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By: Dave Dee on: February 19th, 2014 118 Comments


VIDEO #1 “Why Do You REALLY Want More Customers, Clients and Patients”


VIDEO #2 “How I Went From Dead Broke To Successful Entrepreneur”

VIDEO #3 “How To Find Your Ideal Customer Part One…Create Them”

 VIDEO #4 “How To Find Your Ideal Customer Part Two…Get In Their Head”



Dave Dee is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students. Dave saw Dan speak over 16 years ago at one of the Peter Lowe Success Events when he was a struggling magician. He bought Magnetic Marketing and as you will hear when he tells you his story, his life changed in less than 90 days. Dave became a very serious student of Dan's by attending my seminars, joining his coaching group and most of all from implementing what he learned. For more money-making marketing tips, tactics and strategies, go to

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  1. Brooks says:

    As a Gold Member with wonderful kids, my reasons for succeeding are to provide for my generations of my family and even help my friends. I want to care for family and other people, including those in need and in my community. I’m in debt and need to get on the right track.

    As well, I want to help businesses like GKIC even in small ways because it’s people like you and Dan and Darcy, the three D’s, who are changing my life.

  2. Linda LaFaro says:

    1 – Admiration for my father & aunt as entrepreneurs self made in real estate; my role models.
    2 – Tired of corporate life.
    3 – Freedom for self
    4 – Fascination with the world of real estate.
    5 – Financial peace of mind

  3. Ruben Alfonzo says:

    The main reason for my decisión to be autonomous and independent is that I want to own my life, be financially free, determine my destiny, spend enough and valuable time with my wife, kids and my extended family, travel abroad with my wife, invest time studying to grow continuously, decide what to do wiyh and how to spend my time…To be free

  4. chuks says:

    I want to be financially independent (free).
    Enable me to spend to engage in charitable projects significantly
    Spend time and travel the world at will with my wife and children
    Help the needy

  5. desiderio says:

    quiero ver el vidio pero no hablo ingles por favor colocar un traductor a español gracias por su atencion

    • Enrique says:

      El primer video te recomienda que te respondas cuales son las razones emocionales por las cuales quieres ser un empresario exitoso: Poder darles a tus familiares una mejor vida? Salir de una vida de probreza exasperante? Demostrarle a los criticones que tu eres capaz?

      El segundo video cuenta como Dave Dee se inicio llendo a un Seminario de Dan Kennedy y que al principio no se atrevio a gastar $300 dolares (lo cual era mucho para alguien que estaba lleno de deudas) pero que fue gracias a que Dan le mando una carta de venta del sistema Magnetic Marketing, que Dave se decidio comprar el sistema (lo penso mucho, y leyo muchas veces la carta sabiendo que el sistema le iba a servir, pero el miedo lo paraba). Leyo el sistema, se endeudo, se puso a actuar y a aplicar el sistema y poco a poco fue obteniendo resultados.

      El tercer video te recomienda que hagas un perfil ficticio de tu cliente ideal: que edad tiene, que sexo tiene, donde vive, que revistas lee, que lugares frecuenta, como es fisicamente para que cuando escribas una carta o un e-mail o un anuncio, se lo dirijas a el personalmente, y no hables como si te dirigieras a un grupo de personas.

      El cuarto video te recomienda que profundices mas en el perfil mental de tu cliente; ¿Que problema lo mantiene despierto en la noche, con angustia y rabia o desesperacion?
      ¿Que es lo que anhela de forma privada y secreta profundamente en su corazon?
      Trata de ponerte en los zapatos de tu cliente y completa la siguiente frase:
      Si tan solo tuviera … para asi …

      Espero que esto te sirva

  6. DAVID LOVE says:

    1. Just like Dave said, I want to have enough money to have the freedom to do whatever I want in life. I want to be able to help my kids get what they want.
    2. I do marketing consulting/coaching. I’m in an industry that desperately needs what we teach. The more I learn, the better I’m able to help others.
    3. I’ve been in this industry over 40 years. I want to give back.

  7. Greg Irwin says:

    I believe a person needs financial autonomy right now because the financial security of our parents’ generation is disappearing. With the probable demise of Social Security as it was promised, the disappearance of pensions and the potential looting of retirement savings, and the astronomical increases in health care costs, financial autonomy is no longer optional – it is required.

  8. Mary Schoepe says:

    My reason “why” is so that my husband can finally retire. He is retired from the FDNY and since we have a son in college, (even though he got a baseball scholarship) my husband still has to work so we can pay off our parent loans to the college. I want to have more time so my husband and I can go watch our son play baseball, go on vacation and just spend some “free” time.

