients as well.
  • A woman who was starving in the speaking business who is now nearing a 7-figure income and who can sell from the platform masterfully.
  • A kid who pestered me and nagged me, to let him tag along backstage to a Lowe event, asked me a million questions on the flight home, kept coming back to get more and more about structuring presentations and selling from the platform. For him, it was, at first difficult. Quickly, easy. That’s Joe Polish. He gave me a new car as a gift, something of a ‘lifetime award’, thanks for contributions made.
  • Another who had tried starting an information business following our models and flopped four consecutive times, then hit it big the fifth.

There are hundreds I know and work with personally who’ve gone from once difficult to now easy in something. Even more who’ve done so about making large incomes in general.

They have many things in common, but here’s one of the commonalities: they never asked that anything be handed to them or come without learning, practice, work or disappointments. They only asked to be given direction, a blueprint, a hand up. They made their own journeys from once difficult to now easy.

Jack Welch said his greatest concern at GE was trying to keep such a big ship agile. Sometimes a person, a person’s thinking, a person’s business or a person’s life is like a great big, hulking ship rather than a small, agile speedboat.

It’s hard to turn and navigate in new directions. It’s slow to get the freighter re-trained as a speedboat.

Years ago, I’d gotten so good at survival skills, it was difficult to make room for prosperity skills.

It was once quite difficult for me to make money. Now it’s ridiculously easy. My mind is agile and nimble and quick in that department.

Didn’t used to be. Didn’t happen overnight, or easily.

It’s easy now. But getting to easy wasn’t easy.


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6 Responses

  1. Allen Carrington says:

    Nothing worth having is ever easy at the beginning…the things that are get taken for granted i.e. I was jsut this morning talking to my wife while watching the movie Rudy, where a guy wants so much to go to Notre Dame and play football , that he cries when he finally got accepted in. What I told my wife was “I wished that when I was younger , I had something I was that passionate about , maybe I would have pursued it much harder , and actually got there.
    As I continued I told her how football and sports was for me quite easy ; I was born benching 300lbs, could run a good forty, and could dunk when I was 14…and never played anywhere near a pro game. We need more examples in our lives,preferably EARLY so that we dont get complacent , and even bored to the point where we dont even try.

  2. Paul Serwin says:

    Unless it comes down to physical ability, most of our talents and expertise comes from learning and immersing ourselves in a process. It’s very important to NOT place limits upon ourselves and understand that if we put in the work, we can accomplish anything we set out to do.

  3. Ed Estlow says:

    Thanks Dan… one thing IS all too easy – to inadvertently forget gems like this. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Tanya Smith says:

    A great reminder Dan! The ‘easy’ highway is littered with the corpses of business owners who failed to grasp that you can follow, emulate and model until you’re blue in the face, but it’s only when you roll up your darn sleeves and get stuck in implementing, in spite of fearing failure, that the path becomes smoother, and the awesome result become attainable!

  5. Olga Hermans says:

    This really gave me hope; I like to get from where I am right now to easy which is not easy, but I will get there with help of people who give me direction…thanks!!!

  6. Rich says:

    Help me with some ridiculous ways to make money

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