Just Move the Couch Stupid

By: Dan Kennedy on: October 30th, 2009 8 Comments

A lot of businesspeople have a tidal wave of money banging against their door, but they’re busy shoving a couch across the door as a barrier to their success in small business.

Here’s a gem of a small business success tip…

What is “the couch”?

Oh, it could be the idea “But My Business Is Different” or, from a Pete Lillo story, “It Won’t Work In St. Louis.”

It could be industry norms and traditions. Or fear – of peer disapproval or of failure or of success, of “What Will People Think?”

It could be outright ignorance (curable) or lack of initiative and laziness or refusal to take full responsibility.

It could be what you heard at the top of the stairs while still a child or what you read last week in a “BS” book about small business marketing, sales or business written by some academic pretender.

It could even be the idea that you can’t get rich quick. There are lots of different couches.

Kind of cool, you don’t have to do much but move the couch out of the way, to instantly experience a lot of very different results.

How do you “move the couch?”

Read the posts on this blog, my books, Bill’s books, listen to our CD’s, get to our events and meet and get to know lots of Members who have already put their couches in storage, get into a coaching group if you can.

By the way, if Howard Stern is King Of All Media, I’m King Of All Analogies. And I’d rather have a mixed metaphor than no metaphor at all.

So there, to my high school English teachers.


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8 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    welcome ot planet Dan
    yes, Dan I am moving my couch to storage
    and I am taking massive action.
    it is taking me a couple of days to make
    my mental shift.
    almost there. thank you

  2. David says:

    I have faced this a lot lately with AD salesmen. They say tactics like we use won’t work in their magazines. Morons. I’ve argued with three just this week. I had one tell me that I should remove the headline, testimonials, offer and coupon from my ad. Let me say that again…. REMOVE! Seriously no joke. She said there was too much text (there really wasn’t) and basically should create a business card ad with logo, address and website for a two page spread. Why would I remove the tactics that convince the prospects to come in? Why do they want to take away my ammo???

    Thanks for staying true and showing us how it is really done!

  3. Excellent analogy, Dan!

    By the way, I’m thrilled to see your blog back up, I love your work! It has helped me tremendously.

  4. Mark Bowden says:

    Many Thanks for this, great article, why is it when the student is ready the right information always shows up.

    Just yesterday I was sat on the couch as usual waiting for the 4 clients to call me who I thought were dead certain as new clients.

    Guess what they didn’t call me, so I picked up the heavy phone and called three clients who were in the maybe pile, to my amazement 2 of the three handed me money straight away.

    So maybe move the couch and follow up with people, don’t sit waiting for them to call you.

    Kindest Regards
    Mark Bowden UK

  5. Not only do we have to avoid moving the couch to block the door, but we CERTAINLY have to get ourselves up off it and get to work!

    As you always say, Dan: The good news is: You’re your own boss. The bad news is: You’re your own boss.

    And thanks — Now I’ll think of this blog post every time my beautiful wife Michele rearranges the furniture (which is fairly often)…

  6. Rob Anspach says:

    wait… what color is the couch?
    no, no, no… forget I said that – toss the couch!

    Your door should always be open to clients.

    Live with passion!

  7. Now we need to get Jennifer Convertibles to become the official sponsor of “Dan’s Couch”….

    And then auction it off at the info-summit… for charity, of course!


  8. J T says:

    I want to express my thanks to Dan for his very creative blogs that I have incorporated into my team meetings. How often these free business tools are overlooked. Dan makes life soooo much easier and fun as well. I get compliments from those that matter, and I give credit where it is deserved.

    Thank you sincerely,
    J T
    Tilley Nationwide Technologies

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