How To Quickly Be Famous Part II

By: Dan Kennedy on: December 23rd, 2010 4 Comments

Let’s continue our discussion on fame and fortune and the easiest ways for you to have both.

I find it kind of funny when people see, but don’t model; when they say they want my kind of success and wealth and autonomy, but then don’t emulate the visible strategies that made and make it possible or aren’t willing to do the work.

Happens all the time, though. Envy is pointless. Modeling is extremely useful.

Almost everything I’ve done, I’ve done because I’ve observed others who had some piece of success I wanted doing it.

At the time I first encountered Jerry Buchanan, he had some things I envied and wanted: a following, making a good living as a writer, people seeking him out and paying him for advice. So I paid attention to what he was doing

One of those things was a newsletter. Around the same time, I took note of Gary Halbert’s success and the fact that he wrote and published his own newsletter. So I started my own newsletter.

I can assure you, the most certain path for an “ordinary Joe” to become both a sought after expert and a celebrity to a target group is by writing and publishing….newsletter, books, in some cases “white papers” or reports.

If you were going to model me, you would observe a number of things about my writing and publishing. For example, I frequently contribute a chapter to others’ anthology books. I did it in 1978, in Dottie Walters’ anthologies, and, by the way, got one of my first fee-paid speaking gigs as a result.

I’ve got a chapter in Linda Forsythe’s ‘Walking With The Wise Real Estate Investor’ (along with Ron LeGrand, Jeff Kaller and Donald Trump.) I made it possible for a lot of my clients, Platinum Members, etc. to participate in books with me. Some did, some who should didn’t. They don’t get it. They see what I do, but don’t see the lesson.

Another example, you would see I get myself mentioned in a lot of peoples’ books. I provide a lot of free articles for others’ newsletters and web sites.

I pay a publicity guy to get chapters of my books printed as articles in magazines. I write and get published “real” books; I self-publish other books; I self-publish ‘viral’ books for others to buy in bulk and give away, like ‘Farting Cat.’ And, of course, I write newsletters.

You ought not make any assumptions that I am on an ego trip, insane or stupid. I’m smart, sane, and care very little about ego stroking.

So you should ponder why I do these things now, still, and have done them for nearly 30 years. And you should emulate me, on either a global, national, niche or local scale as your circumstances and aspirations warrant.


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4 Responses

  1. Allen Carrington says:

    This should have been recommended reading in high school…Nuff said.

  2. Dan, I love putting your articles in our books and magazines, (on-line or hard copy)… in fact, I’ve been doing it for years. People love to read what you have to say. This is why I tell everyone you’re my favorite mentor.

    You’re correct in that it all started just by contacting me over 10 years ago and requesting I publish you. Keep up the great work!

  3. Ray Higdon says:

    I love this – Envy is pointless. Modeling is extremely useful. Powerful stuff brother

  4. Online videos are another super-powerful “self-celebritizing” strategy.

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