Often Wrong, Never In Doubt

By: Dan Kennedy on: March 14th, 2011 1 Comment

That’s the title of a solid business book by ad man turned TV talk show host Donny Deutsch. It’s instructive because it takes an excessive, sometimes unjustified amount of CERTAINTY to lead – a team or a company or a country.

At the top, wearing the captain’s hat, there’s little time for reflection or 2nd-guessing.

A few weeks back, one of these e-mails so offended a good Gold+ Member, he wrote me a lengthy letter, to which I replied privately, and wrote about generally in the NO-BS Marketing newsletter.

Specifically, he was offended by 4 sentences, expressing but one thought. And given slow and careful reflection, I might have made my central point just as well omitting the inflammatory thought and keeping it to myself. But were I to so carefully and thoughtfully edit my entire output, it would, by necessity, shrink to a tiny fraction.

To be prolific, you must be reckless. Were I to so cautiously edit my expressed thoughts, I would be a far less interesting fellow in very short order. Neither best serves my economic interests.

That’s always the question for the entrepreneur, of course: what best serves your economic interests? Usually, of the choices, every one of them somehow damages your economic interests. One offers benefit further in excess of the damage than others.

More often than not, decisiveness and speed are more profitable than ponderous deliberation. And a lot of 2nd guessing just slows you down.

The husband is leaving the house when is wife says: you aren’t planning on wearing that tie with that suit, are you? Obviously he was; he had it on; he’s at the door. But he 2nd guesses, goes back upstairs, re-visits mirror and closet. Somebody says: you aren’t going to mail that on that god-awful neon pink paper, are you? Same result.

As a speaker, there’s the speech you intended to give, speech you gave, speech you wished you’d given. For sanity’s sake, I stopped thinking much about that about 1,200 speeches ago.

Of course, there is a difference between bold action and outrageously ill-considered, reckless risk.

In NO B.S. BUSINESS SUCCESS, I wrote about the difference between taking, risks and managing risks. And I still like what I wrote. But I also know that true entrepreneurs put themselves out there on a shaky limb one way or another almost everyday. And I’m certain that more is lost through timidity than daring, more lost through 2nd guessing than rapid implementation.

I am absolutely certain of that. Not in doubt about it at all.


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