I Can Raise the Dead

By: Dan Kennedy on: June 14th, 2011 5 Comments

You’ve heard that “you can’t raise the dead.” Well, very recently, with a marketing campaign I got response from a dead guy. So I can raise the dead. Amazing. But if you were fortunate enough to be on my group call with the folks in my personal coaching groups, you heard tell of even more amazing feats – theirs, not mine.

In a mail-order business selling to hobbyists, the addition of a forced continuity program collecting 1,200…creating NEW, additional income stream of more than $200,000.00 a year, with the potential of topping $1-million.

Another, from zero to $1-million in revenue in 6 months, in his 2nd business.

Another from $1-million to $2.7-million in a one year jump.

Another used a price increase strategy to create about $250,000.00 of new, 100% profit – and on the call, we added the “what’s next?” strategy that will turn that into $1-million+ next year.

And more. Amazing? Well, not to me. Somewhat, still, to some of them. Unbelievable to “outsiders.”

At our Independent Business Advisor Thad Winston’s meeting, a fellow stood up to report on his experiences at the L.A. event, and added that it was free to get in, but cost him about $10,000.00 to get out…but that, on arriving home and implementing ONE idea heard there, he’d brought in $320,000.00. Amazing? To most people, sure. But to those who really understand, no – expected.

Other things that would amaze most, from this group’s call…. Mike Miget made the point emphatically that he’d learned to put things in motion without having figured out how everything would work out, to create chaos and messes and profit by cleaning them up.

He and others talked about “success” made in a messy kitchen; a messy business, full of uncertainties and mistakes and “clean up on aisle three” fire drills.

Our approach of implement, get in motion, get moving FIRST, worry about all the answers later would amaze (and frighten and dismay) most MBA’s — Stephen Oliver, on the call, a notable exception.

I’ve made ALL my money making messes. Starting things without knowing exactly how they’ll proceed. Applying Maxwell Maltz’ observation that you never get anywhere via a straight line. I have no fear of that. This group who shared their experiences on this call is liberated from those fears as well – and leaping tall income levels in a single bound as a result.



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  1. Jorge says:

    Let’s mess up then =)

  2. Further evidence that Dan is, indeed, God.

  3. I enjoy and blessed in reading your writings. Thank you sir.

  4. This is great, hope to get the audio CDs soon.

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