Three Steps To Ensure Your Business Doesn’t End Up Like A Thanksgiving Horror Story

By: Dave Dee on: November 22nd, 2012 No Comments

Today the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving—a day to give thanks, be with family, eat too much and watch football.

But it’s also known for horror stories…

Turkeys that come out of the oven still raw, family feuds, laughing so hard you spit wine across the white linen table cloth…

Getting stuck at an airport because of inclement weather and awkward moments where Aunt Edna imbibes too much and curses everyone out.

More fun has been poked at Thanksgiving horror stories than probably any other holiday. From Hollywood movies and TV shows with classic moments like in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving when Peppermint Patty invites herself to dinner; Everybody Loves Raymond where Raymond’s wife Debra makes tofu turkey for Thanksgiving because it’s better for them (it goes over like gangbusters); or the Cheers episode where a food fight erupts during Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is the most likely for fodder because of the fact that you start off with a recipe for disaster.  The frustration of travelling at the busiest time of year combined with the very real possibility of bad weather, cooking a complicated meal usually of items that you rarely make (or perhaps have never made before) and bringing together family and friends which may not get along can make for some funny, albeit disastrous stories.

Just like Thanksgiving get-togethers, in business it’s not unusual to see well meaning business owners setting themselves up for possible disaster too.

Using the same marketing that’s always been used because you are leery of trying something new. Working with clients, customers, or patients you don’t always particularly enjoy. Working a lot of hours, but not being any closer to your dream of a picture perfect business.

The thing about Thanksgiving and business is that each year, you make yourself a promise that next year will be different.

You’re going out for turkey dinner instead of baking it yourself.  Or staying an extra day instead of travelling on the heaviest travel days.

In business, you rely on marketing that you know works ok, but not great because you don’t have (or make) the time or ideas to try something new.

You’re not going after clients or customers that aren’t a good match for your products and services or that you don’t’ enjoy working with.

You’re going to stop listening to the media sales reps that are more interested in selling you than they are in helping you achieve your marketing goals.

Let this be the year that you stop re-living your business horror stories.

You can do it by doing three simple things:


1)     Determine what your biggest problem is. Ask yourself what disaster is constantly lurking in your business and what is causing that danger.  Are you in danger of not selling enough to pay your bills? This could mean that you don’t have enough customers or that you aren’t charging enough for your products or services. Do you lack the number of customers you need? A solid lead generation funnel could help solve that problem. Do you have lots of prospects, but no one is buying? Perhaps you haven’t correctly identified your target audience.

Correctly identifying your problem will help you zero in on how to solve it, leading you away from business disaster and towards the success you desire.


2)     Invest in a proven resource that will solve your current business problem. The time and money you think you are saving by trying to figure out a solution on your own could be leading you down a path that condemns you to an existence of “so-so results.” Make the commitment of time or money to solve your business problem now—before you end up with a huge horror story to tell.

Keep in mind that resources don’t always have to cost a lot of money. Sometimes it just requires a commitment of time. For example, Fast Implementation Bootcamp is a free resource for GKIC members that you can use to find and match a proven strategy with what ails your business.


3)     Make the commitment to take action. You know the problem. You have the resource in hand to solve the problem. Now it’s time to do it. Set aside some time and make the commitment to get it done no matter what it takes.

At GKIC we support your decision to make more money, have more freedom and create the life you want. What else can you learn from Thanksgiving horror stories that can help you stop living your business horror story and create the business of your dreams instead? Please leave your comments below.


NOTE: A word of THANKS and a Happy Thanksgiving to you. All of us here at GKIC are grateful for people like you who allow us to do what we love and fulfill our dream of creating and sustaining the life we aspire to. Without you this wouldn’t be possible—so thanks.

We hope you have created (or are in the midst of creating) an audience as amazing as our GKIC members. If not, let us help you make this the year that you get started so that next year you’re brewing something other than a business disaster and instead are brewing a pot of gratefulness and abundance.

If you’re looking to create the business of your dreams and you’re not yet a member, please accept our free gift worth $633.91 to help you get started here.

If you’re already a member and feeling stuck, check out our Free Fast Implementation Bootcamp or call your GKIC concierge and they can direct you to the help you need at 1-800-871-0147.


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