Stop the B.S…You are in Control

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 14th, 2009 6 Comments

To quote one of my favorite wise philosophers, Billy Clyde Puckett: “Life’s a funny old dog, ain’t she?”

What all Renegade Millionaire Entrepreneurs must know and embrace is: “You just can’t foresee and predict the future, whether next week’s or next year’s, so enormous flexibility is required.”

People who are too rigid in their ideas about anything are hamstrung in relationship to everything.

A year or even a month before Burnett pitched him, it’s safe to assume that becoming a reality-TV star was the furthest thing from Trump’s mind.

Until satellite radio came to be, Howard Stern had no options.

The CEO of Home Depot might have clung to the narrow definition of America’s largest store for do-it-yourselfers; instead, to his credit, he is rushing to embrace the fast-rising tide of consumers with no willingness to do anything themselves, who demand things done for them.

Many of our infomarketers are traveling the same path. I have often said, and meant, if you think or hope or attempt having your business of next year be the same as it is this year, you’ll probably be out of business altogether by the year after. Of course, the natural tendency is to grow more rigid, less flexible, less accepting of change as we grow older; the challenge is to do exactly the opposite. After all, the more successful you become, the more resources and options you have sinful not to use them.

One other, related thought: nothing need be permanent until they close the lid.

Not business failure or bankruptcy, not financial losses, not neglected talent or missed opportunity, not friendship torn asunder, not even divorce.

Few people fully and completely realize that they are in control. You ARE in control.

If you don’t like where you are, there are big green signs above your town’s highway telling you the way out of town. Lift up each foot; check for roots. Move.

If you don’t like what has transpired in your life, fix it. Change it. Even get a do-over.

If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t like your business, blow it up and re-design it or sell it.

If there is a common thread, a single message through almost everything I’ve ever written, recorded, taught, it is this. You can find it in my works on time management, on entrepreneurship, on marketing, in my autobiographical book ‘Unfinished Business’, etc.: that you are in control.

Please don’t be waiting around for divine intervention. Turn on CNN you’ll see He’s got bigger problems than yours on His to-do list.

Right after war, pestilence, floods wiping out entire cities, I’m sure your unhappiness with your customers is #7 or #8.

Don’t be waiting around for a lightning bolt of inspiration. Nobody should have to come and drag you out of bed to go to school once you’re past the age of 10. (That’s a metaphor.)

Don’t be waiting around for somebody else to certify you, anoint you, acknowledge you, grant you permission, write you, call you, forgive you, invite you. In my Wealth Attraction book, one of the Wealth Magnets is: Be Somebody. Another is: Do Something. Both are up to you.

*For those deprived folks who don’t know, Billy Clyde Puckett is the invention of one of the greatest, funniest novelists of our times, sportswriter Dan Jenkins. Billy Clyde is the narrator and star of Jenkin’s bestselling novel about football, west Texas, Barbara Jane Bookman and life, ‘ Semi-Tough.’


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6 Responses

  1. Rezbi says:

    “…nothing need be permanent until they close the lid.

    Not business failure or bankruptcy, not financial losses, not neglected talent or missed opportunity, not friendship torn asunder, not even divorce.”

    So true and yet a point so easy to miss.


  2. I made a committment, (a.k.a. decision) to drive a luxury car before the age of 40. Good possibility that this will happen by February. Almost 8 years early. If you don’t like the car you drive. Change it.

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    Wealth Attraction is some powerful stuff… and it will only come to those who take action and do something.

  4. Rob Anspach says:


    … when’s the website gonna be up? You already have built up a following on youtube, twitter and facebook – now’s it time to monetize that.

    You need a vehicle that brings all that social media together and gets people to buy from you more readily. You also need to create a e-newsletter which will allow you to more effictively drive home your messages, get people involved in helping you promote and brand you and give you the ability to sell products.

    It’s time to take YOU to a whole new level.

  5. Another great post, as usual.

    But I just want to point out how much I LOVE that “No B.S.” logo over the more milquetoast, pc version (ironically, the one without the actual hunk of B.S.).

    It’s a great test — when people prudishly cringe at it, that tells me they are FAR from ready for the harsh realities of “Planet Dan”. And real life, for that matter.

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