What Are Your Limitations?

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 8th, 2010 6 Comments

A few thoughts about ‘limitations’

Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “The mind is the only limit. As long as the mind can envision something, you can do it.”

Here’s a guy who came to the U.S. with little to begin with, created a hugely successful career in the body-building industry (which he maintains profitable interests in to this day). Another success as a movie actor – inspite of an accent I’m sure most experts would have assumed doomed him, and now, he’s governor of California.

Oh, and he’s very, very, very rich. He owns a whole lot of real estate. Shopping malls. Office buildings.

Whether Arnold ever read Hill or not, I can’t say. But his thought mirrors Hill’s: “Anything the mind of (a) man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

In Psycho-Cybernetics, we talk about the vast difference between REAL LIMITS and SELF-IMPOSED LIMITS. Most folks never get anywhere near testing their real limits; they stop far short, well within their self-imposed limits.

In your business life, you should constantly be assessing the “spread” between what that life is like and what you would ideally like it to be, then questioning why the “spread” exists and how – and how fast – it might be erased. As you confront the reasons, you should then question whether they are real limits or self-imposed limits.

In my GOLD/VIP group, for example, we have a franchisor who’s been opening only a couple new outlets a month, who I keep urging to open 20 a month – after all, that’s only one a day with weekends off. And he’s gone during this year from “impossible” to actively working on it and making headway.

Another GOLD/VIP Member used to think he had geographic limitations in his business, but he’s gone from getting customers locally to nationally. Many have lifted self-imposed limits on prices they charge.

Often, limits are self-imposed by posing very limiting questions.

Right now, for example, all the Republican strategists are working on the question: how can we eke out a narrow victory and take back the House? The other day, in a phone call, I asked one of these strategists if they had anybody noodling the question: how can we create a landslide victory in the House AND Senate? If you only ask “small” questions, you can never get “big” answers!


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6 Responses

  1. We must constantly put ourselves and our minds in a position to do something that we dont see, or hear about what others are doing.
    It’ a difficult thing to retrain the mind to stop following the norm and create the way above the norm , but since being with gkic,I’ve learned that that is the only way to create BIG breakthroughs in business and in life.

  2. Love this, Dan. In my talks with clients and students I use the analogy of a tugboat captain in a storm, whose so overwhelmed with bailing water and avoiding the next big wave that, from that perspective, he can’t see the clear path to safety. It typically takes a rescue team in a helicopter with a different viewpoint to point out the real and self-imposed limitations. Thanks for continuing to play that role as I’m steering my own tugboat.

  3. I’m reminded that “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. You make a great point, we, through our thinking and our words, continually put “self-imposed limits” on ourselves, like a lid on a pot, instead it’s over our dreams, potential, and thus our success. Through the small questions we ask of ourselves, the way we view ourselves, as well as with limiting conversations, we propagate the very life we DON’T WANT! Conversely, we need mentors and friends who are constant reminders that we must take the lid off to think big, talk big, and “BE” big! Thanks

  4. I agree with Allen… it’s hard trying to retrain the mind to stop following the norm.

    But then again – we’re entrepreneurs… NOT the norm! :)

    I think if more business owners started realizing this fact, we’d have a much easier time lowering our limitations.

    Jeremy Reeves

  5. Jim Nariel says:

    Hi Dan

    Yes I have read Napolean Hill’s book and I need to read it again. It is an all imspiring read. Thanks for reminding me.

    Its simple but challenging as we all get this little voice in our heads saying why something cant be done and being able to over shadow this with all the positive believe

    Thanks for the post and look forward to the next one


  6. Rob Anspach says:

    We limit ourselves to accept mediocre behavior to accept self limiting performance…it’s when we push ourselves and strive for more, we achieve massive results.

    Break the rules…change the game!

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