Is It Choice or Necessity?

By: Dan Kennedy on: August 31st, 2010 6 Comments

You may remember an interview the late Tim Russert on ‘Meet The Press’ did with President Bush, where Russert asked him if Iraq was a war of choice or a war of necessity.

I have often used the language “on the business battlefield”, because for most entrepreneurs, there is, in fact, a battlefield, where we joust with clear and present threats to productivity, profit and peace of mind, shoot to kill distractions, and march toward uncertainty and sudden danger.

Like everyone else in America, the entrepreneur chooses his life and lifestyle. Ours is a war of choice, although arguably also of compulsion. However I would like to re-emphasize a warning about a new war of necessity for the business owner.

The marketer’s fundamental, basic ability and opportunity to take his marketing message to his marketplace, to his prospects, even his customers is under assault, with advantage being given to big business, disadvantage handed to small business. Yes, any business has the same opportunity to fork over a million bucks for a commercial on the Super Bowl, but as practical matter, only big companies can do so.

Media like telemarketing, broadcast FAX, e-mail, even TV infomercials have a profound impact: they act to level the playing field between big and small businesses. These media give the local hardware store fresh life, better options in countering Wal-Mart; a tiny software company to compete with Gates, the local restaurant to compete with the big chains. These media also remove geographic limitations for many businesses, another benefit to small business, a leveling of the playing field yet another way.

The removal of these tools and opportunities from small business is literally a war on small business. It is depressing to me how easily everybody is surrendering. What a truly crappy, spineless job the numerous associations representing industries, businesses, marketers are doing with regard to these matters. Are the associations you belong to fighting on your side in this war? If not, withhold your support.

Small business is losing this war. I’m afraid that mandates Plan-B. It makes it most urgent for you to build your herd as rapidly and aggressively as you possibly can right this minute, before more weapons are taken from you. Time is short to secure your 100%-permission-based marketing opportunities, sufficient in size to support you in the post-war, weapons-confiscated environment.


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  1. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Scott Martin says:

    Most important part of any website…collection of data and emails. I’m rebuilding my site to get more traffic and more data.

    Big companies hate competition and do everything they can to get politicians to minimize competition.

  3. Scott Martin says:

    By the way, Dan, I enjoyed the video podcasts I found on iTunes with you and the guy from Traffic Geyser. Cheers!

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  5. What I see again and again ist something like resentment or aversion against necessary changes in marketing. Not clever as we can’t change the external factors.

    Something like an SRDS is unthinkable in Germany. We are not even allowed to force someone to give information during a sale, that is not really necessary. We are not allowed to make the question for the telefone number on the sales page mandatory if it is not necessary for a sale. If we do not explicitly state on a webpage that we are not liable for links from our website to any other website, we can be made liable.

    Yes, build your herd while you can do so easily. It’s not that difficult. The real equity is in the herd and this is more and more important as it gives you leverage for the future.
    Markus Trauernicht

  6. Drew Hunt says:

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