  9. Jeff says:

    I have to options in life, do what I do or die. I cannot! work for anyone else. It is NOT in my character. Plus I have a calling in life that’s larger than I could ever be to help others. Sorry Dan, but the money is not priority for me. I do love money, but getting MY message out and helping people to NOT go through the hell the majority are going through in regards to the making the wrong decisions in career and life, is all that matters to me. I care about nothing else, so what’s a poor boy to do but move forward. Like Martin Luther King said, if you don’t have something worth dying for, you have nothing worth living for. And I am the living proof of that.

  10. Ryan Beach says:

    My reasons why

    1. To be finically free

    2. To spend more time with family (Currently working 2 jobs)

    3. So the wife doesn’t have to work

  11. Kevin says:

    In a word, FREEDOM.

    To create financial and time freedom for myself and my family.

    To enrich my clients and help them expand freedom in an un-free world.

  12. Paul Finney says:

    To prove to the world it can be done! By me! My business improves clients’ health and well being and makes the whole world better in the process1

  13. Mike Ornelas says:

    I want to have the freedom to spend with my family and friends. But also to assist as many other people in achieving a dream of freedom, too. My motivation is having grown up as an accountant’s son. My dad is still an accountant. But before I came in and helped him grow his business, he was having to return to working a JOB after tax season because he wasn’t charging high enough fees. Now, although we’re not quite where I’d like the business to be, we have more free time than ever and he doesn’t have to return to working a JOB after tax season. But my dream is to not have to be as active in the business, while the business still generating recurring revenue.

  14. Brad says:

    My wife and our baby baby daughter deserve to have a man in their life that can take care of them financially and also by giving them my time.

  15. Selvan says:

    I want to achieve financial freedom so that I can spend more time with my family and do the things I love to do and go traveling to all the beautiful places in this world. I want to have more time to really enjoy life with whom I want and when I want. Time is the real currency of Life.

  16. Bonita says:

    Purchased a big investment business and property and want to see it paid off so my family will not have the burden when we are gone, but can enjoy being part of this business investment and enjoy growing the business in this beautiful island we live in.
    I want to help charities. I want to travel. I want to see my sons not work so hard they don´t have time to breathe. I want to see my husband work on his hobbies and not work cause he has no choice.

  17. Tim Cromwell says:

    Financial freedom and security for the rest of my life on earth, my children’s life and my children’s children and perhaps even a couple more generations. Financial freedom to help less fortunate ones on a daily basis. I have a desire to give even more help to homeless children, abused animals,sick children struggling families. I am very grateful for what life has given me. I wish everyone could be as fortunate.

  18. Marion Lynn Connell says:

    Why? I see so many adults and youg children affected by the obesity epidemic, many of whom have no clue as to how detrimental it is for their health. I would so like to make enough money with clients that can afford my services that I could possiblky open a free or semi free clinic to help and encourage those to develop a more healthy eating habit and teach their children how to do the same ,thereby reducing the rise in diabetes and other related diseases.

  19. Ross Meyer says:

    My life dream is to travel the US and world, training with experts (business and physical culture), and promulgate values of health, vitality, and physical excellent in modern culture.

  20. Habib Ali says:

    Good work always should get going

  21. Crystal says:

    1) Live Seminar
    2) Direct Mail with Special Offer by Deadline.
    3) Customer Service Number
    4) Taking Massive Action

  22. Shazia says:

    Hi, Dave

    I think most people have similar answers to the “Why”. My reasons are:
    1) I want to be financially free. Not to get up early morning or to sleep late night thing about how to get the bills paid etc.
    2) Like you said, I want to have the freedom to be with my loved ones whenever I want, wherever I want, and at whatever time I want. And I love giving gifts to family & friends, so I shouldn’t have worry about the cost.
    3) I want to make a difference in the world by contributing not only to my community but also at a global level.

    This is the first time I’m commenting on a GKIC blog post. I really benefit from yours, Dan’s, and Darcy’s emails and blog posts. And am also trying to learn from the videos posted on GKIC youtube. Thank you very much. I’m really excited to attend this Magnetic Marketing webinar.

  23. Shazia says:

    I’m sorry I just saw the second video. The lessons I learnt are:
    1) We have to implement what we learn and stick to it to see massive result.
    2) If know or believe there is something in which if you invest it’ll give you the results you want, then you got to take advantage of the opportunity.

    God willing I’ll have my own Magnetic Marketing story one day. God bless you all.

