Hunt “Whales” And Get Rich…

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 26th, 2012 11 Comments

January marks my 40th year in this business.

I have sold myself as a consultant, a copywriter, a speaker. I’ve sold products through info-marketing.  You can see a pretty complete list by clicking here…and even find a number of my info-marketing products at 25% through the end of the year.

I’ve sold my services and products in wildly prosperous times when customers were practically falling over themselves buying. And I’ve sold my services and products during dark times, with a shrinking economy, and seemingly nowhere in sight.

At the recent GKIC Info-Summit, legendary copywriter John Carlton joined me, and we presented three sessions on copywriting. John isn’t actively seeking new clients nor am I, but we both know there are “whales” in that pond and by sheer force of habit, we want to be seen by them, showing off.  (In the casino industry, a “whale” is a high-roller; a rich, repeat customer. I use the term to mean a desirable, valuable client.)

In this instance, John picked up a nice chunk of change from purchases of his copywriting course in “back of the room sales.” I was compensated too, by my relationship with GKIC.

Speaking on Peter Lowe’s Success tour, I built my herd (and my income) by sending letters to everyone in attendance, whether they stayed to see me or not.

I did not always get to show off in such nice places or in front of such qualified prospects. However even in the most unlikely places, I’ve found speaking a great way to grow my business.

I recall a bad speaking gig  in the 90’s, done as a favor, with a room of utterly unqualified prospects—but for one guy, who had just sold his company for $50 million.  He wanted to be a famous author and speaker, and paid me six figures to be his ghost writer and copywriter. This sort of thing is whale-hunting in the desert. There’s no good reason to expect any to be there, but then again you never know.  So you always show off what you know.

There were times I was on panels, with others better known than I, but a chance to show off, which I took, and used more smartly than the others, showing off broader knowledge. And I snagged a whales.

You may be about to tell me that showing off isn’t natural for you. That the very idea of speaking to a group terrifies you.  That you are shy.  Or that you find all this unseemly.  Or worst, that you resent it, and feel entitled to get work as whatever your profession is because you are skilled or talented at “whatever your profession” is.

Sorry, you’re not entitled to anything by skill or talent.

Even the U.S. Constitution was wisely written to guarantee only the right of pursuit of.  Nothing more. They said: go get it if you can.  And none of it has to come naturally or easily to you.  That, fortunately, is not a prerequisite for success. I stuttered uncontrollably in childhood and never totally erased it. I’m an anti-social, reclusive, bookworm by nature, not a born performer. I learned to show-off. So you can decide whether you want to stay glued to whatever your reasons are that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t have to” do these things, or you can be rich.

In speaking at GKIC Info-Summit, John and I know for certain there are whales. Whether you are in a room that is certain to have whales, or not, it is better to be showing off somewhere than nowhere.  And these days with the Internet, you can conduct webinars and promote them broadly and cheaply and hunt for whales at home. There is someplace available to you today and every day; to show off what you know.

NOTE:  As I mentioned, I’ve been in this business 40 years. I am in the trenches and intimately involved with clients’ and my own info-marketing on a day to day basis, adjusting to (and coping with!) changes, creating new blueprints as needed, creating new opportunities, making millions of dollars materialize from the thin air if ideas and initiative. I also have the richest background from long tenure and broad diversity in the field, dating back a full 40 YEARS (!) from 2013.

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11 Responses

  1. Deb says:

    I understand when you refer to the ‘anti-social, reclusive, bookworm by nature, not a born performer’ types. I am probably one of those. Question is your post don’t quite elaborate on ways to get around/over it. Any specifics?


    • Mike Stodola Admin says:

      Deb…easy get out and do it. You can make excuses or you can make money…hardly ever can you do both. If being a performer “isn’t your thing” find another way to make money. There are millions of ways to make money, many of which can come from sitting alone in your office in your basement. If there’s something you want to do outside of that, start doing it and get trained in it! If you won’t do that…find a way to make money doing what you’re already comfortable with. At you’ll find all sorts of way to make money without ever getting in front of audiences by looking at the info-product recipe. You can also see how to speak and fill rooms with things like Professional Speakers Business Training and Butts in Seats. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  2. Bill Covert says:

    The nuggets of wisdom that Dan has, I am certain are pure gems. Gems that when applied can earn any action takers quite a bit of addional revenue. No one is entitled… no matter how talented they feel they are.

  3. Alan Little says:

    Sounds great. Went to click for more, the link is broken.

  4. Lew Poulin says:

    Dan: For about a year now I have been exploring the world of on-line marketing. I believe I am ready to attack this thing. I have been a Realtor for the past 18 years and in that time I have learned a lot about selling homes and how to help people sell their own homes and save thousands in commissions. I am going to be setting up a Facebook business page with access to a website that will allow people to sign up for my monthly newsletter where I take people through the process of sellings homes. As well I would like to set up a blog where I can assist people to sell their homes and answer their daily questions on the topic. I have also written an e book on the topic called ” You Sell You Save” which I would really like to get on Amazon & Clickbank. My question, Dan, is where should I apply my energy to start this process, is there aparticular order to follow for the highest probability of success.

    • Mike Stodola Admin says:

      Lew…simultaneous action is the key here. These are all things that will build upon one another. Simply make a list an attack this list. How long will it take to set up the facebook page? Minutes? Hours? Get it done or get someone else to do it while you work on the blog. Have you done what you needed to in order to get your book on amazon? Have you looked at the Number One Book System By Ryan Deiss that we presented a few months ago? That’s my best advice. If you’re hellbent on doing things sequentially, have an offer and a way to collect information…put that offer out there to start building your list…then do the things around it to build authority. Helpful?

  5. Heroine Sy says:

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  7. Great post really opens people minds to the possibility that they can succeed.

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