The Truth About Converting Customers And Four Tips To Make It Easier

By: Dave Dee on: September 25th, 2012 2 Comments

Last week at the Fast Implementation Boot Camp, GKIC members left excited because of the proven “ready-to-go” marketing processes they now have for their businesses.

It’s one of my favorite events because the change we see in businesses after they attend is so dramatic…

Like Walter Bergeron, our 2012 co-Marketer of the Year winner, who attended the Fast Implementation Boot Camp one year ago in September of 2011.

Walter went home and mailed out a newsletter using some of the things he learned. As a result, just a few weeks later, he received his first order from the newsletter for $30,000 from a “lost customer.”

I love stories like this.

The thing is, this might sound like an overnight success story. But the truth is, it’s not.

You see, Walter was a member with GKIC for a year before he came to that boot camp. And even though he was a member for a year, he didn’t use GKIC strategies during that first year.

He says, “When I started as a GKIC member I agreed with everything Dan (Kennedy) and all the members and guest speakers taught. I found it all very fascinating and intriguing and I thought that maybe someday I could do some of those things. But there was always something preventing me from taking the next step.”

The continued messaging to Walter through direct mail, emails, newsletters, webinars and boot camp is what finally convinced Walter to do something and try GKIC strategies.

In reality, Walter’s path is similar to the majority of your customers. Because there really are no “ready-made” customers, no matter what your business is. In other words, there is a period of gestation between when your prospect finds out about you and when he or she buys.

In Marketing to the Affluent, Dan Kennedy talks about how a $14,000 exercise machine is sold. He says, “The guy on the other end of the phone who took the order only– says that it was pretty easy (to get the order.) The salesman asked three questions and closed the sale… he didn’t see all the other stuff that lead up to it, nor did he see what else those prospects may have done.”

Not only do we not know how long a customer has been considering their purchase, often times we don’t see the other products and services our customers consider or even buy before they buy our “thing.”

Realize that no matter what you sell… insurance, financial services, furniture, food at a restaurant, pet products… whatever… everything has an incubation period. That means in order to win the business and truly convert a prospect to a buyer and a buyer to a loyal fan, it’s your job to get in front of and stay in front of your prospect.

This also means that you can’t expect a prospect to immediately convert to a customer.

This is why you need to constantly generate leads and help lead them through the gestation period to bring them to a fully mature, raving fan.

Four tips to developing raving fans are:

1. Create systems. Putting systems in place ensures you are regularly attracting and leading prospects to your product or service and engaging with them to help guide them and sell to them during that gestation period.

2. Create systems for every stage your prospect, client, customer or patient will go through. For example, create a system to attract new clients, to follow-up on potential clients, to manage current clients, to educate prospects and clients and to help customers use your product or service. Without systems in place, prospects and customers, clients and patients will never find out about you or they will fall through the cracks causing lost revenue or worse.In No B.S. Business Success In The New Economy, Dan relays this story from Dr. Michael Roizen M.D. as seen on PBS and Oprah. Dr. Roizen says, “…Even if the pills are free, in the V.A., and patients who have hypertension and know that it is a serious disease, only one-third of those patients take the pills prescribed—and that’s when the pills are free! Only two-thirds even fill the prescription to start with.” Dr. Roizen goes on to say that the “failure in medicine is failing to understand that we have to sell health.” In another story in Marketing to the Affluent Dan talks about how he was personally ready to write a check to a guy for $77,000 for a service he needed. Dan says he had the money. It was easy to get the money. He needed the service. And he trusted the guy. But… there were three or four things that Dan had questions about that weren’t answered or followed up on. The result? No sale. Lost revenue of $77,000 and probably a whole lot more because now there are no referrals from Dan nor a new customer who would continue to buy. In your business, you need to continue to sell whatever message your prospect or customer needs to understand and respond to.

3. Having systems in place means you won’t have to chase after clients, customers or patients—nor are you losing sales because you didn’t have time or forgot to follow up with them. Don’t worry about having a perfect system. You don’t need the perfect system to get started. Put something in place, then tweak as you go. At GKIC, we are constantly tweaking existing systems to make them better and sometimes we put something up, knowing it could be better. Don’t let perfect get in the way of done—because even an imperfect system will capture and convert more sales than one that isn’t done in the first place.

4. Swipe & Deploy. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Use what is already in place and proven to work. (The key here is to use something you know is successful.) For example, grab ideas from your Million Dollar Swipe File in your No B.S. Marketing Newsletter or the three-step sequence in Magnetic Marketing.  Not only does this make it easier and faster, but because these are proven to work, you will be more successful and more profitable. Bookmark systems. When you come across a system you like, bookmark it so you can easily find it later when you are ready to use it. For example, our most incredible free gift offer sequence (located here ) is a great example that every business can use to attract new customers and boost sales. If you aren’t ready to set this up in your business, bookmark it in a “to-do” file online. You can also save direct mail sequences to see what other businesses are doing. If you are holding an event, look at what GKIC is doing and save all the pieces we mail. Look at what companies who send out catalogs do. Save mail from non-profit organizations (big non-profits like American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Fund, and other non-profits tend to have excellent examples.) Then when you are ready to create your system, you have a ready-to-go swipe source waiting for you.

Put systems in place and you will find a lot more of your “Walter Bergeron” customers. You’ll be more efficient, more productive, and convert more prospects to paying customers. Plus, by ensuring consistent contact with your prospects, customers, patients and clients, you’ll always have a steady flow of new business.


Dave Dee is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students. Dave saw Dan speak over 16 years ago at one of the Peter Lowe Success Events when he was a struggling magician. He bought Magnetic Marketing and as you will hear when he tells you his story, his life changed in less than 90 days. Dave became a very serious student of Dan's by attending my seminars, joining his coaching group and most of all from implementing what he learned. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to

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  1. Trevor says:

    Dave, This is such solid advice. Thank you for publishing it. Both my clients and my business are continually benefitting from GKIC strategies.We constantly achieve way above industry standard results. Keep up the great work.
    Reliable Data

  2. Roman says:

    Hi GKIC, I love all your blogs and your advise, I’m a follower of you since January 2012 when I bought some of your books and TOOK ACTION. I want that you post a blog (or series) about when somebody “like me” become an entrepreneur for first time and not have testimonias from past clients because testimonials I learned are basic. Thats a challenge for me, and that’s because what I offer (stuff from startups) are for huge sums of money for Big Industrial and Comerce companies, and what I have help them and I’m glad for that. Thank you, I know that with you I will thrive, because what you have are the most logic, IMPLEMENT.

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