The 7 Critical Marketing Areas You Need To Have In Place To Be Successful

By: Darcy Juarez on: January 4th, 2014 9 Comments

In business, there are 7 critical areas of marketing every business must have in place. Think of it as your “Wheel of Marketing.”

And in order to have your business run smoother, be less stressful, less time-consuming and excel faster, you must have all the spokes in place and balanced.

We determined the spokes of our “Wheel of Marketing” from working with Dan Kennedy and our millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneur GKIC members.

Through our members generous sharing of their successes, we discovered that these extremely successful and wealthy business owners each have 7 critical marketing areas (i.e. spokes) in your wheel and consistently have them working at their maximum potential. These 7 critical areas are:

1)      A market that is hungry to consume your message…and your product or service.

2)      A marketing message that grabs your prospects by the lapels and gets them to read your ad, sales letter, emails, or other marketing pieces.

3)      A system for increasing the lifetime customer value (LCV) of each customer, client or patient.

4)      A system for reaching more affluent customers that don’t make purchasing decisions based on price.

5)      A lead generation machine that never leaves you wondering where your next customer, client or patient is coming from.

6)      Offline strategies for getting your marketing message in front of your customers.

7)      Online strategies for siphoning more leads and sales to your business.

Take a minute to honestly rate yourself on each of the spokes of your marketing wheel—with 1 being not existent and 10 being outstanding. For example, if you don’t have a system for reaching affluent customers then you would rate yourself a 1 or if you have tried reaching out to the affluent market, but don’t have a system that consistently works, then you might rate yourself a 5.

This will not only help you determine where you are weakest and can improve the most, but it will also show you whether or not you are balanced. For instance, if you rate yourself a 10 on offline strategies but a 1 on online strategies, you can’t experience a thriving business.

Make all of your spokes strong in each of these seven critical areas and you will have a business that provides you with the income that allows you to take vacations without feeling guilty and have a business you look forward to going to each and every day without having worries constantly keeping you awake at night.

Is your “Wheel of Marketing” balanced? Leave a comment about what area(s) you need to strengthen the most.

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9 Responses

  1. Bob Long says:

    The problem as I have seen it in TONS of marketing lists, fixits, and such is always the same: literally NO DETAILS. If the answer is to have a crowd excitement website, how does one go about putting something like that together. I remember when INFUSIONSOFT was a complicated mess for newbies. Is it still that way? Who wants to spend loads of dollars spending all of our time doing research instead of getting down to business. Very few things are about TURNKEY and yet Dan Kennedy makes a big point of this in one of his business books concerning “selling a business.” So, it makes as much sense to have a TURNKEY approach to RUNNING a business. Are there ANY A-Z business books with a plan? If so, I haven’t seen any of them. It is mostly, “Do this, then this, etc.” with absolutely NO REGARD for the time involved in doing those things–often most of that time is WASTED, which certainly doesn’t fit well with Dan’s ideas of “Time Management.” I am not kidding, “implementation” is absolutely necessary to make money, and yet very little information is EVER offered on how to do this. There could be real money in this if someone were to do it, but most web designers and webmasters are too full of themselves to ever FINISH anything and finish it right within a reasonable amount of time and cost. And whenever I run across someone who says, “I can do this for you, no problem” that’s when the problems begin.

    • Lee Cooper says:

      I fully agree with Bob Long. I read so many of these general topics that leave me frustrated. I want to read something and implement it, but this leaves me no idea where to begin and I feel so lost in the dust and farther behind than I thought I was. I want something TURNKEY that I can implement. What is the system? What is the lead generating machine? What are the strategies?

  2. can you come to speak in cairo or algeria or jordan

  3. David Hunter says:

    The “Wheel of Marketing” is great advice since I’m starting an info-business for Realtors.

  4. Femi says:

    This got me seeing things clearly….

  5. Jason Clegg says:

    Great post, Darcy! I really like #7. We all need to do a better job of leveraging OFFLINE tactics to compliment the online marketing work we do.

    The beauty of offline marketing is it allows you to build a stronger, deeper relationship with your customers and prospects.

    I know for a fact that our monthly PRINT newsletters have a lasting impact on our customers. It kills me when people say offline media is dead. :)

  6. Taylor says:

    These are great areas for marketing to be successful that need to have attention brought to them but more detail about how/why those points will make you successful would be great. Thanks for sharing!

  7. John Nats says:

    Hi Darcy Thanks, I think I am lacking in my business people who are hungry to consume my message. I think there are a lot of people in the internet marketing business, standing out from the crowed is a real challenge. But I enjoyed reading your article and it has inspired me to re look at my business model.

  8. Andre says:

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    Just keep what you’ve learned in mind and you’ll be able to get your effort off
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