Three Secrets About Wealth I Wish I’d Discovered Decades Sooner

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 14th, 2016 12 Comments

Truth is…there are many more I wish I’d known sooner than the three secrets I discuss here.

But in the limited space I have, there is no way to summarize them all.

I do my best to start using secrets as soon as I discover them, and to pass them along through my speaking and writing. I deal with these and other powerful discoveries in detail and in depth in places like my Wealth Attraction.

However, three of the many, I think, are bigger, more universally applicable that the rest, so here they are:

1)      Price Elasticity. There are no restrictions on what people will pay. There are only self-imposed limits, both psychological and practical in nature.  It is the absolute truth that we set our own prices, and more often than not, set them lower than necessary.

Many people under-value themselves, their services, their products, and under-estimate what the market will pay.

It is vital to grasp that you set your own price. As Foster Hibbard taught, teaspoon, pail or tanker truck, the ocean doesn’t care. In other words, there is an abundance of water. You choose how much you want to take away and are the one who puts limits on what is available.

2)      The secret of transaction size.  Simply put, it requires fewer $5000 sales than $500 sales or $50 sales to get to each million dollar benchmark.  BUT, it is not proportionately difficult to create and sell a $5000 thing than it is to create and sell a $50 thing.

Even in relatively mundane businesses, innovative entrepreneurs find ways to dramatically boost average transaction size.

That’s the thinking that replaced the coffee shop with Starbucks.

3)      The power of continuity. Think Max Sackheim’s remarkable invention, Book of the Month Club. Or health companies that automatically ship vitamins to consumer at a certain time each month.

It turns out I’d be several dollars richer had I built my newsletter business on continuity from the beginning. There are other millions I’ve missed out on as well. I miss those millions.

Everybody ought to strive and fight and work to find ways to create continuity income streams in their business, and if they can’t, to get involved in a business where they can.

I encourage you to make these three secrets of wealth creation the focus of your research, investigation, and study. Learn as much about them as quickly as possible. Pay attention to them on an ongoing bases. Carefully consider them every time you launch a new product or service. Get an opinion or several opinions from people who “get it” and who might see a way to price higher that you may have overlooked.

There is no virtue in settling for less than you are worth, less than you deserve, less than the market will cheerfully pay. Strive to never accept less than your customers would gladly give you.

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12 Responses

  1. Kei says:

    Thank you for the information
    Prices are always a question mark to me too

  2. Joe says:

    Dan, you are absolutely right about price elasticity. I was brought on board to introduce a new product from the UK to the US market. The owners had positioned the product at $35,000 and was trying to sell to Med Spas with meager results. I doubled the price of the product, repositioned it for the Medical market and we sold over $12,000,000 worth of product in 16 months. We grew the UK company by over 60% because we knew the product had a ROI that would support the increased price tag.
    Continued success,

  3. Rosy says:

    Estoy comenzando en este nuevo canal de Marquetink

  4. Sergio says:

    Great, Dan is a genius.

  5. David Hunter says:

    All three are great, but #2 “The secret of transaction size” really hits the mark for me in real estate.

    It’s just as much work to sell a $500,000 house than it is to sell a $100,000 house. Obviously, the $500,000 comes with the monster commission check. Cha-ching!

  6. Wayne Evans says:

    All great points, thanks Dan!

    I do 1 & 3 (mostly)… I need more work on 2. I am all for working less and having more quality time…

    Thanks again for the reminder too on abundance… it’s just everywhere…



  7. Andy English says:

    I always enjoyed your seminars back in Phoenix back in the Doers Club days, and really liked that kid Andy who introduced you! Do it Big!

  8. Thank you, Dan! My little business, here in Russia, have got start from your book “Sales Letters”. However, as I make and sale loft beds, it is difficult to make my sales continuing.

  9. Segun says:

    Nice motivation. Life gives you what you demand, not what you deserve. Why not up your game

  10. Golden nuggets! Glad I decided to read your post today because I’m serious about creating wealth and the CONTINUITY secret is one of the strategies I’ve used to skyrocket my personal training business 5 years ago

  11. James Thomas says:

    I love this article. I was thinking of raising my prices, and finding ways to increase the average sale. I need to brainstorm how I can use continuity in my type of business!

  12. Dan, thank you so much for this resourceful article.

    I’ve actually added the list on my ‘success list’ of thoughts, ideas and practices that actually work.

    I like all of the points, but let me just add one more thought related to the second point – the secret of transaction size.

    When I was doing sales, one day as I was pushing myself to sell more furniture insurance to increase my commission, I realised that it took the same time to sell bigger insurance (and therefore more money for me and for the company) as the time it took to sell smaller insurance value.

    That changed my game.

    While most salespeople saw bigger insurances as a threat, I learned to make them my best friend. Because if it takes the same time, why then focus on smaller values while you could sell more, make more money with bigger orders?

    So the secret of transaction size is actually much bigger concept.

    That’s why we have all 24hrs but some people get more done than others. Why?

    It takes the same time to focus on being efficient as it takes not to be one.

    It takes the same time to set, focus and achieve our goals, just like another person sets nothing, focus on nothing and achieve, well…

    Dan, thank you.

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