Three Growth Strategies You MUST Apply…

By: Dave Dee on: May 24th, 2013 1 Comment

Are you tired of settling for merely “getting by” in today’s economy?… Honestly, many business owners look around them and determine that just keeping the doors open and the lights on is good enough for now… and figure that by doing so and hanging on through the tough times eventually better days lie ahead.

Unfortunately, that’s not how business works.

Like the ocean predator that must constantly move forward aggressively or sink to the bottom a business also must continually advance in
order to thrive.

Consider this list of once-mighty brands who are now a mere memory:  Borders Books, Tower Records, Amoco, Woolworth, TWA, Oldsmobile, and EF Hutton…


If you look at businesses and entrepreneurs who remain vibrant and successful, you’ll notice that there are three things they consistently seek out to achieve consistent growth and profit:

1) The BEST Information & Knowledge

Great entrepreneurs know the value of having the highest quality information and knowledge about how to grow a business.

In fact, more secrets to business growth are now being discovered in ONE year than were found out in the previous CENTURY!

How is this possible?

Because NETWORKS have emerged – where everyone is connected and sharing their methods  – and then tryingwhat they learn in new business environments – and reporting back what’s working.

Therefore it’s critical that you “plug in” to these emerging information networks, meetings and seminars where today’s most successful entrepreneurs are hanging out, and learn what’s working from them.

2) Proven, Successful Teachers & Mentors

Interview the top entrepreneurs – the most successful and who’ve made the most money – you’ll notice they ALL have teachers and mentors who were instrumental in helping them grow their businesses.

If you want to get to the next level in your business,then you have to know people already AT that level – so you can learn from them.

But you can’t stop there.

You must KEEP adding teachers and mentors as you grow your company, so you can keep that high-value knowledge coming into your mind,
generating new insights and new opportunities.

3) Off-Site Strategic Planning Meetings

You’ve probably heard the Einstein quote:

“You can’t solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.”

Well, you also can’t plan the next level of your business growth when you’re INSIDE of your business.

You have to get outside of your business, and take some time away specifically to plan your next steps for big growth.

Knowing these three strategies is great.

Applying these strategies even better.

But to truly experience transformational growth in your business quickly… WELL …

THAT was never before possible… until now.

FINALLY You Can Experience The Best Information, The Best Teachers, And The Best Strategic Planning Program…

My friend Eben Pagan is doing a live 5-day program called “Accelerate” – and it’s designed to be the ultimate environment to both learn and plan to shift your business into high-growth mode.

If you’re committed to growing your business, then watch this video – it’s full of lessons about what you need to focus on – and it also explains
how you can even get in (if you’re accepted) for 50% off:

“CLICK HERE To Accelerate Your Business Growth”

Watch it, and then apply NOW if you want to learn how to accelerate your business’s growth and profits to a whole new level of success.

NOTE:  Getting away completely to an experience like Eben is offering is the EXACT strategy that Bill Gates … the world’s richest man and founder of Microsoft … took every year in a strategy he called “Think Week.”

He would hole up far away from the office, immerse himself in the BEST advice from a variety of sources and come back refreshed and loaded to bear with a wealth of new ideas for business and operations.

This is a crucial step that most business owners don’t take – a step that costs them massively as they struggle to discover the right approaches, the right insights, the right strategies to grow their businesses.

At Accelerate, it’s ALL there.  And more.

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  1. For the Growth Strategies of the business one thing is must, that is The BEST Information & Knowledge.

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