The One Simple Difference Between Top Income Earners And Everyone Else…

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 23rd, 2012 3 Comments

A few years ago, having trekked to four cities in four days on my book promotion tour for my book No B.S. Guide to Trust-Based Marketing, I received a question.

I was traveling with the sponsor team on a Lear jet, moving at the end of each day’s event to the next city.

Everybody on the team knows I write books, newsletters, and other products as well as advertising copy for clients.

So one asked what I liked writing best.

I said: BIG numbers on bank deposit slips.

One of the things that will help you to write big numbers on your bank slips is having a system in place continually that brings you in new clients…the right ones in abundance of what you need.

If you do not have a system operating well and you have bills to pay, you end up living a big chunk of your business life “on the edge.”  Meaning if a customer decides not to give you their business it becomes a HUGE deal.  When so much is riding on so few decisions, you essentially hand over control of your business to your prospects and clients.

Which often results in you pricing your products and services too low.  Plus you act like you’re a little too desperate for their business which is a bright red flag to even the most eager-to-buy prospects.

Freedom in business means not putting yourself in a position where you have to worry if a particular prospect says “yes” or “no” to you.

Your goal is to be in the position where you have the option of saying “Next” to a prospect that doesn’t see the value in what you’re offering.  That’s where you want to be.

Having a client-getting, money-making, choice-giving, machine tirelessly working for you day and night is great for your peace of mind.

Waking up each morning and having emails in your in-box from customers, clients or patients that want to give you money is a very nice way to start the day.

So how do you make it happen?

You should strive for a fusion of advertising, marketing and selling, rather than a separation of these as isolated component parts.

And  strive for the zero-resistance, automatic, natural close.

This means that what occurs before the actual selling begins is just as important (if not more) than the actual close.  (I talk about this at length in the Five Sales Breakthroughs in Sales & Persuasion Strategies)

When prospects are properly selected, properly attracted, properly prepared and conditioned, and isolated in a no-competition zone, selling takes care of itself, closing is automatic.

This leads to the customers, clients or patients waiting for you each day when you wake up.

This leads to your choice of who you work with and what your time is worth.

And it leads to the freedom you desire.  In other words, you no longer feel like you’re captive to an individual prospect for the survival of your business.

There is one simple difference between top income earners in your business who enjoy more clients, customers or patients outside their door than they let in and all the wannabees…

…having a proven reliable feeder system.

Developing information products as part of this feeder system is one of the best ways I know to do this.

My four-city tour in four-days was grueling and unpleasant, hot, stuffy, cramped, back achey… exhausting.  Yet I was promoting my book (No B.S. Guide to Trust-Based Marketing) from which, my feeder system will be kept alive and well and functioning. It will keep me visible, and present another set of ideas to my audience out of which my next new client will rise and a past, inactive client who may be raised up once again.

This is the power of information-marketing: it helps you to properly select, attract, prepare and condition clients, customers and patients –condition them so they decide to choose your product or choose your service over your competitors without question.  In other words, they are pre-determined to buy from you.

Being able to earn your desired living, and operate FREE OF FEAR, able to turn away a past client you’ve outgrown or a new client who’s a poor fit without an ounce of worry over doing so, this IS a wonderful thing. And you can create that reality for yourself simply by developing information products as part of your feeder system.

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  1. David Hunter says:

    I love your new book No B.S. Guide to Trust-Based Marketing!

  2. I do not market a program where others can make money. I market a program about a controversial topic – the Islamization of America. Can this program show me how to make money at this type of info product?

    • Mike Stodola Admin says:

      Susan…you can use direct marketing strategies to market virtually anything and everything. We have many authors who are members who promote books…fiction and non-fiction with these techniques.

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