Small Business Direct Marketing Methods

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 6th, 2010 3 Comments

In Tuesday’s post, I discussed the multimedia approach used by McDonalds in order to gain top of consciousness positioning in your marketplace.

Unfortunately, there are few businesses that have the marketing budget that McDonalds has to purchase expensive media. Fortunately for you, there are direct marketing methods perfect for this purpose.

Perhaps the most effective I’ve seen is a 10X to 12X Contact Program directed at customers and selected, targeted prospective customers. In such a program you directly contact and communicate with those people at least ten to twelve times during the year not including their visits to your place of business or their routine transactions with you.

In doing so you might use birthday cards, seasonal greeting cards, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, special offer mailings, telemarketing, emails, personal sales calls and ad specialties.

I particularly like the use of a customer newsletter as a part of this contact program. I use this for my consulting business. I teach doctors to use it for their practices. It’s hard to think of a type of business that can’t benefit – if not by sales, by referrals – from the continuous communication of a good customer newsletter. Any company selling through dealers, distributors or retailers should use this method.

I also like the use of a personalized ‘Thank You’ to build customer loyalty. People like to be appreciated. It’s a very simple thing yet so few businesses today do anything to say thanks.

We recently tried a new messenger service for the first time. The next day they delivered a nice flower in a little crystal vase to our office with a thank you note. I think that’s brilliant. The next time we need a messenger service I can assure you that we are going to think of them.

Direct mail is great way of increasing the frequency of spending of customers or the order size of customers. You can also use direct mail to motivate customers to purchase slow moving items in your stores, come to your restaurant at a slow time, and stay in your hotels during the off season.

In using a frequent contact program to communicate with customer in order to gain all or a larger share of their business there are four simple ideas to consider as well as six ways that direct mail can be used to communicate with established customers.

I will be discussing all of these in tomorrow’s post.


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3 Responses

  1. Excellent, Classic, Vintage Dan.

    If you can link yourself to your customer the same way “xerox” is linked to making a photocopy or “Google” is linked to an online search (even when done on another search engine), you have made yourself the ultimate and only real possibility that your customer could choose.

    How much extra does it cost the airline to have the stewardess (err, flight attendant) say “thank you for flying with us” when you disembark from the plane?

    and yet, how does it affect your opinion of how the flight was and how you will fly next time?

  2. Charles Ra says:

    direct mail to increase the frequency of spending of my customers.
    thank you Dan

  3. Thanks to the rise of the internet and “free” email marketing (that is worth every penny), a great by-product is how much easier it is than ever to get people’s attention and build loyalty by using US mail and other offline strategies.

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