Measured Results VS. Statistics

By: Dan Kennedy on: April 22nd, 2010 8 Comments

I can tell you this – it doesn’t matter whether you are a sales person, a small business owner or corporate executive – it doesn’t matter whether you sell to businesses or consumers, if you’ll thoroughly study and consider the information and ideas presented in this blog and take appropriate follow-up actions to switch the emphasis of your marketing into methods that bring direct response and are results measurable you will improve the profit of your business.

And I want you to remember this – any media sales person, any ad agency person, any consultant, anyone in your own firm who is anti-direct response does not have your best interest at heart. The person who opposes having the results measured accurately already knows that the results are inadequate.

Not many people know this about me because I’m not particularly proud of it but, I come from the advertising business and once owned a small ad agency. Our clients included many small companies as well as big firms like Goodyear, Aerospace and Monsanto.

I’ve also worked with other ad agencies as a freelance copywriter, consultant, and a trainer of account executives on presentation skills. Unfortunately the agency business is very much a smoke screen and sleight-of-hand business.

You’ll be presented with demographic statistics from a given media that are just great. Unfortunately the listeners or readers all lied when they responded to the survey in order to look good and feel good. They inflated their incomes for example.

Print media loves to snow you with its pass-along figures. They’ll talk 100,000 readership with 20,000 subscribers. When you have to write out the payroll checks, pay the other bills, pay for all the advertising, pay the taxes and then see what might be left for you, you cannot deposit pass-along statistics or image in the bank account.

You can only deposit dollars, which come from real results.


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  1. Rob Anspach says:

    With any marketing your message needs to be results driven. Image or instititional ads just don’t work- they are not accountable, nor measurable and let’s not forget trackable. All of those things can be answered in a direct marketing campaign. Direct response will get you more bang for your buck results out of the gate then any image ad could ever do.

  2. Ryan says:

    So so true. This particular post is near and dear to me because I see it everyday in my business. The folks who sell advertising space or put you on retainer for agency services are not trained to generate leads and they certainly aren’t responsible for making your phones ring or your lead form ding. In many cases these marketing folks are artists turned “marketer” because a corporate HR type said, “you’re creative – you should be in marketing” or they’re trained pitbull salespeople using shear brute force sales techniques to smash and grab as many sales as they can get. In either case what they’re peddling is completely internally focused, meaning either “how can I get this deal today to hit my sales quota” (in the case of the ad rep) or “how can we create a polished image that looks pretty for your company” and keep your buns on retainer for as long as possible (in the case of the agency).

    In either case if you’re turning this vital portion of your business over to someone else and giving them responsibility for your marketing – YIKES! I believe on “planet Dan” people refer to this as being a marketing victim. There you are gutted on the safari floor like a zebra being picked apart by Skekses-like marketing vultures.

    Here are the proper tools to use to ensure accountability, control and to fend off those buggers:
    1. Call tracking (if you’re not using this vital tool you’re missing huge opportunities – this is what we help companies do)
    2. Website analytic tools
    3. Marketing automation software
    4. Lead generation systems (ethical bribe)
    5. Position devices

    I’m preachin to the choir…
    Businesses pay a far greater price in the long run for mediocre marketing than those who are willing to invest to create an exceptional marketing system now.

  3. Classic Classic Dan.

    Bottom line question when choosing direct response or image advertising:

    “Awards… or Rewards?”

  4. Jason Dove says:

    Music to my ears. My entire career is based around measuring company performance (ie Business Intelligence) and marketing should be no exception.

  5. Eria Odhuba says:

    Dan, this makes perfect sense. Incredibly though, I have been in touch with various magazines and the amount of time they spend trying to sell me demographics, salary profiles etc makes me wonder what measurement tools they have for marketing campaigns.

    If they had statistics that, for example, showed how much business was actually generated for clients from the ads in their magazines, I’d be much happier. Now that is a gap that needs to be filled…

  6. I worked for a yellow pages publisher for 3+ years. Reps DEFINITELY HATED when advertisers accurately tracked the results of their ads, because they were almost always horrible.

    When I was a brand-new, bright-eyed rep I overheard one old-timer call “tracking phone numbers” in ads “The Kiss Of Death” — meaning the rep put in the tracking number to convince the advertiser to try it for one more year, but he knew they would cancel the ad next year (after throwing away another $20K or so).

    Sucks to be the advertiser who doesn’t accurately track on their own, huh?

  7. Charles Ra says:

    You can only deposit dollars, which come from real results.
    basic principle of direct response Dan. thank you.

  8. Charles Ra says:

    Sucks to be the advertiser who doesn’t accurately track on their own, huh?
    yes, Steve, and I am guilty of making this mistakes.
    practicing detailed tracking on everything, as you said.
    I am always greatful for your guidance.

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