Is It A Fact?

By: Dan Kennedy on: April 28th, 2011 4 Comments

In Japan or China, I forget which – this was in a little typed doohickey running across the bottom of the screen on CNN – the government is trying to outlaw and stop the common, popular practice of hiring strippers to dance and take-it-all-off at….funerals!

Hadn’t occurred to me before, but this does seem like something I’d like happening at mine. In between speakers and product pitches.

It seems that the people believe that the bigger the crowd at the dead guy’s send-off, the better the treatment he gets in heaven, as an obviously important and honored person. So, to attract crowds, they hire strippers.

Well, okay, it sounds goofy to you. But it’s a lot harder to see how goofy a lot of what you believe seems to others – or, more importantly, is.

There is a Grand Canyon difference between beliefs and facts, between believing and rational thought. Not acknowledging that difference is the cause behind most war and conflict, and is responsible right now for getting a whole lot of people killed every damned day.

Not acknowledging the difference is a very big problem in business. Way too much advertising, marketing and other decisions are made based on what we believe rather than what we know. And, ironically, beliefs tend to be permanent, while reality changes quite a bit from month to month, year to year. Tricky.

Gotta constantly question yourself: do I believe this to be true or do I know it to be true? Gotta get a few others you can rely on to challenge you, too. (Good reason to be in mastermind groups. Hint, hint, hint.)

Gotta constantly gather factual information wherever you can. Gotta be willing to consider new information that is in conflict with your beliefs. Have to be decisive, then firm and determined, not easily influenced by each new voice, not easily distracted, But also need to be flexible, open to different ideas and information . Tricky.

Are you too often in “instant reject mode”? That’s no good. Are you too often swayed by others opinions? That’s no good. Tricky.

One ‘fact’ is worth a hundred ‘beliefs.’ Fact-finding is a very profitable thing to do, if you can set aside beliefs in order to use the facts you find.


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4 Responses

  1. Scott Martin says:

    Thank you for the naked truth. Testing and tracking ultimately lead us away from ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ and ‘the next step forward’ and back to the proven fundamentals.

  2. Marc says:

    Did you do par’s 7-8 on purpose or is Ohio suffering from a nationwide insulin shortage?

    BTW I’m filing for bankruptcy on Monday. Isn’t that just terrific? Now I get to join Hershey, Ford and Kennedy. I won’t hold for applause.

  3. Ohh man…thanks and i appreciate your words as u were so frank..

  4. Man I wish we could have strippers at our parties before getting married….

    Wait, we do! (phew)

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