Should You Just Quit?

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 2nd, 2011 3 Comments

As you may recall, France leapt up and demanded to lead the U.N. “peacekeeping force” to be plunked between Hezbolah and Israel, 15,000 strong – to which France would make a “very significant contribution.” That turned out to be not 15,000; not 5,000; but 400, only 200 of which ever arrived.

Stephen Colbert said:

“The only difference between500 French troops and 15,000 French troops is – less prisoners.”

They’ll never escape their deserved reputation for surrender. It’s not an enviable reputation. It’s not an enviable behavior.

In a nice little community next to mine, there’s been a thriving “Main Street’ with independent merchants for at least 50 years.

I like going to the independent bookstore there and browsing in the much-too-cluttered-too-much-stuff-in-too-little-space a lot better than I like going to a Barnes & Noble megastore-coffeeshop-and-auto repair place.

I like buying toys in the little toy and model train store.

I like eating in the little diner.

Well, last year, in its infinite stupidity, the city let developers build a big, fancy shopping and restaurant “fake little town” behind the real Main Street, where chain restaurants and stores have proliferated.

The Main Street merchants are dropping like flies. But they are just surrendering.

They’ll say they’ve been driven out of business. But they’re all despicable liars.

The local media’s doing sob stories about them.

They deserve a horse-whipping, not sympathy (as do a lot of people). In fact, two of the fastest to surrender were the pharmacy with soda counter and the model railroad store; there is no pharmacy or train store opened or coming to the new area behind them – but there is MORE customer traffic for them to benefit from. These ‘French” started waving their white flags even before the Germans got there.

I deplore the Oprahization of America, the wimp epidemic that has turned men to mice, the poor-me eagerness to be a victim, the thumb-sucking and whining, the behaving like the damned French.

Hopefully, you are better equipped than most – with marketing, sales and business know-how, and with confidence – so that you aren’t running around waving the white flag in the face of any and every challenge or interference that rears its little head.

Hopefully, you get up every morning on your hind legs and stand tall. There’s no place on the business battlefield for the faint of heart, the timid, the easily discouraged or distracted, for anyone with white flag at the ready.


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  1. Jen says:

    Ok Dan – I’ll fight even harder :)

  2. Marc says:

    Freedom toast… get your face bloodied soldier.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the push!!

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