Nurturing Your Herd from Offline to Online

By: Dan Kennedy on: January 9th, 2016 8 Comments

If you have a list of names with mailing addresses, it makes sense to move these names online.

Why? Contacting them online with email messages costs practically nothing, especially compared to the cost of a regular postal mailing. There is a huge economic advantage to staying in touch regularly with emails.

However, don’t entirely abandon or discard your regular snail mail list. Hold on to it for special occasions. There are times when it’s smarter to reach out to your herd through conventional mailing methods instead of online.

By moving your names online, you are creating a second avenue of contact. Using multiple channels to communicate with your customers gives your list diversity. Diversity leads to stability. You now have multiple ways to contact these people.

Here’s how to seamlessly move your offline list to online:

• Send a postcard to your offline list asking them to go online to claim a gift, free information, etc.
• When your customers go online, be sure to have them provide their current email address
• Once they claim the free giveaway, move them to a “thank you” page
• On the “thank you” page your customers can claim a second free gift, information, giveaway
• While your customers are on the “thank you” page, ask them to update their mailing address if necessary
• Consider giving them a choice of several giveaways on your “thank you” page

You’ve done several things here. You’ve moved your most active customers online. You’ve cleaned up your traditional mail list by offering to mail them a giveaway while asking for their email address. And by giving them some kind of choice on the “thank you” page, you’ve increased your chances of getting a response and of getting an up-to-date mailing address.

Do you want to expand your list of names? Rent a high-responding list. In most instances you are allowed to mail to these names one time. Once again, offer them some sort of free gift or information they can receive as long as they provide their email address. If these rented names give you their email addresses, they have responded, so you’ve captured their names. They are now your names and you are free to communicate with them as often as you like

Here’s another tactic you can deploy. Opt-in and get on the list of other marketers. You don’t need to buy anything. You’re doing your own form of research. You may be able to borrow what others are doing to your advantage.

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8 Responses

  1. sam says:

    I need more response to my marketing and more conversion

    • Darren Teale says:

      If conversion rate is down than you need to ask yourself “Is my message right for the market?” Are you talking to the right people.
      By this I mean you may be having a conversation with people who are not interested.
      I assume you have a list of clients. Look through it and ask who do I like dealing with?
      Look at your best clients the ones that pay the most and you like helping. Lets face it we have all had at least one. He writes a big check but, you wind up wasting so much time and effort keeping them happy that in in the long run you have lost any profit and in some cases you have made a lose. I’m saying forget about those ones.
      Look at what links these clients?
      If you want a hand with this the CKIC product that did it for me was The Ultimate Marketing Machine part of the coarse leads you through this so well.
      The biggest thing is you need to do is find out who you want as a client, where you can find them and know the conversation that is going on in their head.
      I know when I did this was my online efforts were not working and finding them offline and keeping them offline work better for me.

  2. David Hunter says:

    It’s all about putting your prospects/clients in a circle!

    Use your offline marketing to get them to go online, and use your online marketing to get them to go offline and buy your product/service!

    And, as you said, always be sure to collect contact info!!! I went to a new healthy fast-food restaurant today (because I saw their coupon in the local coupon magazine), and told them I never knew they existed, so thanks to the coupon magazine! They never once asked me for my contact info… Now they’ll never know if I return or not. Their offline ad (coupon) did it’s job and brought me in, but they didn’t have a system in place to collect my contact info to market to me directly.

  3. Aduspenny says:

    Thanks Dan for this valuable information. Really appreciate it.

  4. Anuj says:

    I am starting to send offers as a restaurant owner. But its difficult to think what different offers can I give to my customers to keep them with the business

    • Darren Teale says:

      Where do you want to start, Two industries that I have been in are Automotive and home security… try thinking of continuity programs for them.
      1. Elite diners club/ Specialty menu, jack the prices to cover free bottle of wine or some other added benefit
      2 Loyalty program, after so many meals a bottle of wine or a free meal
      3 Wine Club
      4 Guilt advertising “So, you missed Valentines day make up for it with special meal to revive the romance and we will through in a bouquet of roses” (could be anniversary, her birthday etc we men tent to be the ones at fault with the small details on the romance front and most likely caught with the guilt trip marketing).

      As you build detail in customer list do surveys to get more details you can target birthdays, holidays, anniversary’s even special local events hey, why not capitalize on the things happening in your area as a reason to dine with you advertise to the event planners list.

      Take a look around think about the Giorgio letters used in a lot of GKIC programs.

      I have only 30 minutes on average to get email address spouses name needs and fears plus convince them that I have the answers so, when I leave the customer if they are one of the 30% that don’t buy from me on first visit, I can follow up as a friend and get the order. for the 70% that order straight away I can continue a relationship with so, they remember me next time or they tell their friends to come see me.

      Take a close look at your staff and how they talk to your customers each visit to a table is a chance to learn more. You should have the staff scripted to get the answers you need to deliver the service your guests/ customers are looking for. Another thing with language what your staff call your customers will change how they treat them, as a leaf from the Disney book calling them guests could improve the service they give them. Even titles given to staff can change who your “guests” treat them. for instance I introduce myself to my clients as “Hello Mrs/ Mr Client, I’m Darren Teale your security consultant from XYZ Company” and to my face I have had clients rubbishing other companies for employing salesmen and not consultants. I’m still there to get a sale, it is just a title but, believe me it will change the perception in the customers eyes.

      I hope this gives you a few ideas

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