Use This Simple Free Google+ Tool To Connect, Monetize & Create Buzz

By: Darcy Juarez on: November 5th, 2013 2 Comments

Are you an early adopter?

Do you want to get the jump on your competition in regards to one of the niftiest new (and free) marketing tools available today?

Google Hangouts is a extremely powerful tool offered by Google+ that allows you to have a live group conversation using your webcam. It’s kind of like video conferencing (or Skype) meets a webinar, but you can video chat with multiple users instead of just one. Plus you can broadcast it to a larger audience and automatically create a video from it that can be shared on YouTube.

You can also capture photos, share your screen and message friends. For you non-techies, it’s easy to use.

Apart from the above, what are some other reasons you should be using Google Hangouts as part of your marketing strategy?

Here are five.  Google Hangouts will help you:

    1. Sell your products and services.
    2. Build relationships with distanced workers or your customers & clients.
    3. Show yourself as a thought leader.
    4. Build your celebrity.
    5. Raise your visibility by taking advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). (It’s no secret that the engineers of Google+ constructed it to dominate search results above all other social platforms.)

There are many ways you can use Google Hangouts in your business. You can:

  • Give live demonstrations of your products and services.  Hold a hangout to demonstrate a service or how to do something or show something that would otherwise require someone to physically see it. You could demonstrate how to use a product or how to cook something. Or show a house or how you do a procedure. Plus, because it’s a live event, your customers won’t expect a perfectly scripted and polished presentation like they would in a webinar or video which makes it less time-consuming.
  • Hold group coaching, a mastermind meeting or consulting sessions. Because you can have up to 10 people on at once (if you activate Google+ premium the limit increases to 15), you can host group coaching or consulting or mastermind members in different areas of the country.

This would allow you to hold face to face meetings from time to time without the time and expense of traveling. If you want to create an even more powerful tool, you can occasionally invite select people to view it and/or create a video from it. So while only 10 people may participate, you have the opportunity for thousands to view it—providing a unique and valuable sneak peek inside your coaching or mastermind group to encourage others to join. You could also use this to meet with long-distance staff or project members.  

  • Interview a celebrity or have a panel discussion. Hold an event with a celebrity or a panel discussion and invite your customers to hangout and you’ll build your credibility and forge deeper connections with consumers. Especially if you set up your hangout to allow them to ask you, your celebrity or your panel questions during the scheduled hangouts.
  • Hold a press conference. Invite customers and the media to a Google Hangout to make a big announcement such as the introduction of a new program or product. Recording artist Taylor Swift hosted a Google Hangout to announce her new album, Red. She answered fans questions from around the world, let them know what to expect and debuted the album’s first single.


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