Two Ways To Stimulate EVEN More Business

By: Dan Kennedy on: March 18th, 2010 9 Comments

We’ll pick up with going down our list of seven small business marketing strategies that can help you stimulate new business. These strategies can also help you increase business from existent customers and build repeat business.

Let me remind you that, you may not be able to use all of them in your business but you can certainly use some of them.

In Tuesday’s post, I spoke about the first five:

  1. A Frequent Buyer Program
  2. Discounting
  3. Premiums
  4. Packaging
  5. Prepay

Let’s continue this discussion with the last two:

Six, payment options. Of course, you want to accept all major credit cards – even if your type of business typically doesn’t. Beyond that, consider offering to split a payment into 2 or 3 monthly installments automatically charged to the credit card on file, offering deferred charge possibly tied to a period of free trial, or creative options, like 50% now, 50% charged in 90 days.

The easier you make it for the customer to buy the better. And having the customer choosing between payment options rather than a single yes/no choice usually boost sales.

Seven, regular mailings to past and present customers or clients. I think the single most effective marketing strategy that any business can use to build customer loyalty, to retain customers and to stimulate more frequent purchasing by customers is the publication and distribution of direct mail.

I’ve often found that a monthly newsletter is an extremely powerful, cost-effective marketing method. When you keep in touch with your clientele with your own newsletter you do all of these valuable things.

  1. You create a habit on the part of your customers. They expect to receive your newsletter and they get in the habit of reading it.
  2. You stay on the top of the consciousness in your customers minds.
  3. You can pass along useful information and ideas that your customers appreciate.
  4. You can continue to demonstrate your expertise in your field.
  5. You can stimulate word-of-mouth advertising. And
  6. You can advertise sales, special offers, new products, new services, new locations and so on in your own publication.

Accountants, attorneys, dentists, chiropractors, medical doctors – these professionals have learned how effective this idea is and many of these professionals put out their own newsletters on a regular basis but this same exact same idea could be used by many different types of businesses.

The beauty parlor could put out a newsletter on skin care, beauty and fashion tips. The restaurant could put out a newsletter on local entertainment, recipes and shopping tips. The office equipment company could put out a newsletter on management and efficiency tips. The online marketer can put out an online newsletter to their subscription list for little or no money.

Now that you know the seven strategies that can help you stimulate new business, increase business from existent customers and build repeat business, you need to give some thought into how to use them effectively.


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9 Responses

  1. I started taking American Express last year and my affluent clients were most appreciative. It is the card of the affluent.

  2. $550 or 3 monthly Investments of $184

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    not just accepting credit cards… but also electronic payment methods like PayPal & Google Checkout

  4. Charles Ra says:

    payment options. Of course, you want to accept all major credit cards
    regular mailings to past and present customers or clients. a monthly newsletter
    thank you Dan

  5. Charles Ra says:

    Scott, amex definitely is the card of the affluent, I agree.

  6. Rob Anspach says:

    …the black card is for the ultra affluent!

  7. My own chiropractor (and a GKIC member, nonetheless!!) just announced in this month’s issue that he will no longer mail his monthly print newsletter, and will instead switch to purely online delivery.

    HUGE mistake (does he read any of the GKIC newsletters???).

    But he’ll probably blame “the economy” when his results suffer as a result…

  8. FYI: I can’t stand AmEx, and never use my card.

  9. Scott:

    be careful about using the word “investment” like that. The FTC is cracking down…

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