‘Marketing Noise’ is Getting Louder

By: Dan Kennedy on: May 3rd, 2010 9 Comments

We’ve been talking about the number one most important asset of any business, which are its customers.

In order to properly embrace this I must first tell you about a thing called “Marketing Noise”, which is a catch-all term representative of the tremendous amount of marketing going on all around us.

It’s everything from billboards, car and truck signs, bus bench signs, displays and signage in stores, flyers stuffed in bags, flyers under windshield wipers, direct mail, brochures packed in with purchases, brochures in with credit card and utility bill statements, radio commercials, TV commercials reduced from sixty to thirty seconds, telemarketing, personal selling, cable TV shows that are really commercials, ads in magazines and newspapers.

It’s a fact that the average adult consumer is presented with more opportunities to spend money today in one 4-hour period than he was in thirty 24-hour periods just a decade ago.

There is a mammoth amount of marketing noise bombarding the consumer every day that is vying for his discretionary income and his credit.

In business-to-business marketing the same basic situation exists. Although, there is less cold call selling going on today than at any time I can recall there is much more business-to-business marketing taking place.

The card deck is just one example of media has been invented in the last decade to go after business-to-business. The number of business magazines, newspapers and trade journals carrying advertising to the executive and business owner has more than tripled in the past five years.

DVDs, computer CDs and other electronic media are being used as brochures as well as in place of sales calls today. There is a mammoth amount of marketing noise bombarding the executive, manager and business owner.

Then within all that marketing noise there is all the direct competition in your particular field. Competitors who grow more sophisticated and aggressive by the minute, not only competing for new customers but also attempting to take away your present customers.

What are you doing about it? Leave your comments below…


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9 Responses

  1. I agreed with your points on “noise” out there. There is a lot and its overwhelming. You note all the mediums advertisers are using to reach prospects (direct mail, flyers, electronic media etc) It my experience that what many sales forces are neglecting are the “basics” that is sound sales skills. Building rapport, growing a mutually beneficial relationship (and maintaining them!) If the sales person has done his or her job right than the “noise” doesnt matter. Clients wont think about leaving when sales people are delivering not only a great product but other intangible value as well. While technology can help make your pitch look proffessional and pretty, it doesnt replace a careing partner in the process of achieving the objective. People buy YOU before the product. Use technology to magnify YOU not replace you.

  2. Charles Ra says:

    marketing noise bombarding the consumer every day that is vying for his discretionary income and his credit.
    I am working on keeping the fence higher and higher with 2-3 plus touches per month.

  3. kiaran says:

    Interesting. Lots more noise BUT pretty sophisticated antennas out there to tune into and filter the specific and peculiar channels that take our fancy-appreciate your contribution to the noise-Cheers K

  4. I’d like to also add that in the business to business arena here in the UK, the number of networking events has literally EXPLODED – and the amount of business being passed through the many organised events that they have appears to have done the same.

  5. Rob Anspach says:

    yes I agree in the bombardment of marketing noise…

    as marketer it’s our responsibility to either heighten that noise, make it more obvious or silent the noise in regards to our marketing or the marketing we create for our clients.

    If you really want to capture their attention 2-3 plus touches per month isn’t going to work… I would recommend if you wish to make some noise…amp-up your noise makers and crank up the volume… try 20-30 plus touches per month…


  6. I think the key is to separate yourself from the noise. Not with a few clever marketing pieces – although that’s essential too – but by completely dominating a niche. When a customer visits your site/store/publication, there needs to be NO DOUBT that this is the authority on this particular niche.

    I know, I know, easier said than done.

  7. John Bruin says:

    If you want someones attention…..whisper.

  8. Charles Ra says:

    whispering… to get someones attention. interesting

  9. I’m with you, Darrin.

    (a) Narrowing down one’s target market and then (b) making it clear to that market that YOU are the ONLY conceivable choice is the way to go.

    I do that for myself and my cleints — and help my GKIC Chicago & Northwest Suburbs Chapter Members do the same.

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