Three Uncomfortable Truths About Why Most Businesses NEVER Crack Through To Top Income

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 12th, 2016 13 Comments

It doesn’t much matter where you are in your business at the moment. You can be a well-established pro who knows his income ought to be higher. Or you can be a beginner coming out of the gate and trying to make your way…as long as you have your thinking straight and are serious about your business, you can hit the 7-figure income mark.

However, there are three “uncomfortable truths” about why most small business owners never will.

Truth #1: The highest income people tend to get paid more for who they are than what they do.

You are not entitled to a high income. Just because you have your law degree…your doctor degree…your certification in whatever… and 25 years of experience…etc. This does not mean you will automatically get paid more.

Think about athletes. NBA player Derrick Rose who plays for the Chicago Bulls is one of the highest paid athletes—even though he has been riddled with injuries most of his career. Tim Tebow, whose NFL career never put him in the same category of the best athletes in the game, made millions in endorsements. Why? Simply for being “Tim Tebow.”

So building up who you are is vastly more important than what you do or your competency level.

Truth #2: The path to more, more easily obtained and better customers/clients/patients, and consequently better fees, higher income, and more opportunity is NOT in working to become a better “doer of your thing.” It’s in working on your BUSINESS.

In other words if you are focused on becoming better and better and better at being an auto mechanic, a speaker, a dentist, a you-name-it…thinking that this will lead you to better clients, better income and a better life, well you are self-sabotaging yourself from joining the ranks of millionaire status.

There is no such automatic link, warranty or entitlement. It’s just not how business works. Nor is there a threshold that can be met and crossed before you are entitled to good money.

So the first quantum breakthrough in status and income is making the mental, emotional and actual shift from “doer of thing” to “marketer of self.”

The second quantum shift is moving from “doing work for money” to designing, developing and building a business. By business I mean, a process for monetizing your skill-sets, managing your customer/client/patient relationships, expanding your range and diversity of income sources, and developing assets.

But the most important point to grasp here is that technical excellence does not automatically bring excellent income.

Power is what brings it. That is having customers/clients/patients seeking you out, paying your fees without resistance, status, top income, and wealth.

Power is rarely give in recognition of skill. It is taken by application of business principles. Business owners who refuse to learn these principles, who turn their back on them in favor of working on becoming a better “doer of their thing,” who will not control and use them, are doomed forever to always be seeking (“work”) and rightly worrying that the big payday may never come.

Truth #3: An old one: The definition of INSANITY is: doing the same things the same way over and over again while hoping for different results.

You need to be willing to look for and accept a different approach—even a different concept of yourself and your business. That different approach may include a fundamental change in the way you think of yourself, your role, your business, and the way you present yourself to clients.

Some of it might feel uncomfortable. It certainly will be different from what you see others in your same profession/business/category doing.

At the risk of being obvious, one way you fundamentally increase your income is by increasing your value to those who pay you money. But most business owners invest all their energy in only one means of increasing their value: “doing their thing” better.

This is akin to trying to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthier only by reducing the quantity of calories, carbs and fat you eat—with no changes in physical movement, exercise, food choices, nutrition, nutritional supplementation and mental attitude management.  Yes, you can lose some weight by doing just one thing to further and further extremes, but as any dieter will attest, you hit a wall when no more pounds can be lost even if you eat nothing but a leaf of lettuce with a squirt of lemon for dinner every night.

Sorry, but getting better and better and better at your “thing” will slam you into an income barrier and will NEVER lift you over that wall.

You need to increase your value to your clients/customers/patients in multiple ways in order to multiply your income and demand for your products or services.

If you want to leap-frog to a much higher income, then you must master marketing of yourself, use a more sophisticated approach to your business and your work with customers and focus on learning the strategies that are proven to catapult wealth.

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13 Responses

  1. Joe Cross says:

    I agree 109%

  2. paul clay says:

    Dan Kennedy, last year, you had an ad, I read it to say
    “every day can be a black friday day”, I woul;d like to purchase this
    material from you , I need to have a black friday day regulary,
    thanks ,paul clay, the old geezer

  3. Carole says:

    OMG – I just had a light bulb moment. Of course! Lady Gaga and Brittany Spears came to mind. But then the question becomes, how does a boring person who is good at something become a package?