    Thank you very much.

  24. I have now reached the “other side” of this equation Dave mentioned. I attended the FAST Implementation Boot Camp Dave talked about, I implemented the original magnetic marketing in my industrial repair business. I am currently living the lifestyle of freedom, taking my wife and son scuba diving for an entire summer, having free time to smell the roses in life and experience a freedom attained through a lot of hard work. I wish this type of lifestyle on everyone that is driven to implement the foundational marketing of GKIC in their business, to attain a lifelong goal and live life on their terms. There is a saying that I think fits here, though I can’t remember where it came from or if I even have it fully correct, but it says “Live for a short time like others won’t so you can live a lifetime like others can’t” Magnetic marketing and GKIC helped me to do that and I hope that I can serve as an inspiration for others to do the same.
    Walter Bergeron – 2012 GKIC Marketer of the Year

  25. Marc Flint says:

    My WHY: To have the financial freedom to travel the world, make a few dreams come true llike going up into space, and simply to be able to write my books (I’ve already written 26 of them but will never quit) without having to look at my bank account if I can “afford” the life time for this. Right now my firm sells medical appliances that improve the health of many people, and a tenth of those profits will be saved to establish a foundation that will promote gifted children and young adults with genius ideas of how to make the world a better place.

  26. Amol Giri says:

    I want to earn huge sum of money because if I earn more money then I can achieve prosperity.When we become prosperous then there is huge impact of it on our life because lifestyle changes,the others surrounding peoples perceptive to look towards you changes,You can get more respect from family and friends.You can purchase anything you want,you can do anything for you and surrounding peoples like family and friends or your country,and also if as you have money the stress on your mind vanishes & you can live the life you want.Thus money can do anything.It can also boost your confident,and as if you have more confidence you can take more action to again earn more money.So,money is the first thing who impact our life.These are the motivations behind my desire to earn more money than current earning capacity.

  27. Linda LaFaro says:

    What did I learn from Dave Dee’s “How I Went From Dead Broke…To Successful Entrepreneur” story…that I too feel the same financial pressure to purchase program but instinctively feel it is what needs to be done to achieve financial success.

  28. A “WHY” so big that would allow me to create and sustain the finances to properly support my family; to support the organizations that exist to identify, sustain, and improve human, animal, plant, and natural resources that was placed here on earth since CREATION.

  29. Terry Marsh says:

    Why ?

    Answer: To make a difference and create positive transformation for others to grow. To create and add value to the lives of others, and to generate wealth for myself.

  30. Terry Marsh says:

    Lesson learned : Make a decision and then take action to implement the learning.

  31. Bobbie says:

    I want to feel good about leaving corporate America. To know I am a success. Also to be able to teach my daughter how to create her own success.

    I want the time freedom and financial freedom as Dave says to do what I want, when I want, where I want and with whom I want.

  32. Ray Goslin says:

    I am a Gold member who owns Magnetic Marketing. What I know is the mantra Dan and Dave keep repeating, “Implementation” is key. The srange thing I’ve noticed is that as I keep mailing letters to my lists, the phone also rings with people not in these mailings. I guess the focus on generating attracts more business.

  33. I want to take back my life and do the things that i want to do ,all the things that my family said that i was too stupid to do,that i was not smart enough to accomplish and that i was wasting my time dreaming about.

    • Harold White says:

      Charles Savage, That is great. I do not believe all those negative comments about you..
      I believe both of us are in the right place at the right time. All things are possible thru Christ that strengthens us.

  34. Mike says:

    I already know money does not and cannot make you happy, so actually no, I don’t want to be rich. I want to enjoy my work and feel I am positively impacting the business I work for, then go home of a night and forget about it, safe in the knowledge I’ve done all I could. That way I know my home life, relationships with my wife and kids, will improve and all the really important things in life that come with it.

    Who on their death bed said “I wish I’d spent more time at work”?

  35. Rose says:

    Respect and autonomy are two things that I want the most in a self-made career – besides the ability to keep providing for my family. I’m smart enough to run my own show, and capable of it too – especially with help from people like the people who are a part of GKIC. I will start my own company someday, hopefully soon, and then I will follow the principles outlined by Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy, and everyone else. I’ve wanted to run my own business for so long, and I get tired of dealing with male and female super-ego’s. I just wish I could find the right idea to start with!

  36. Julia says:

    I want financial freedom. I had it once but now I’ve found out that my financial advisor was using me and I’m about used up. So I need to go back to work after 10 years of retirement. This time I want to make it fast. I loved helping people, having freedom to volunteer, and to take my family on trips and give them special things including my time.

