Three Ways To Show Up Like No One Else

By: Darcy Juarez on: November 12th, 2013 5 Comments

This past weekend at Info-SUMMIT, marketers’ extraordinaire Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller walked on stage in matching three piece suits with pink bow ties. (Check it out…click here)

There was no question that they stood out and made a memorable impression.

As marketers, getting attention…standing out…making a lasting impression…are all things we must strive to do.

In fact, that was a common theme throughout the weekend—how to grab eyeballs in an ever-increasing distraction ridden world.

During a surprise extra presentation, internet marketing guru Frank Kern went so far to say that it was among the biggest challenges businesses are facing today. He said there is unprecedented competition that is taking away attention, making the act of “getting attention” harder and harder to do.

Dan Kennedy stressed that the clutter and competition of free content is one of the chief problems we must combat.

Here are three methods I gained from Info-SUMMIT that you can tap into to make sure you are combating competition…methods that you most likely aren’t using now and may not even be aware exist.

Improve your voice. Influence and Vocal Coach to the stars, Roger Love taught us that when it comes to standing out as believable and influencing your market, 38% of your success has to do with the tonality of your voice.

In fact, if you’re not careful, your voice could be causing people to tune out or miss the most important parts of your message. (Tweet this!)Roger gave us example after example of how this occurs such as speaking in a monotone voice or using the wrong voice inflections on key words. This isn’t just for speakers either—it’s for EVERY business owner. Here are some places your voice could be  blending in causing you to lose customers and sales:

  • Your recorded voice message.
  • During face to face meetings with clients, customers, and patient or on the phone.
  • When you make a presentation—whether speaking live or on a teleseminar, webinar, Google+ Hangout, etc.

To set yourself apart, he says you should work on the pitch, pace, melody, tone and volume of your voice so you can create emotion in the right places, make your message more believable and make sure no one misses the most important points that you want to get across.

Use the right E-factors. During Dan Kennedy’s 7 Secrets of Mind Control Copy presentation, he said it is easier to catch attention and motivate your audience to take action when you use the correct emotional factors (You can find all of the E-Factors as Dan calls them listed in Dan Kennedy’s book, Marketing to the Affluent.) Customers buy products not so much for the features and benefits, but because of emotional reasons. For example, if you were targeting someone overweight, a headline that says, “Lose 20 Pounds In One Month Without Changing Your Diet or Exercise Routine” may grab attention better than a message that says, “Do these 7 simple exercises to lose weight.” While the second is more logical, the first hits an emotional factor better because the reader desperately hopes it’s possible and wants it to be true.

Another example is in purchasing the latest technology such as the newest model of an iPhone. Logically it doesn’t make sense to be the first one to buy because you pay the highest possible price. But using E-Factors, Apple pushes the hot buttons that create frenzy for people to want to buy it immediately and pay a higher price for doing so.

Be bigger than life. Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller from Gravitational Marketing showed a variety of different, interesting and fun ways they get attention during their presentation of their entire 30 step business plan.

They said you have to showcase a “bigger than life marketing personality.” For example, they often buy covers of industry magazines and publications. They said that mostly what you see on these covers are the business owners standing in a nice suit, with nothing to distinguish them. Jimmy and Travis come up with completely different and unique looks. In one cover they  hired a make-up artist to make them look like Zombies. The headline tied in with the idea that car dealerships were dying and that they were helping resurrect them.

The truth is the market is swarming with people selling the same stuff in the same manner…and buyers are sick of it. If you want to really boost your sales, use these techniques to give you the extra edge to be noticed and create the desire to not only look at your stuff, but read it, listen to it, and buy it.

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5 Responses

  1. Joe Cross says:

    My team learned alot from your breakout session..”Ninja Funnels”. Thanx for that..

  2. You are so right Darcy, grabbing as many eyeballs as you can is key for any business.
    Improving your voice allows business owners to close more sales.
    Being bigger than life rules. Mediocrity is rampant. Thanks so much for
    some golden reminders, Darcy (queen of automation).
    All my very best,

    Scott Francis founder of Success Weapons

  3. You know as I read the above; I couldn’t help but agree with you on every point these guru’s raised. Again, I am reminded of the beauty of standing out from the crowd and doing the undone and unsual. The ground is so cramped… And even when we can’t readily fly, we can make ourselves so distinct like a peacock that other “birds” can’t help but take notice.

    Over here in Nigeria, this message must be “preached” because we are in dire need of differentiation.

    Thanks Darcy; as always, its a beauty to ready from you.

  4. Gemma Laming says:

    There is one thing that marks out this kind of marketer – and it’s the courage to stand out. This very courage allows them to think and act differently, and done properly, it’ll be in a way that’s actually more comfortable for them – rather than acceding to the pressure of society’s norms.

    You’ll know that there are many who know this kind of thing is good for them yet, somehow they just won’t make that step. There’ll always be something in the way, they’ll even get to the point of inventing problems … and yet the key is that they lack that inner courage.

    They’re the kind of people who in a phone consultation say “how DARE you tell me what I THINK!!” – where confident ones say “how on earth do you know that, I haven’t even mentioned that yet”.

    Confident, courageous people don’t mind being told something they don’t want to hear. Knowing this will tell you which question you need to ask that’ll divide the sheep from the goats.

  5. It was our 1st infosummit, great review, the emotional factors were fantastic! Dan Kennedy and the other speakers did an excellent job.

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