Secrets to Achieving Your Goals

By: Dan Kennedy on: November 16th, 2010 2 Comments

Yesterday, I taked about how to set goals.

I would now like to share some secrets to how to setachieving the goals you have already set.

Paul Meyer said: if you aren’t achieving what you want to achieve, it is probably because your goals are not clearly enough defined. Maxwell Maltz would say that they aren’t transferred into sufficiently vivid, complete and frequently looked at mental pictures. All that is valid but incomplete; only the first square on the achievement game board.

Another piece; from The Renegade Millionaire System: BEHAVIORAL CONGRUITY. You must bring your behavior congruent to your goals. It is very important to link goals and behavior.

Another piece: resources. Can’t build a nest without twigs, grass, leaves and super glue. Gotta gather up the stuff to do the job.

Another piece: action.

Another piece: decisive, quick, ruthless discard and destruction of whatever or whoever stands in your way. Most people have far too high of a tolerance level for dysfunctional people, distractions and piles of dung flung at them.

Another piece: extraordinary, aggressive, progressive marketing and promotion. Make no mistake: having an excellent product or delivering exceptional service is not enough. Not even close. Nor is credibility. We live in a very cluttered, competitive and fragmented marketplace filled with both overt and stealth advertising.

You need realistic assessment of what you are up against, in terms of getting through to people, earning their attention and interest, motivating them to fit you into their busy lives. These days, asking for time from people is at least as difficult as asking for their money.

In past editions of my newsletters, I have emphasized two tactics of ever-increasing importance that address this: better, more precise targeting; and making getting your mail or doing business with you fun.

On a given morning , I may process 23 critiques. 22 of the 23 usually fail at least one, most both of these – they are unfocused, generic, “for everybody” messages and they are dull, ordinary, uninteresting.


To be fair there are ones that I truly enjoy that do use the tested and proven principles I share.


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  1. Paul Serwin says:

    Taking action is the most important step in achieving your goals. It’s important to know how to get there, and it’s very important to DO IT.

  2. Hi, I have been an insider circle member for a year now.

    Started taking it seriously in April 2010. Over the year there has been a gradual change from: is this a cone, im not really sure about this, to eagerly waiting for the monthly news letter and buying no bs books and other books Dan mentions.

    The stage that Im at now is implementation. With so much information, I have found checklists to be useful for example instead of referring to three books on sales letters, instead I have written the ultimate checklist, of key points to consider to put into a sales letter.

    Also a timer in the office with 15 minutes given for this topic, 30 for another. Staff hate it when the alarm goes off, but we’re more productive. Even on reading this blog I can see improvements that I can make to setting goals and implementing.

    Overall the Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer experience has been like, the defense system in the terminator film, becoming self aware. Its like my business became self aware on the 6th April 2010 and is now driving forward with selfish interest and momentum.

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