  37. Christoph says:

    It is about coming as close as possible to the point of being
    free for FREE

  38. Christoph says:

    It is about getting as close as possible to the point of being
    free for FREE
    Now, in video #2 i learned: it is about feeling trapped bad enough to develop an iresistable desire to do what ever it takes for redemtion. It is about surviving.
    Video #3: my Tarzan and Jane want humans to suvive the drama they are about to cause on this planet! That is basicaly everyone who has a brain to think a heart to feel and a mimimal sence of integrity. Guess thats everyone by now. A huge market 😉

  39. Bill Covert says:

    Take action! Learn from your results… correct mistakes, and take more action. Keep repeating. Focus on “actions” and “results.” …all else will follow – now go take action!

  40. Annette says:

    My “why” is —

    1 – to become financially free;
    2 – to have greater control over my life choices and do what makes me happy;
    3 – spend more time with family; and
    4 – create several charitable organizations so I can give back in a greater way

  41. Kasonde says:

    MY WHY? To have more than enough time and resources to pursue my dream of living abundantly (i.e. autonomy not answering to an “employer”, not having to worry about where the money comes from to pay bills, working at/on my self-set schedule) and pursuing my dream of helping others to prosper and live abundantly especially the poor of my heritage and adopted countries

  42. Enrique says:

    My first reason is to learn how to serve others; being able to really know what they want and be able to provide a solution they want. If I do this right, money comes out of the gusher; since money is just the indicator that you are doing something many people find useful.

    Second reason is to have Freedom and Means to have a research and development lab (just like Thomas Edison had) to create new devices that will prevent mass planetary destruction of current life forms (humans included). Say Ecofriendly technology, no predatory in it

    Third reason to become an entrepreneur is to actually going through the process of successfully creating successfull businesses, one after another to be a REAL role model to my daughtersand my fellow humans all around me.

    Thank you Dave, Darcy, Dan , Bill Glazer that makes all this possible
    Muchas Gracias por ayudarme a hacer mucho Dee-nero

  43. Our goal is to help consumers with debt issues learn how to face their fears, implement winning financial strategies, and create a bright new future!

  44. Susanne says:

    The passion of my life is what I’m doing, teaching others how to live their best health with great success. We all leave a legacy and have a responsibility to make a difference. I want to be able to effectively reach and serve all those with whom I can do my best work.

  45. Ulla B.Larsen says:

    1) Be debtfree.
    2) Get a healthy relationship with customers.
    3) Go to a Live GKIC seminar and others!
    4) Travel the World
    5) Help others.

    I hope there will be a replay… I just can’t be there live! Sorry to say…

  46. Paul White says:

    To care for our retirement, almost goes without saying.
    But the biggest reason is to support younger people to do what I used to do, which was the greatest fulfilling time of my life, and that was to be a fulltime Christian worker on campus’s. For me, there is nothing better to help others, because as we all know, when we leave this world out wealth won’t depend on how much is in our bank account but how much we sacrificed our account to help others. (Sorry for my sermon :)

  47. To get my life back on track. I used to have alot of time and money but sabotaged myself into believe I was never happy and wanted to drive for more. Not necessarily for more money, but because I am competitive and maybe wanted some competition with myself.
    Either way here I am training clients to have a better way of life.

    I would like to take my wisdom and knowledge further to around the world and sell with my platform products and services to better peoples lives……….Thank you

  48. Min Chen says:

    my deepest why to do the business, have a couple of things

    1) will be freedom, so I can spend the time as I want it

    2) I like to help other people,

  49. My wife and I have always been about children. We were both scout masters (me – Boy Scouts, her, Webloes and Girl Scouts) and we’ve had our share of people stay with us, whether children in distress or need, their parents, or both. Now it is time for us to continue our journey by building orphanages in Africa for children who have been displaced as a result of parents with AIDS and a home in Costa Rica for children with special needs.
    In order to d iso we first need to build Caribbean Highlands, a gated community overlooking the Caribbean in Costa Rica. From there we will use the net proceeds of our work to continue our quest of helping children in need.

  50. My reason for creating my business:-

    1. Freedom and abundance, to be able to manage my time and finances, to be self reliant and create the life that functions for me
    2. To facilitate others to change there lives to one of desire, peace and joy as I truly believe that if we all live a conscious life awarely choosing what creates happiness and love, it will change the world to a better place to live in
    3. The choice to be truly creative, productively using my ideas and coaching to create life changing programmes

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