The Secret About Those Witches

By: Dan Kennedy on: March 29th, 2011 4 Comments

The secret is….they have no power unless you give it to them.

Most of the “boogeymen” that bedevil us in our businesses….in our lives….are powerless except for the power we hand them. We agree to be governed by them. We drop to our knees on our own.

Consider the “indispensable” employee holding employer, co-workers, office hostage. Time and time and time again, I hear of the existence of such a mythical, powerful creature from my coaching group members and clients. Time and time again, after extended periods of suffering, when finally emboldened to slay this demon, or the demon abruptly exits on its own, the myth is exposed.

The employee was far from indispensable. In fact, the removal of the creature instantly improved every measurable aspect of the business. It could have been sooner rather than later if only the entrepreneur had seen the creature for what it really was. Consider the troublesome, unreasonable, impossible to satisfy client holding the vendor hostage…..the “rules” of an industry, the way things “must” be done, the prices that “can’t” be raised, the business that is “different”.

Look more courageously at whatever fire-breathing, seemingly all-powerful creature stands between you and the way you want things to be. Its power exists only so long as you acknowledge it as powerful.

One of the objects I have, as a psychological trigger, is a rock with sword in it, symbol from the King Arthur legend, which I got via the Disney book and movie ‘The Sword And The Stone.’ If you are unfamiliar, go to bookstore or amazon, buy the kids’ book or Disney movie and read or watch. It is a lesson in truth about power.

On a more adult, directly instructional level, re-read ‘The New Psycho-Cybernetics’, then in succession, ‘Thick Face, Black Heart’ and ‘Power’ (the old book by Michael Korda).

In the interim, think about what creatures are bedeviling you, that you are infusing with power. . Spit in the eye of the thing bullying you. It’ll shrink instantly. Cower and slink away.


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4 Responses

  1. Alicia says:

    Thanks, I needed that! Off to slay my dragon…

  2. val says:

    i come from a community where witches are not to be is better to run away.but now i have the courage to face all of my demons.thank you kennedy.i wish i had the resource to attend any of your business seminars.val from nigeria

  3. David Bustle says:

    Love it Dan! So true!

  4. Scott Martin says:

    I tend to create these then blame others for creating them…not alone in this, I think. Fun, though, when I get rid of the things in the way.

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