The A-B-C Success Formula

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 6th, 2010 3 Comments

All successful people have many, many differences that they are able to operate with and put together sort of into formulas of their own… but all successful people do have certain commonalities.

And that’s what we try and do.

That’s what any of one of us who records or writes material tries to do is to help people focus on the commonalities and still allow them room for the differences because when you finally put it all together your formula for success will undoubtedly be a little bit different than the one that works for me.

And the person next to you will undoubtedly be a little bit different than the one that works for you and me. But in all three of us there will be certain commonalities and when we’re focused on those commonalities the differences kind of take care of themselves.

So in this and the next couple of posts this week, I wanted to talk with you about some of those commonalities, some of those things that we observe in the people who are achieving the greatest success in business and in other fields today and sort of pass those on to you and talk about those a little bit.

The first thing that we observe in everybody that is doing very, very well today is a very innovative attitude. Now that’s extremely important because as you look around you and you see obviously that things are changing faster than they have ever changed before. Fortunes are being made today in industries and in businesses that did not even exist five years ago.

I spoke at a marketing seminar about a minute lube. Well, 15 years ago that whole industry of fast oil changes didn’t exist did it? That business was still the province of the service station. Today there really is no industry called service station. There’s a gas station industry but there’s not a service station industry because they got out of that business and they left that market behind and somebody created a whole new industry to take care of that market and do it better than ever before.

But 15 years ago if you had walked into your banker and said, “We’re going to open a store that does oil changes,” he would not have been real receptive to you because there was no such thing. And yet today it’s a huge and growing industry.

Another example would be Federal Express, which is really in the air freight industry but it’s a type of air freight that didn’t exist really until Federal Express kind of invented it and popularized it. And soon something else will come along and replace that and maybe Federal Express can adjust or not.

The people who are going to be very successful today and in the future will have to be more open-minded toward innovation than ever before because new industries, new businesses, new ways of doing things will be happening all around you and it is very, very easy to get left behind.

Many of you who have been with me since I spoke on The Success Tour know of one of my favorite examples of innovation. I’ll be talking about that one in few days.


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  1. Thanks for this post, Dan. I’m a psychotherapist and our industry is BEGGING for innovation. My secret this point has been that I’m a hard worker and I provide excellent service and follow-through to my clients. I hear so many wonderful ideas for innovation from my colleagues that they just never implement.

    Which bodes well for me because I know that when my big innovative idea comes, I’ll be prepared to follow-through with it.

  2. Sure, innovative ideas are important.

    But as you always point out, Dan, and as Jennifer explains above, “ideas” are a-dime-a-dozen. Only ACTION creates results.

    Thanks for consistently supplying innovative ideas, Dan. It’s up to the rest of us to actually implement them.

  3. With the new economy, this is only going to become more ‘the norm’ and so those who do not innovate could eventually fall by the way side.

    Am intrigued to know this example of yours re: innovation

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