Three simple concepts that will help you take your next step towards success

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She started out taking the typical career path, going straight from college into corporate America.

Having a deep desire to make things better, she put her all into every place she worked.

Then finding something she was truly passionate about, she became part of a team and helped grow revenue from a couple hundred thousand to over a million dollars in a few short years…

Then she got the call.

The week of Christmas Eve, she found out the owner of the company was “going in a different direction.”

Caught off guard, she learned that despite her passion and desire to make things better, she was just a contributor and didn’t really get to decide the direction of the company.

This wake-up call drove her to leave corporate America behind and head for the great entrepreneurial frontier.

In just 4 ½ years, with two young children in tow, she built a home-based business grossing over $18 million in sales…is ranked #4 in training by INC. Magazine’s List of 500 Fastest Growth Companies.  In addition, she was honored as one of America’s top women mentoring leaders by WoW Magazine.

She is Lisa Sasevich. And she is famous and well-known for “The Invisible Close,” a system she devised for selling with less resistance and greater ease than you’ve ever imagined possible.

What helped Lisa be so successful can help you too…

Lisa discovered that to be successful, you have to:

1)      Build your own economy. The harsh reality is that no matter how passionate you are, how hard you work, or how loyal you are to a company, working for someone else always leaves you vulnerable.  As a business owner, this can also be your reality if you are continually waiting for the economy to “recover.” The people who use their creativity and capitalize on the value they have to offer will build their own economy and environment to thrive in.

If you don’t feel you are innovative and are unsure how to do this, one of the best suggestions I can give you is to look at what industries outside of your own are doing. Similar to the way the fast food industry looked at drive-through banking and adapted it to the their industry, you can follow the same strategy.  In other words, by adopting something outside of your own industry and applying it to yours, you can develop just the story you need to start building your own economy.

What are people doing in other industries that you might be able to adapt to your own business?

2)       Discover your value. Lisa says she had to “really discover her million dollar value.”  You must get really clear about what you are really good at doing. (Tweet this!) For her, it was that she helped companies grow and be successful. Upon further exploration, she discovered that she knows how to inspire people to make a decision on the spot and get them to take an action that ends up transforming their life in a particular area. She also discovered she is particularly successful at teaching entrepreneurs how to get out there and make irresistible offers via what she calls “The Invisible Close.”

What is your “million dollar value?”

3)      Put yourself in the right environment. To move forward and take the next step, Lisa says she knew she had to put herself in the right environment.  An environment where she is exposed to and surrounded by new opportunities that allowed her to learn and  to discover new ways to be inspired. She says, “The number one way I found to do that is to be in communities that are inspiring.”

As a GKIC member, you have that community. I encourage you to take full advantage of all the opportunities you have to fully engage. When you do, you’ll be surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs and people who “get” you. A few places you can do this are:

  • Your exclusive Insider’s Circle Social Site: Free to members, go to ) where you can join in discussions with other members, connect with the perfect group (we have 58 currently), ask questions, find GKIC videos and tools, etc.
  • Local Chapter Meetings: These meetings are led by GKIC certified Independent Business Advisors and meet monthly. These give you guidance, help you implement GKIC style marketing, give you a place to brainstorm and connect with other smart entrepreneurs. (Locate a chapter near you at:
  • GKIC Events: Our two biggest events are SuperConference℠ and Info-SUMMIT℠.  SuperConference is a direct response marketing super-summit that brings together businesses of all kinds and from many different industries who all share the common goal of generating more leads, making more sales, and increasing profits. Info-SUMMIT is ‘the place’ where the richest, most successful Info-Marketers in the world and those most serious about entering the field and launching their own Information Business gather.
  • Fast Implementation Bootcamp: Geared toward members who are determined to quickly make more money and create their ideal lifestyle in as short a time as possible, this is a 2-day intensive hands-on live event that gives you the exact tools and coaching to implement GKIC’s best systems, tools and strategies into your business. (Find out about the next one at .)

What’s one thing you’ll do to make yourself more fully involved in the right environment?

Focus on building your own economy, developing your “million dollar value,” and then continually make the effort to put yourself in the right environment that will inspire you and educate you to grow your business. When you do, you’ll build a successful business and be able to live out your ideal lifestyle.

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