Quick and Dirty Ways To Get Money

By: Dan Kennedy on: April 7th, 2011 5 Comments

Yeah, I know, you’re annoyed the last few strategies have been preachy and general. So here are a few quick ‘n dirty ways to bring in some extra dough this week or month.

1. Go back 2 to 3 years, find a sales letter and a promotion you used with your customers that worked, dust it off, and use it again.

2. Take your 10% best customers, think about them for a day, create a product, service, offer or promotion just for them and go after just them. Consider dialing for dollars too, even if you usually don’t. Personal calls to best customers with a good offer almost always pay off.

3. Take your 10% worst customers and dump ‘em. I guess that won’t immediately get you more money. It will give you a more realistic assessment of your customer number. It will save you money.

4. Take your lost, inactive customers, send them an apology letter. Think of it like coming into the room and getting “that look” from your wife – what difference does it make what you actually did or didn’t do? Just say “I’m sorry”. Then make them an absolutely irresistible offer to get them back. Like: free. Free’s usually pretty good. Not almost free or nearly free or deceptively not-free or free with clauses and restrictions. Free. Then have an upsell ready.

5. Mail a coupon or offer to ALL your customers with personalized birthday cards. It doesn’t matter that you’re wrong by months. They’ll either correct you or the won’t. But nobody throws away a big, colorful birthday card without reading what’s inside. If you want to go big, send balloons too.

6. If you have to prospect, prospect by proximity. If you sell to consumers, go after the immediate left, right and across the street neighbors of your good customers. If you sell B2B, the direct competitors, the other businesses in the same industry or same office complex or same group.

7. Also, prospect the prospects you think are untouchable; nobody else is trying to get to them either. I’ve only had two people selling anything directly attempt selling to me all year. Both did. Fortune favors the bold.

Tip: Massive action.

Tip: Fast action.

Do one of these today, the next tomorrow, the next the next day. If you rest on the 7th day, you can still get them all implemented in 8.

I’d predict some noticeable bump in business. If, however, you do one a month for the next 8 months you may not notice any change in the weather.


Dan Kennedy is internationally recognized as the 'Millionaire Maker,' helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. Dan's "No B.S." approach is refreshing amidst a world of small business marketing hype and enriches those who act on his advice. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to www.GKIC.com

5 Responses

  1. Allen Carrington says:

    beautiful, as long as we listen , and do…

  2. Donna Kopf says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about not implementing the birthday card mailing that I had planned on starting last month and subsequently forgot about. It’s not too late to get those March babies! Hurray!

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    #3 Take your 10% worst customers and dump ‘em. I do this on an annual basis, either directly or indirectly. Directly by letting them know hey no longer fit into my business parameters or indirectly when I raise my prices and they can’t afford me anymore.

  4. linden moe says:

    yes also cutting the 10% will allow much more productivity and here is why…
    that same 10% make up 90 percent of your problems…

    so when you cut that 10% it frees up that time to get more clients.

  5. Darren says:

    Great advice.

    Tips 2 and 3 remind me of the 80/20 rule. If 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, it makes sense to focus more attention on them.

    If the remaining 20% of your sales come from 80% of your customers, cutting the bottom 10% would devote more time and resources to the top 20% of customers.

    Tip 5 reminds me of an email I received for Discover Card offering double the cash back bonus during the entire month of my birthday.

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