Is It The Bad Economy or You?

By: Dan Kennedy on: September 14th, 2010 6 Comments

I just returned from a lunch meeting. I had to wait 15 minutes for a table at Applebees. Directly across the street, at [2:00] PM on a Tuesday, the Kohls Department Store parking lot was filled with cars, SUV’s and minivans.

All the carping about high gas prices – gee, did you notice you’ve got THREE cars in your driveway? Did ANY of those gas-guzzling complainer transporters NEED to be in Kohls’ parking lot? I’m in a mid-week, mid-day traffic jam trying to get home, in a small Ohio town. Note; Ohio – the state that the Dems want you to believe is totally populated with unemployed steel workers, clustered around their fireplaces, eating beans from cans.

Just recently, I had three different business owners excuse their failings with ‘the bad economy.’


And don’t you permit this b.s. to even tinge your thinking, for even a millisecond. If anybody tries telling you the economy’s bad, punch ’em in the nose.

Business is good. Very, very, very good. If yours isn’t, you won’t find the reason why in the 24/7 political talking heads’ statistics mangling.

All around me, I see people making 6-figure incomes who, quite frankly, wouldn’t last a week in a truly tough economy. They are lazy, sloppy, wasteful, undisciplined and otherwise dysfunctional and still making tons of money. (Most of present company excluded; a lot of my Members are head and shoulders above the crowd.)

As a society, we are incredibly spoiled. You and I need to be careful about that.


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6 Responses

  1. Tim Hayes says:

    Its’ like the late Sam Kinnison said about the starving population in Kenya: “You got to go where the FOOD IS!”

  2. danielle helena marie says:

    Its always nice to get a swift kick in the pants. It’s easier to blame any dips, lags, drags, etc on the economy. It’s much harder to look myself square in the eyes and ask if I actually worked on my business today or if I just walked through the doors ‘hoping’ I’d have a few customers.

    Thanks for the kick!

    danielle hm c

  3. Rob Anspach says:

    I consider myself a lazy person, but I understand the power effective marketing has do to with helping entrepreneurs bust out of their rut…so I’ve positioned in such a way that I can maximize sales in minimal time, with minimal effort. Why bust my butt then blame the economy when I can’t make money, when you can make money without blaming the economy or busting butt!

  4. Dr. Scott says:

    But Dan…. it’s so much easier to blame the economy! Are you suggesting that I BE responsible for my thoughts, my actions and my beliefs? It’s too painful…I think I’d rather eat ice cream, sit in front of the TV and watch the Dallas Cowboys lose, so I can yell at them…………………….uh….. N O T ! Every time I hear a complaint about something these days, I just ask; “so what are you going to DO about it?”
    “Live with passion, Implement, and reap the rewards”

  5. Nick Neilson says:

    “Anybody who thinks it’s impossible for Wal-Mart to go out of business, simply isn’t old enough to remember Woolworths.” – Classic DSK.

  6. Rob Anspach says:

    Walmart is hurting! They have lost focus on what customers really want and if you look closely they are changing their logos and strategy to reflect a higher caliber of customers.

    They no longer wish to be a “cheap” store – they are changing their marketing approach to wring more money out of people by telling them of the great deals yet the deals aren’t as great as you could get them before.

    I don’t like Walmart – but I do watch what they do… and I don’t see them improving anytime soon.

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