    • Darren Teale says:

      No one is completely boring.. And if you are you may be able to use that to your advantage.
      You say that you are good at what you do…. let me ask you a few questions.
      How did you get there?
      What do you do for your clients that is so good?
      What is the transformation that they get from you?
      If you don’t feel that getting good at what you do isn’t a story in itself…. Embellish it stretch it. There are things happening around you all the time own them make them your own.
      If you really want to be a legend in your own mind and you need to be first. Build your story you might feel your life is boring I sure crafted correctly others won’t.
      Just a few suggestions.
      Ultimate Marketing Machine.
      Brilliant product for becoming a celebrity with in your field within your marketplace… ok not Not Brittany or lady Gaga but good enough to make money and have some say over your pricing. It is also a hand held course on how to find your story and also has a few sections on getting your story across.
      How to Create Personality in copy.
      Great at showing how to add a little flavor to what you say, to give you a distinctive voice in what you write.
      And… I guess it is alright to put it here as these were on a list of recommended reads I got from Dan,
      Story by Robert McKee
      Story Factor By Annette Simmons
      On Writing Well by William Zinsser
      On Writing by Stephen King
      And.. (this wasn’t on the list but should have been)
      Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

      Carol, never sell yourself short you would be surprised at just how easy it is to turn the mundane in to a story that captivate. Can you tell me what is sooo… great about the reality TV shows Like Big Brother where people sit around and bitch about things and get asked to do stupid things and yet millions sat and watched it didn’t offer the world anything except show the world how willing some people are to do anything for 15 minutes of fame.
      At least by marketing yourself well you can control what you need to do for your 15 minutes and how much you want to be paid for it is in your hands and not just a chance of being paid.

  4. myrtha says:

    how does this kennedy fellow write so bewitchingly. i’m going to press the click more button, it just sucks you in…

    • David Hunter says:

      Years and years of writing!

      Plus, he writes just like he speaks. Just like he’s having a conversation with you and me.

      Like he said above, a lot of people don’t think he’s a good writer. But, I bet the ones who say he’s not a good writer aren’t making the kind of money he’s making. :-)

  5. Dan Kennedy you hit this spot on. Especially truth #2 was one of my personal things I had to take care of before I could take my business to the next level. Thank for being amazing.

  6. Leo says:

    I agree 100%

  7. Hi Dan,

    When reading this article/post the first thing that came to mind was a talk I heard John Maxwell once give, and a story that he has shared in a number of his books. What he talked about is this:

    He told a story about a church that he once Pastored in California. According to him, this church was only averaging 1,000 members, meaning what they were doing in ministry was only influencing 1,000 souls. He then hosted a meeting with his ministry team and asked them if they wanted to grow and really make a larger impact in their city.

    Well…of course, they all said yes.

    He then responded by saying, “Well, in order to do so we are going to have make some changes. Because, what we are currently doing isn’t bad but it is only impacting and influencing 1,000 souls, and if we want to reach, impact, and influence say 7,000, then we are going to have to do the ‘things’ that are going to reach, impact, and influence 7,000.”

    This is in alignment or within the same vein with your point about insanity. In other words, you can’t expect to influence 7,000 if you are still only doing what influences 1,000. You have to do the “things” that will influence 7,000. Or, let me say it like this: you can’t do the 5 to 6 figure habits and actions if you are wanting to reach the 7 figure status because the 7 figure vibration will reject 5 to 6 figure motions. It will cause friction within the ether.

  8. Don Suave' says:

    “..from doer of thing to marketer of self..” My whole thinking just shifted..

  9. Marie Jones says:

    Agreed! I will put weight on learning the strategies and using a more sophisticated approach will always work.

  10. Scott Millar says:

    Great advice Dan. I particularly like the number 1 tip about who you are. I’m working on this one just now.

  11. Once again Dan Kennedy hits the nail on the head!

    Excellent words of wisdom. He is a real ‘Shake Up’. Either you follow his advice and become awesome or you just stay behind hoping for better!

    Thank you Sir Dan Kennedy for your WONDERFUL advice!

    From lovely London!

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